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it devolves into boys talking about sports and hardcore
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Your guide to REAL selfcare

If you go on any social media and type “selfcare”, all you recieve is pretty girls doing extravegant skincare, dior makeup and all. But the problem is everyone does the same thing and things just cant work same for everyone. Also, It doesnt feels authentic rather it feels like consumerism. So, I am gonna tell what to do so you feel the best.

Knowing yourself:-

  • You can only do yourself a favour if you know yourself and the best way to do that is JOURNAL.
  • If you are new to it, then you can search journal prompt ideas on pinterest and make that a part of your routine. It helps so much.
  • Do shadow work. Go on pinterest and do the same thing.
  • Dont be ashamed of yourself, rather accept yourself and change for the better. When you’ll journal then you will get to know tons of good and bad things about you but our brain loves to focus on negative things so u might get stuck on that.
  • Record your likes and dislikes. Which books you loved, which dramas you adore, which food makes you comfy and which movies you wasted your time on. Record these things, this is just so fun and helpful when you feel “bored” or sad.

Being Mindful:-

  • Most of the time, the problem is not that big but our thoughts just traps us and we feel that problem is bigger than it might so take a step back and try to not overthink about past or future.
  • I know this is easier said than done but meditating helps a lot with mindfulness.
  • When you watch a movie or drama or even ytube video then just do that. Dont scroll reddit reading the “discussion” thread of the episode or try to find instrumentals on spotify for reading books. Just do one thing at once.
  • Dont multitask. Just take a task and then focus on that. (This might not work for neurodivergent people.)
  • Do 5,4,3,2,1 grounding technique. Identify

5 things you can see
4 things you can feel
3 things you can hear
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste.

Cut negative people off

  • This is so hard because you feel mean for doing this but once you cutoff toxic people who just drags other people down and all they talk is negativity then your life become so much better.
  • Cut off all the negative content you watch and limit the time you spend on social media.

Do your future self a favour

This is truly the best selfcare.

  • Study hard cause’ your future self will thank you for letting her be the top student
  • Learn some skills. Read those books. Watch that documentry. Do things that will make your future self proud.

Some selfcare ideas

  • Organizing and planning
  • excercise or take a walk.
  • Reading books.
  • Cleaning your room
  • Watching fun movies
  • Studying about yourself. Knowing what products suits your skin and your hair. What color brighten you and what makes you look dull. What haircut looks good on your face and what clothes flatters on your body.
  • Get your nails done.
  • Listen to your fav album while painting, baking, or gardening.
  • Do your hobby without feeling presurrized. No you dont need to read 50 books a year, chill out and enjoy while doing it.
  • Dairy writing. Its so fun to read what your day looked like on a random tuesday after 2-3 years.
  • Explore new things in your hometown. Maybe there is a new cafe that opened 2 weeks ago or there is a hiking trail you are not aware of? its always fun to do that.

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This one’s for the asexuals who love 2 jerk off and are kinky n shit but also would not touch irl sex with a ten foot pole if you paid them. I love you, I am you, please never stop you are literally perfect

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i love the scene in scream where billy is walking around with his knife stabbing stuff and screaming while trying to find sidney and stu is just sitting there grabbing the phone like “my parents are gonna be so mad at meeee😢😭💧💧😢😭😢💧😢😭😢😭😢💧😢💧💧😭😭😢💧😢💧💧😢😭😢😭💧💧😭😢💧😢💧😢💧💧😢😢💧💧💧😢😭😭💧😢💧😢😭💧😢”

@avsies123 us

we need more stupid horror movie villains

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Horror Short film by me, acting by me, direct by me and edited by me, very low buget. I am a theater actress and want have fun with cameras. I have acting class in my college for theater.

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My favorite moment from the Abigail gag reel. Also a funny reaction gif.

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House really is everything. He’s autistic, he’s sub textually but also very textually bisexual, he’s a cunt, he’s a genius medical professional, he’s a drug addict, he has a homoerotic situationship with his best friend, he faked his death for said friend so they could live out the rest of his life together, he’s been to prison, he has a motorcycle, he loves monster trucks, he’s disabled.

He is The Character Ever.

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“If Joey is the closest thing to the group’s moral compass, Frank, played by Dan Stevens, is its ethically compromised leader. “I saw him very much as a bigot, probably racist and very ripe for corruption, which puts him right where we want him for our story,” says Dan Stevens, who was eager to play the disgraced detective in the film. “He’s trying to flee a past life in some sense, trying to reinvent himself a bit, and he’s hiding a lot of stuff. He’s a man who has made a lot of bad decisions in his life, and he chooses to make one more—the ultimate bad decision, you might say.””

- some insight into Frank’s character in Abigail

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this moment in the unbearable lightness of being 🩷

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need someone to make an analog horror series inspired by longlegs 😭 i unironically need this so bad

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I Saw The TV Glow, 2024, dir. Jane Schoenbrun

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NOTES: it’s getting a little 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 in here!!! (kill me now)

SUMMARY: frank notices sylvie’s all alone in the bar lounge and decides to have a bit of a chat with her… and things get a little… uh… crazy…?


TAGS: @reclaimedbythesea @creelmalfoylaufeyson69 @maggotmommys @maggotssmichael @evildarliing @xashleyo03x @witchy-weve-monbebe @atcarpenter @blackwolfstabs

if you’d like to be added to my taglist, send me a message or send in an ask to my inbox. :)

Sylvie was sitting by herself in the bar lounge, her slender legs dangling over the countertop. It was fairly quiet, except for the radio sitting next to her which was still playing music. Right now, a Velvet Underground song was quietly playing.

“One of these days, ain’t it peculiar? You’re gonna look for me and baby, I’ll be gone…”

Sylvie was left alone with her thoughts, the music being the only thing keeping her company. At the same time, though, she liked being alone. Maybe it was just the fact she had grown accustomed to it, especially considering loneliness was all she ever knew.

As she sat there, Sylvie found herself reflecting on a multitude of things. Herself, this whole kidnapping mission, even… Frank. She silently cursed herself for even bothering to think about him. When she did think about him, she felt a confusing mixture of feelings come to the surface. Anger was one of them.

