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throwing shoes since '04
Posted by edward on 2004-07-08 21:49:43 +0000

911 degrees

Saw Fahrenheit 911. Best sequence (aside from Bush not doing anything for 7 minutes after the second plane hit in NYC, and after Fleischer leans over and says, "Mr. President, we're under attack.") is when Florida's Members of the House petition the 2000 election on the U.S. Senate floor. While calling Gore "Mr. President," (who's presiding over the Senate) something like 16 of Florida's House members ask for one member of the Senate to sign the petition to stop the electoral process, and none do. Chilling.... (B+)

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-09 03:03:53 +0000
Haven't seen it yet. I'm thinking that it's more entertainment than documentary.

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