She couldn’t deny that, despite all the bullshit Frank had put her through, Sylvie was still drawn to him for some strange reason. She felt some kind of pull, and it made her uncomfortable. It seemed like she always ended up finding herself being drawn to the worst people. Maybe it was because she didn’t know kindness. She had grown up without it.

As Sylvie continued to sit atop the bar counter deep in thought, she was distracted by the sound of a familiar voice — Frank’s voice. Goddamnit…

“You look quite lonely.” He gruffly commented, walking over to the bar and pouring himself a glass of whiskey. “Just… sittin’ there. Thinkin’ about something?”

Sylvie shrugged. “Yeah. Thinking about a lot of things.”

Frank took a sip of the whiskey, leaning against the bar counter as he looked at Sylvie. “You look like you could use a drink.”

“I’m… I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Frank asked, taking another drink. “I mean, c’mon. You’re sitting here surrounded by alcohol.”

Sylvie sighed. “Okay, fine. Just… one glass and that’s it.”

Frank smirked as he went for the bottle, pouring Sylvie a glass. “I had a feeling you’d give in, eventually. First taste of alcohol in five years, huh?”

Sylvie sighed as she took the glass, swirling the amber liquid around as she blankly looked down at it. “Yeah, I guess.” She reluctantly brought the glass to her lips, taking a very small sip, trying not to cough as the whiskey burned her throat. “Fuck. How can people drink this shit regularly?”

“You get used to it.” Frank shrugged. He leaned back against the bar counter. “Y’know, since it’s just the two of us in here, I figured that we might as well have a bit of a chat, don’t you think?”

He set his half-empty glass down and dug into the front pocket of his bomber jacket, taking out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Then, he lit one up for himself.

“A chat about what, exactly?” Sylvie asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hmm, we could go with a lot of things…” Frank muttered thoughtfully, taking a puff of cigarette smoke. “How about we start with this one — why do you hate me so much?”

He looked back at Sylvie, his facial expression one of mock offense. “I mean, I’ve done nothing to really hurt you, right?”

Sylvie rolled her eyes. “Oh, there’s a lot of reasons why I hate you. From day one, you’ve done nothing but try to get on my nerves. You’re annoying, you’re perverted, and you’re an asshole — a major one at that.”

Frank’s eyes widened as he took another sip of whiskey. “Well, shit.” He muttered, before chuckling. “You really weren’t kidding, weren’t ya?”

“I never lie.”

Frank raised an eyebrow and then took a few steps toward Sylvie, so that way he was standing right in front of her. “I’m not so sure about that one.” He said, slightly squinting his eyes as though he was studying her, trying to read into her mind.

“What do you mean?” Sylvie asked, her voice coming out slightly more annoyed and irritated than intended.

“You’ve lied before.” Frank quietly spoke matter-of-factly. “Remember when I arrested you? You lied about how much you drank. That’s one lie right there. You’ve also lied about why you couldn’t fuckin’ drive after that little party. You told me that your car was just acting up. Two lies, right there. So, don’t act so innocent. You should never lie to a police officer, y’know…”

Sylvie swallowed nervously as she looked up at Frank. She could practically feel his cold gaze burning into hers. She wanted to look away but for some reason, she couldn’t. The most she could do was occasionally avert her gaze for a quick second.

“There’s a third thing I think you’re lyin’ about right now, actually…” Frank then murmured.

“What do you… mean…?” Sylvie questioned, her voice quiet.

“You hating me — I believe that’s another lie.”


Frank finished the rest of his glass of whiskey, placing it on the bar counter as he drew in another inhale of cigarette smoke. He looked back at Sylvie, placing a hand on the counter, nearly having her cornered.

“Remember how I said I pick up on things very easily?” He quietly asked. “I’m a smart guy, Sylvie, and y’know what I think?”


Frank leaned in close enough so that way he could whisper in Sylvie’s ear. “You like the attention because you’ve never been shown a fuckin’ ounce of it.” He answered. “You cling onto it like a starving child. You don’t care whether it’s good or bad. Attention is still attention to you.”

Frank then pulled away from her, a slight smirk forming on his face as he studied her reaction. He could tell she knew he was right, with the way her brown eyes were widening just a little.

“Think about it…” he continued. “When I’d taunt you while you were in jail, you’d never pull away from me. You’d tell me to fuck off, but I never really saw any genuine defiance in your eyes. Your words didn’t mean anything. They were just a pathetic attempt to hide what was really going on in that mind of yours. I think that’s why you’d always snap back at me, too. You were encouraging me. You wanted more.”

“Shut up…” Sylvie muttered, feeling her muscles tensing up. He was right.

Frank ignored her, only continuing with his words. “You are pathetic, honestly. So starved of any attention at all that you’ll lick it from anyone’s hands, doesn’t matter who the person is.”

He finished the rest of his cigarette before flicking it in an ashtray, cornering Sylvie with both of his hands now on either side of her on the bar counter.

“I know you very well, and I don’t think you even realize it,” Frank said. “You don’t want to admit the fact that I’m right, because you’re too fuckin’ stubborn. You’ve convinced yourself so much that you fuckin’ despise me that you can’t bring yourself to just admit the goddamn truth.”

Sylvie could feel her chest tightening. “N… no.” She croaked. “I do… I do hate you…”

Frank raised an eyebrow. “Why aren’t you trying to escape, then? You’re just sitting here, taking in every little fuckin’ thing I’m saying to you. Now, why is that, huh?”

He has a point. Why am I still just sitting here?

“I don’t… I don’t know…” Sylvie quietly answered. That answer didn’t satisfy Frank.

“You don’t know, huh? Well, I think that’s enough of an answer, isn’t it?”

“Shut the fuck up…” Sylvie hissed, but the way her voice trembled betrayed the defiant look in her eyes. The walls she had built around herself were slowly crumbling.

Frank leaned even closer. “Why don’t you fuckin’ make me, then?” He challenged with a whisper, his eyes flickering with something that Sylvie couldn’t quite identify. “You keep telling me to shut up, but you’re not doin’ anything about it.”

Sylvie’s knuckles were slowly turning white as she tightened her grip on the bar counter, her muscles tightening up even more. The tension crackling in the air in the room was so intense that if somebody else walked in, they could feel it instantly. Sylvie was desperate to get rid of it, to get Frank to finally shut his mouth, but she didn’t know how.

Then, she had an idea. She knew Frank’s mind and how it worked. She could use that to her advantage, now that she thought about it. She knew what he liked, and knew what he would probably like right now. Was she playing with fire? Yeah, probably, but right now… she just wanted Frank to shut up.

A little hesitant, Sylvie reached with both of her hands to touch Frank’s face, her fingers gently grazing his stubble. All the while, she maintained eye contact with him, searching for any sign of a reaction. Surprise flickered across his blue eyes for a moment, before his gaze gradually started to darken.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He quietly asked. Despite the question, he made no effort to pull away. Got him.

“Don’t you want this?” Sylvie’s response was almost taunting. “I’m not stupid, either. Don’t act like you’ve never thought about getting in my pants at least once.”

The faintest hint of a smirk gradually formed on Frank’s face. “Look at you, tryin’ to have some sense of control over me. Cute.”

He grabbed Sylvie’s wrists and moved her hands away from his face, holding them down on the bar counter. “Now, I guarantee if I did that to you, you’d fuckin’ melt. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Sylvie’s stomach was starting to do somersaults now, her breath getting caught in her throat. She felt Frank brush a strand of her dark brown hair away from her face, and as much as she wanted to pull away, she didn’t.

“Wow. Look at you, you didn’t even flinch,” Frank quietly remarked, his smirk growing. “You’re only encouraging me, sweetheart.”

“Don’t… don’t call me that…” Sylvie weakly whispered.

Now, she was weakening almost instantly, all because of Frank. How could she allow him to have this much power over her? She could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Almost as if he was intentionally trying to weaken her even more, Frank brought a hand to hold Sylvie’s face, brushing his thumb across her cheek, and then her lips. He saw how her breathing was getting more unsteady, how her eyes were widening… and it was satisfying him.

“Jesus Christ, you really are starving for attention…” Frank murmured, his voice taking on an almost critical tone. “God, has nobody even kissed you before?”

“I mean…” Sylvie stuttered, her eyes darting away from Frank’s for a brief moment. “I mean… yeah, but… but—”

Her heart just about stopped when she unexpectedly felt Frank’s lips crash against hers. Meanwhile, another Velvet Underground song was faintly playing in the background. Sylvie couldn’t focus on the music, though — the words just seemed to fade as Frank captured her lips. Time seemed to stop.

At first, Sylvie’s hands remained firmly planted on the countertop, but as the kiss lasted, she pressed a trembling hand against Frank’s face, the other tightly gripping onto his shoulder.

“Lisa says on a night like this, it’ll be so nice if you’d give me a kiss. Lisa says for just one little smile, I’ll sit next to you for a little while…”

Sylvie felt Frank nip at her bottom lip before he deepened the kiss, and she felt her heart pound even harder. His hand started to trail a path down to her waist, sending shivers throughout her body. Genuinely nobody had kissed her like this before, and it was driving her insane. Suddenly, she was desperate for more — desperate for his touch. She was completely at Frank’s mercy now, all because he was giving her something that nobody had given her. She was melting into the kiss, and all it was doing was further inflating Frank’s ego. He tasted of whiskey and cigarettes, a deathly arousing combination.

“You’re killing me.” She whispered against his lips. “You’re… you’re fucking… killing me.

“Maybe that’s the plan.”

“You… you bas—”

Before Sylvie could even finish saying “bastard,” she was cut off by Frank roughly kissing her again.

“Just shut your fuckin’ mouth, alright?”

As his hand wandered to her thigh, Frank only added fuel to the fire by pulling away from the kiss, focusing his attention on Sylvie’s neck now. Once she felt Frank’s lips on her neck, she let out a sharp gasp, instinctually tilting her head back to grant him more access.

“Nobody’s ever done this to you before, huh?” He murmured against her neck, lips grazing the sensitive skin there.

“N… no…”

“What a shame…”

Frank was about to speak again when suddenly a voice interrupted the pair.

“Oh my God— what the fuck? Lambert said to keep the grab-ass to a fucking minimum!

Frank rolled his eyes and turned his head around, seeing Sammy standing there looking as though she had just seen a ghost. “Fuck off, Sammy.” He hissed.

“Well, uh… at least you two are having fun.”

Once Sammy left, Frank turned back to look at Sylvie. The way she was looking at him just made something inside of him snap.

Fuck it…

His lips met Sylvie’s again, and then he picked her up off of the bar counter, carrying her off to the bedroom he had chosen to stay in, his lips never leaving hers. He kicked the door shut behind him, and soon he was on top of her on the bed. The two of them continued to roughly kiss each other, grabbing at each other’s clothes, and in mere minutes they were under the bedsheets, vulnerable and exposed to each other. Sylvie almost felt nervous being underneath Frank in such a state, but that nervousness was being taken over by a sudden desire that she didn’t even think she had.

Frank was practically worshiping Sylvie’s bare body, kissing her everywhere and running his hands all over her, memorizing every inch. It made Sylvie feel things she didn’t think she’d ever end up feeling, like she was some kind of divine being. Nobody had made her feel this way… ever.

“Christ, you’re beautiful,” Frank whispered against Sylvie’s collarbone. She was so small compared to him, so vulnerable. He was being taken over by a primal lust for her, one that had been slowly building up since the first moment he had laid eyes on her. Now that he could be physically close to her without anything separating them, he was giving in to that lust entirely. All he wanted right now was her. He craved her.

Frank was desperately trying to hold back, but as he continued to leave desperate kisses all over Sylvie’s neck, he realized he couldn’t take it anymore. He placed a finger against Sylvie’s lips as if he was telling her to be quiet.

“Not a fuckin’ sound, alright?”

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my fav part of longlegs was when he said “they tried to put me on the cover of vogue but my legs were too long”

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Other movies: [large caption stating the year it’s set in]


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sneak peek of the next fragments of fear chapter i’m writing because i’m low key having so much fun writing it 😊

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“Longlegs is transphobic because the killer is portrayed as a trans woman who kills children”

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X 2022,
dir. Ti West

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Having autism is like

Having ADHD is like

Having both Autism and ADHD is like

My life is making ‘The Ultimate Plan’ at least once a week, if not daily, where I will have the perfect routine, diet plan, goal achievement timeline all mapped out to the most minute detail. And me so looking forward to having the peace that this will bring me. And then when the time comes for step one, I have a kind of emotional anaphylactic shock and my body screams I CANNOT! Run! Hide! Be free! NOOOOOO!!!!

having autism and adhd is actually the worst like i want a routine but i can’t stick to routines and i need spontaneity. so then i’m just sitting there in bed rotting and doing nothing and stressing myself out.

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“Hear me out”. About fucking Longlegs. Incredible. Can you even imagine having sex with Longlegs? He hitting it from the back singing BANG A GONG, GET IT ON, BANG A GONG, GET IT ON, BANG A GONG, GET IT ON again and again off-key. He’s getting close to orgasm and he just starts fucking screaming. Just high-pitched animal screaming. GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!! GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! His whole body be vibrating while he goes ooOOOoOOOoOooOooOOoo and then he collapses and goes HAAAIL SATAN and starts laughing and purring like a kitten and shit. If the preceding paragraph turned you on in any way, i am begging you to seek help from a licensed professional.

this is the worst thing I have ever read.

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I’m autistic and I currently feel like shit checklist

Hi there. Are you autistic? Do you currently feel like shit and don’t know why? Try this checklist to see if you can Fix The Problem!

  • When was the last time you used the bathroom? If you answered “I don’t know” or “at least 3 hours ago”, go now!
  • Do you need a drink? Go get one if you don’t have one in front of you.
  • When was the last time you ate? If you haven’t eaten yet today, consider eating A Meal, or perhaps A Snack. Something is better than nothing, eat whatever you feel able to!
  • Is there something in your immediate surroundings that is bothering you? If the light is too bright, turn it off. If there is an annoying sound, make the sound stop or reduce your ability to hear it (earplugs, headphones, etc.). If your clothes are bothering you, change them.
  • Is your space messy? Pick one area of your room and clean it up as best you can. Clean your whole room if you have the energy!
  • When was the last time you did An Activity? Scrolling on social media doesn’t count. Try actively doing something fun! Play a game you like, read a book, make something, or go for a walk.
  • When was the last time you Spoke to a Person? Consider talking to a person you like if it has been a while.
  • How long has it been since you did something Special Interest related? Make some time to do that today. Infodump to a friend, have a nice long research session, look at related images or gifs, make art about it, whatever works best for you!
  • Try stimming actively! Put on some music and dance, spin in circles, go to the park and use the swings!

If you still feel like shit after trying all of these things, you might be tired or sick. Go to bed early and get some rest. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow!

Hope that helps :)

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NOTES: at this point me writing this fic is just my attempt at keeping the abigail/dan stevens tumblr fandom alive. hopefully cuckoo brings back the dan stevens stans. also keep ur eyes peeled for the 4th and 5th chapters… they’re gonna be a bit… 🫣 especially the 5th one.

SUMMARY: sylvie and sammy spend some time at the bar lounge conversing and getting to know each other, and things only get more awkward and tense between her and frank. joey then reveals some concerning information told to her by abigail. frank decides to take matters into his own hands, and… well, that doesn’t end up going the way he had planned.


TAGS: @creelmalfoylaufeyson69 @atcarpenter @blackwolfstabs @tommyshelbysangel @reclaimedbythesea @witchy-weve-monbebe @maggotssmichael @xashleyo03x @evildarliing @maggotmommys

if you’d like to be added to my taglist, shoot me a message on here or send an ask to my inbox. :)

“What happened?”

Sylvie sat on a barstool next to Sammy, trying to keep her distance from Frank, who was nursing another glass of whiskey. “Don’t worry about it.” She muttered. “Just… had to talk about something.”

Dean was now sitting in an armchair, drinking from a whole bottle of liquor, a joint in his other hand. “It’s too fuckin’ quiet in here.” He complained. “Play some music on the radio or somethin’…”

Peter walked over to the radio that was sitting on the bar counter and turned it on, adjusting some of the dials. Soon, “Young Americans,” a Bowie tune Sylvie particularly enjoyed, started playing. That perked her up a bit.

“You sure?” Sammy asked, tapping her polished nails against her glass of whiskey.

Sylvie nodded. “Yeah. Like I said, don’t worry about it.”

Sammy shrugged. “Fair enough. Anyways, what’s your name again? Ava, right? I mean, that’s probably not your real name, but we can’t use our real names here, anyway.”

Sylvie hesitated a little before answering. “Uh… yeah. Call me Ava.”

“You must feel really confused about why you’re here.” Sammy then remarked with a small chuckle. “I mean, you ended up joining in on this whole… thing… a bit later.”

Sylvie slowly nodded. “Yeah… I’d say ‘confused’ is probably an understatement. What exactly is this all about, anyway? Why are we all here at this specific place?”

Sammy sighed, taking a sip of whiskey. “To put it simply… we have to babysit a kid.”

Frank, who had clearly been overhearing their conversation, let out a scoff. “Babysitting? That’s a light way to put it. A euphemism for ‘kidnapping.’”

Sylvie turned to shoot a glare at Frank, before looking back at Sammy. “Kidnapping?” She repeated, her eyes narrowing. “Are you telling me we’re holding a child hostage?”

Sammy shrugged. “Pretty much.” She answered. “Look, it’ll be good money. Think we’ll all end up getting, like, millions of dollars as our little reward. What’s wrong with free money?”

Sylvie raised an eyebrow. “Can’t I just leave? I don’t want to be part of this… this is fucking wrong.”

“Joey wasn’t happy either, but there’s no turning back now. Don’t need Lambert kicking our asses, either.” Sammy took another sip of whiskey, her voice as nonchalant as ever.

“Who’s Lambert?” Sylvie carefully asked. She was only growing more confused by the second.

“Our boss, I guess,” Sammy answered. “He was the one who wanted us for this whole mission. Since you were brought here, that must’ve meant you were wanted, too.” She raised an eyebrow. “Though, you don’t exactly strike me as the criminal type. Hm, why would Lambert want you here…?”

Frank let out an annoyed sigh and picked up his glass of whiskey, moving to sit next to Sylvie. His gaze darted between the two women, finally landing on Sammy with a bit of a smart-ass look on his face. “Ooh, trust me. She’s not as innocent as she looks…”

“Why’d you say that?” Sammy curiously asked, raising an eyebrow.

Frank shrugged, his smirk remaining. “I can pick people apart rather easily.” He casually answered. “Joey’s a junkie, little miss Ava over here’s far from being perfect, too. Ya think Joey’s got a talent for reading people? Well, so do I.”

Sylvie could feel her chest start to tighten again. Frank always had a talent for making a situation quite uncomfortable very quickly.

“Comes with being a cop. I’m not fuckin’ stupid.” Frank continued, taking another sip of whiskey.

Sammy rolled her eyes, unfazed by Frank’s tough-guy demeanor. “Whatever you say.” She muttered, before looking over in Peter’s direction. While Sammy and Peter were having their conversation, Frank turned his attention back to Sylvie.

“You better not be a pain in my ass while we’re both here.” He muttered, finishing the rest of his glass of whiskey. He lazily tapped his fingers against the glass, eyeballing it carefully.

Sylvie raised an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of talk coming from the very person who enjoys trying to piss me off.”

Frank quietly chuckled at Sylvie’s words. “Yeah, yeah, I know…” he murmured before his voice took on a more serious tone. “I’m just taking my job here very seriously. I don’t need anyone getting in my way, including you.”

Sylvie was about to speak when Joey soon appeared, taking a seat at the bar lounge next to Frank.

“How’s the kid?” Frank asked, not even bothering to look at Joey. He kept his gaze fixated on the empty glass in front of him.

“She’s fine,” Joey answered, but something in her voice conveyed a sense of concern. “Look, I don’t need to know who the girl’s father is, but do you know?”

Sylvie narrowed her eyes at Joey’s question. What was so important about the kid’s father?

“No, why?” Frank answered, still not meeting Joey’s gaze.

“She just implied that her father might be a particularly violent man.”

Frank took off his glasses, letting out a sigh as he rubbed the bridge of his nose before putting them back on. An annoyed smile formed on his face. “Wow. She implied that, did she? Of course, she fuckin’ implied that. She’s scared. She wants to rattle you.”

Despite Frank’s reaction, Sylvie was starting to feel worried herself. “No, listen to her.” She said, glancing at Joey. Maybe it was the fact she knew what it was like to have… not-so-great people as parents, but something in Sylvie was making her… wonder.

“Why should I listen to her?” Frank scoffed, rolling his eyes. “She’s a kid. Kids lie.”

“What exactly did she say?” Sylvie asked, looking at Joey carefully.

“She… apologized. She implied that something… not good is going to happen.” Joey explained. “Based on everything she said, her father sounds like he could be a possible threat.”

Then, she looked back at Frank. “That’s why I’m asking you — do you know who her father is? If you used to be a detective, then surely you might have an idea of who he could be.”

Frank sighed again and turned to look at Joey, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Oh my God, you’re gonna be a real pain in my ass, aren’t you? There’s one in every crew.”

“No, sir. I just don’t scare easy, so when I do, I pay attention.”

Joey then rose from her seat, turning around to leave. Once she vanished, Sylvie glanced at Frank. “Why’s the kid’s father so important?” She asked. “Must be quite serious if she wants to know.”

“Well, he’s wealthy as shit. That’s why the kid’s with us right now.”

“So, she’s being held for ransom…” Sylvie quietly observed, mostly to herself. “Still, especially if her father’s dangerous after all, can’t we just… return her to her family? I mean, I feel really bad for her. She’s only a kid.”

Frank scoffed. “$50 million is a lot of fuckin’ money, y’know. You’re here, so you might as well just be as bad as the rest of us.”

Frank paused for a moment, appearing deep in thought. “Y’know what, I think I’ll go talk to the damn kid myself.”

Sylvie felt a tinge of nervousness at Frank’s idea. With the way he was, she didn’t trust him to be around a child at all, especially if he was confronting said child. “Talking” for Frank most likely meant “threatening.”

“You’re not gonna hurt her… right?” Sylvie asked, her tone serious.

Frank shrugged. “I will if I have to. The fuck are you gonna do about it, anyway?”

“Stop you, obviously.”

Frank let out a snide chuckle. “I’d love to see you try. You wouldn’t even kill a fly if you had to.”

He got up from his seat and stormed off in the direction of the girl’s room. Sylvie stayed back for a little bit, but then she decided to go after him, determined to make sure he didn’t lay a finger on her. Even though she didn’t know the girl at all, Sylvie still felt an almost instinctual need to make sure nothing happened to her. She was a child, after all.

As Sylvie followed Frank’s path, she could hear the sound of a door opening, followed by his voice and… screaming. A child screaming.

“You see my face? You see my fuckin’ face? Huh? Are you lyin’ to me?”

Goddamnit.” Sylvie hissed under her breath. She started to run towards the room, and sure enough, Frank was holding the girl at gunpoint. She looked terrified, and it made Sylvie feel a pang of anger.

“You fuckin’ lyin’ to me? Don’t lie to me. What color are my eyes? What color are my eyes?! It’s a simple fuckin’ question, kid!”

“I didn’t see your face!”

“Well… good! Who the fuck is your father?”

“Put the fucking gun down, right now.

The girl and Frank both turned around to look at Sylvie and the kid only looked even more terrified.

“He’s gonna hurt me!” She whimpered, clutching onto a blanket for support. “Don’t let him hurt me.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Frank snapped, shooting Sylvie a sharp glare. “Back the fuck off. This is a private matter.”

Sylvie took a deep, shaky breath. “Just… put the gun down. There’s no need to point it at her.”

Instead, Frank ignored her, looking back at the girl. “I’ll ask it again. Who the fuck is your father?”

The girl’s eyes anxiously darted between Sylvie and Frank but lingered on Sylvie’s face for a couple of seconds longer, almost as though she recognized her. Then, she looked back at Frank.

“Jo… Joey said you didn’t want to know.”

“Well, fuck Joey! I do wanna know!”

Frank turned to face Sylvie again, his eyes narrowing. “What the fuck are you doing? She’s not supposed to see your fuckin’ face!”


Fuck— I’ll… I’ll go.”

As Sylvie started to hurry away from the bedroom, she froze when she faintly heard the girl mention a particular name — Kristof Lazar. Sylvie had heard that name before, but from where?

Wait a second.

As Sylvie returned to the bar lounge, she suddenly remembered memories from around five years ago. Charlie — the man from her college that she knew. He had mentioned a “Lazar” on numerous occasions and from the information Sylvie had heard, he was a dangerous man. It couldn’t possibly be the same guy… right?

Sylvie took a deep breath and tried to brush it all aside, taking a seat at the bar lounge. Sammy, who had still been chatting with Peter, took notice of her nervous state. She was about to say something until Dean spoke.

“Yo, what’s goin’ on, bagman?”

Frank was heading towards the front door, putting on his leather trench coat. “I’m leaving.”

Joey narrowed her eyes. “What?”

“You heard me. You cut up my share however you want. I’m out.”

Sylvie felt a significant amount of concern. Frank had never been the kind of person to get scared, so whatever it was, something was seriously wrong. He was usually all tough and uncaring, so seeing him suddenly nervous was quite out of character.

Joey rose from her seat, following after Frank. “Whoa, hey. What happened?”

Frank ignored her, continuing to advance towards the door.

“Hey! You can’t just leave without telling us what’s going on.”

Frank turned around, staring at Joey with an uncharacteristic look of what seemed like fear. “What’s going on?” He repeated. “What’s going on is that we are fucked. That little girl is Kristof Lazar’s daughter.”

Rickles let out a “shit,” with Joey looking equally as worried. Meanwhile, Sammy and Peter were confused. Dean, on the other hand, was nonchalant.

“That’s an urban legend, man.” He said, rolling his eyes. “Calm down. Like, that whole thing is completely bogus.”

Frank walked over to Dean, his eyes narrowing. “He’s not a fuckin’ urban legend. He is very fuckin’ real, believe me. Nobody even knows how big his fuckin’ empire is.”

Sylvie took a deep breath. “Yeah… he’s right. I… I think Lazar is real.”

“How do you know?” Sammy carefully asked, her gaze wary.

“I… I know.” Sylvie simply answered. She was going to have to side with Frank on this one, as much as she didn’t want to.

“Is he, like, a crime boss?” Sammy then asked.

“He controls a lot more than just crime,” Rickles answered. “I’ve… heard of some shit.”

Joey sighed. “Is Lambert fucking insane? He just put a death mark on all of us, including himself.”

“What if we just, like, y’know, like, give her back and say sorry?” Sammy suggested.

Frank let out a scoff and walked over to Sammy. “Oh, yeah. ‘Here’s your daughter, Mr. fuckin’ Antichrist. We’re really sorry. Hope she’s not too traumatized. Let’s play a round of golf sometime!’”

Sammy narrowed her eyes at Frank in disgust and annoyance. “Fuck you, Frank.” She murmured.

“Let’s just leave.” Joey then said. “We leave her with some food and make an anonymous phone call, get the fuck out of here.”

Peter nodded in approval, snapping his fingers. “I like that.”

“It’s not like she’s seen our faces.” Joey then added.

Frank let out a bitter scoff as he approached Joey. “Uh, actually, she has, thanks to you.”

Joey narrowed her eyes at Frank. “I was supposed to be the only one in and out of that room, and I wore my mask.”

“Well, I didn’t, so I walk in there to see Angelina Ballerina memorizing my fuckin’ face! Why did you take off her blindfold, Joey?”

“Now we have to kill her.” Peter then said.

“Not a fucking chance.” Joey hissed. “We’re not killing the girl.”

“She saw Frank’s face…”

Sylvie let out a sigh before reluctantly speaking. “Mine, too. She… saw my face, too.”

The room went silent.

“Oh, this is really bad,” Sammy murmured. “What are we supposed to do now?”

Frank shrugged. “We pull this off, pretend we don’t know who her father is, and with the money we’re making from this, we disappear forever. Start a new life. Then, I don’t have to see any of you fucks ever again.”

He paused for a moment before speaking again, trying to come up with a plan. “Everyone, stay alert. Any threat is gonna come from outside, so we set a perimeter and we hold it. Rickles takes first watch in the crow’s nest. Joey, secure the interior. Look for any ways in or out. What is it, like, twenty-two more hours, hmm?”

Frank checked his watch. “Twenty-two hours.”

He went to pick up his bag and left, cursing under his breath.

“What a dick,” Dean muttered as he watched Frank leave.

tlorber 2024-06-11 03:42:22 GMT >>


Earthrise during the Apollo 8 mission, December 1968, photographed by Bill Anders (1933-2024).

tlorber 2024-03-17 04:44:38 GMT >>

tlorber 2024-03-17 04:28:01 GMT >>

tlorber 2024-03-17 04:25:23 GMT >>

tlorber 2023-12-29 18:40:47 GMT >>

48-bottles 2023-12-29 18:29:12 GMT >>

tlorber 2023-10-24 23:49:53 GMT >>

tlorber 2023-08-17 03:53:05 GMT >>



hi tumblr peeps! 10 years ago today (or maybe it was yesterday, close enough heh) i started the hexeosis animated hexagon art blog here on tumblr, the first place hexeosis ever existed. i posed a few gifs that first week and really got going in August of 2013. I was super fortunate to have my gifs go viral almost right away and its been honor and a privilege to share my artworks with you all. thanks everyone for all the reblogs, comments, likes, shares, purchases, feedback, angry emails, it’s all good and am forever grateful that you took to the time to look at my silly brightly colored shaped polygons. here’s to 10 more years! (provided we survive the robot apocalypse)

tlorber 2023-08-03 21:49:34 GMT >>

It’s my 10 year anniversary on Tumblr 🥳

tlorber 2023-07-19 21:30:25 GMT >>

Check it out! Chicken has three hearts.

48-bottles 2023-03-23 03:22:36 GMT >>

48-bottles 2023-03-20 00:55:22 GMT >>

2023-03-19 Batch #48

Primed with 2/3 cup brown sugar

20 22oz bottles

FG 1.020 (6.7%)

48-bottles 2023-03-06 04:21:36 GMT >>

2023-03-05 Batch #48

Racked to Secondary

SG 1.024

48-bottles 2023-02-28 00:51:24 GMT >>

2023-02-26 Batch #48

New England Style

12lb Rahr 2-row

1lb CaraAroma

1lb Flaked Wheat

5gal Strike Water @ 172*F

60min Saccharification Rest @ 161*F

1.5gal Sparge Water @ 172*F

Collected all


60min 1.2oz Cleveland House 2021

60min 5.0z Blythswood Estate 2021

10min 1.9oz Cleveland House 2022

10min 4.3oz Blythswood Estate 2022


1oz Cascade pellets

1oz Centennial pellets

1oz Simcoe pellets

Chill to 90*F

Racked to primary

1oz Cascade pellets

1oz Centennial pellets

1oz Simcoe pellets

1pkg Safale US-05

OG 1.071

48-bottles 2022-10-31 01:14:20 GMT >>

Less ripe mango as I remember it. More piney. I drank immediately (canned on 2022-10-20).

tlorber 2022-10-31 01:12:26 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-06-26 14:22:44 GMT >>

Garden party

tlorber 2022-05-12 18:16:54 GMT >>

SURF THE EAST #surfing #eastcoast #northeast #gulfofmaine #surf #waverider #wetsuit #longboard

tlorber 2022-04-24 13:08:08 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-23 15:09:28 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-23 05:07:09 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-22 16:43:04 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-21 19:36:21 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-21 04:37:48 GMT >>


tlorber 2022-04-20 16:39:50 GMT >>

tlorber 2022-04-19 17:24:07 GMT >>

48-bottles 2020-10-30 22:03:20 GMT >>

Zero Gravity’s 40 Thieves

Canned 10/14/2020

Pours hazy straw. Light fine head. Mango/peach aroma. Smooth, small bite, pineapple finish.

48-bottles 2020-10-29 22:49:58 GMT >>

Pours hazy golden. Fine head. Smells clean, light malt. Bitter start and finish. Citrus, grapefruit hop flavor.

48-bottles 2020-08-19 23:32:38 GMT >>

48-bottles 2020-08-19 21:29:19 GMT >>
2020-08-19 Batch #47

12lb Rahr 2-row

2lb CaraFoam

1lb Flaked Oat

5gal Strike Water @ 165*F

60min Saccharification Rest @ 154*F

4.5gal Sparge Water @ 164*F

Collected all


60min 10mL Hopshot

10min 4oz Cleveland House fresh

10min 9oz Blytheswood Estate fresh


2oz Four Star Farms Cascade pellets 4.5%

1oz Four Star Farms Centennial pellets 10.5%

Chill to 90*F

Racked to primary

1oz Four Star Farms Cascade pellets 4.5%

2oz Four Star Farms Centennial pellets 10.5%

Pitched 1pkg Safale US-05

OG 1.057

48-bottles 2020-08-18 02:55:16 GMT >>
2020 Hop Harvest - Blytheswood Estate - 9oz

48-bottles 2020-08-17 16:29:20 GMT >>
2020 Hop Harvest - Cleveland House - 4oz

champagnewehad 2020-06-25 23:22:55 GMT >>

14th Anniversary - 1989 Chateau Lynch-Bages

metatooth 2020-06-20 16:51:17 GMT >>

It’s quick, simple, and easy to take an impression at home. Full details on our website at metatooth.com/impressions. In short, you fully mix the supplied putty, form into a snake/cigar and add to tray. Then bite and hold. Full instructions included with every kit. Save money when you order direct from metatooth.com #mouthhealth #selfcare

metatooth 2020-06-16 15:23:14 GMT >>

Sleeping Woman With a Cat. Wladyslaw Slewinski. 1896.

Get the rest you deserve! Teeth grinding and clenching is bad for your teeth and also your good night’s sleep. Take an impression at home for a custom mouthguard. It’s simple and convenient when you order direct from metatooth.com

brdibkd 2020-05-12 19:41:27 GMT >>

Pain au Levain

66% hydration (including leaven)

Pillsbury AP + Hodgson Whole Grain Rye

30 min autolyse

Knead by flap & fold

2 hour rise, overnight refrigerated fermentation

Heated oven to 500F

Turned to 425F to start

15min steam

45min total bake

brdibkd 2020-05-06 22:14:43 GMT >>

Pain au Levain

Whole Wheat AP & Rye

Very dense.

brdibkd 2020-05-06 00:49:49 GMT >>


One Mighty Mill Bread Flour

Recipe: America’s Test Kitchen

48-bottles 2019-12-20 05:23:19 GMT >>
Lorbeer Batch #31ALT

Lorbeer Batch #31

Malty sweet.

michaeltfournier 2019-08-30 03:44:03 GMT >>
Cabildo Quarterly #13 available now!


Cabildo Quarterly. Issue #13. Summer 2019. With new poetry, fiction and essays from Margarita Serafimova, Luke Kuzmish, Ama Birch, Ben Stein, Katherine Sinback, Bruce McRae and Jude Vachon. Available here. All right!

michaeltfournier 2019-07-23 19:32:31 GMT >>
"Paging All Punks!"

My new series of interviews with writers about punk rock for Razorcake series kicks off with this chat with Elizabeth Hand: http://razorcake.org/elizabeth-hand-interview-by-michael-t-fournier/

champagnewehad 2019-06-25 22:35:17 GMT >>

13th Anniversary - Taittinger N.V.

48-bottles 2019-05-10 03:18:22 GMT >>

Batch #45 Resin

brdibkd 2019-03-29 21:17:45 GMT >>

Rye-only starter. KAB flour. Double overnight refrigerated rise.

48-bottles 2019-03-20 23:45:17 GMT >>

Batch #42. Crystal clear, light straw, effervescent, generous head. Flat aroma and malt profile. Clean hop bite.

48-bottles 2019-03-14 01:15:27 GMT >>

Batch #46. Clear. Reddish brown. Fine head. A bit of hop aroma. Malty with good hop bite.

michaeltfournier 2019-03-07 05:11:07 GMT >>
The Sex Pistols and March Vladness

I wrote about the Sisterhood for March Vladness and the Sex Pistols for the RS 500.

48-bottles 2019-03-06 23:32:50 GMT >>

Batch #45. A touch cloudy. Thin head. Golden brown. Bitter but not much else.

48-bottles 2019-03-06 23:07:31 GMT >>

Batch #44 Pine/resin and bitter finish.

48-bottles 2019-03-06 02:20:02 GMT >>

Batch #43. Poured clear and golden. Little aroma. Fine head. Malty with neat bitterness. Did not notice the fruitiness of the previous bottle.

48-bottles 2019-03-06 02:18:25 GMT >>

Batch #23. Cider!

michaeltfournier 2018-11-15 20:35:55 GMT >>
"Physical Graffiti"

On grad school and Boy Scout camp and playing drums for The RS 500.

michaeltfournier 2018-08-21 19:29:57 GMT >>
Razorcake podcast #18

My eighteenth podcast for Razorcake is available now, featuring music by Collate, FCC, sister, brother and more!

michaeltfournier 2018-08-06 17:18:02 GMT >>
"If Ichiro Journaled Like Henry Rollins"

The long-awaited sliver of Black Flag and baseball fandom intersection at You Don’t Know Mojack. Thanks to Ryan and Brant.

michaeltfournier 2018-07-14 20:46:59 GMT >>
Cabildo Quarterly #12 out now!

Cabildo Quarterly #12, summer 2018 is available now! With new writing from Kaylee Duff, Timothy Berrigan, Kelli Stevens Kane, William Repass, Kurt Morris, Paula Coomer, Daryl Gussin,  Margaret Emma Brandl and Howie Good. Click here or get at us for hard copies.

michaeltfournier 2018-06-22 19:48:19 GMT >>
New Razorcake podcast

My seventeenth podcast for Razorcake is available now! Featruing new music by Lithics, 

michaeltfournier 2018-06-10 23:24:39 GMT >>

Here are the dates for this summer’s tour with Mike Faloon. We’re still looking for help in Michigan and/or Wisconsin – hit me up if you can help!

michaeltfournier 2018-06-08 21:36:43 GMT >>
On "The Outsider"

My review of Stephen King’s new one is up on Chicago Review of Books today.

michaeltfournier 2018-05-23 02:30:08 GMT >>
New Razorcake podcast

My sixteenth podcast for Razorcake  is available here, featuring new stuff by Spirits Having Fun, Protomartyr, Radon and more.

michaeltfournier 2018-05-08 18:18:03 GMT >>
"The Other Night At Quinn's"

I review Mike Faloon’s new free jazz book here for Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

michaeltfournier 2018-04-23 18:41:45 GMT >>
"The Female Persuasion"

My review of Meg Wolitzer’s new novel is up on The Collapsar.

michaeltfournier 2018-04-01 17:57:33 GMT >>
Dead Trend: "Computers for Seniors" EP

Dead Trend’s third release is available now.

michaeltfournier 2018-03-21 00:45:32 GMT >>
Razorcake podcast #14

With new stuff by Messthetics, Screaming Females, ExMaid, Secretary Legs and more! Click here.

michaeltfournier 2018-03-19 23:54:46 GMT >>
"Double Nickels On The Dime" podcast

I talk to those hosers at You Don’t Know Mojack about “Double Nickles” here. Dig it!

michaeltfournier 2018-03-12 18:34:12 GMT >>
"Your Phone"

New flash fiction up today on Gimmick Press. Dig it!

michaeltfournier 2018-02-13 19:43:33 GMT >>
On the B-52's

I wrote on their debut album for The RS 500.

michaeltfournier 2017-12-06 20:15:33 GMT >>
Weird Al and Razorcake

I wrote about Weird Al’s ‘Polkas on 45’ for Memoir Mixtapes.

Also, my eleventh podcast for Razorcake is up now.

michaeltfournier 2017-11-09 20:04:44 GMT >>
New Dead Trend single: "Age of Consent 2017"

To commemorate the first anniversary of you-know-what, Dead Trend has recorded a cover of New Order’s “Age of Consent.” Check it out here: https://deadtrend.bandcamp.com/track/age-of-consent-2017

brdibkd 2016-11-06 23:32:26 GMT >>
Pain au Levain

150g poolish
340g KA AP
45g rye flour
225g water

30min autolayse

8g salt
¼ tsp instant yeast

2 hour fermentation

Formed baguette

2 hour fermentation

49min at 425*F (first 15min steam)

brdibkd 2016-11-06 23:21:09 GMT >>

Pain au Levain

brdibkd 2016-10-09 15:37:33 GMT >>

200g poolish
400g KA AP
200g HM Rye
200g Water

30min autolayse

15g salt Knead by flap and fold. 2hr rise

graphs-i-made 2015-09-03 19:33:35 GMT >>


champagnewehad 2015-06-20 23:30:25 GMT >>

9th Anniversary

champagnewehad 2015-05-18 19:11:58 GMT >>

1st Anniversary

brdibkd 2015-05-18 03:47:31 GMT >>

Adapted from http://www.breadcetera.com/?p=71

300g poolish

200g KA Rye

550g KAAP

450g Water

15g Salt

2 tsp instant yeast


Add salt and yeast, knead by flap-and-fold

Let rise

Split into two

Let rise

Make boulets

Let rise

Bake @ 425*F 40min (15min steam)

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:40:38 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:38:24 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:36:03 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:34:36 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:29:29 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:27:38 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:25:11 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-15 02:21:27 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-14 18:05:26 GMT >>

elrollodemayo 2015-05-14 17:53:34 GMT >>


champagnewehad 2014-06-27 14:38:53 GMT >>

7th Anniversary

champagnewehad 2014-06-27 14:37:19 GMT >>

8th Anniversary.

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