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Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-09 17:44:51 +0000

Spiderman II

Wednesday night, after I finish workin' on the cookbook. Down?

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-09 20:00:14 +0000
I've heard it's a disappointment. Anyone else?

Posted by edward on 2004-07-12 18:14:52 +0000
Heard it's good , better than the first. (Better bad guy) Anthony Lane mentions how Spiderman is a true Comic book movie, where the hero really is a nerd and is so unsure if he wants his superpowers. Also Kirstin Dunst does is exactly what she has to: be a silent actress in a talking movie...

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-12 19:07:56 +0000
Yeah, but does she dance around in an A-shirt like in [i:1f4eb56d32]Eternal Suns of a Spotless Mind[/i:1f4eb56d32]. eh?

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-12 21:35:03 +0000
In the last one she was in a wet t-shirt.

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-14 07:42:26 +0000
Anyway: Spider-Man II is playing at 9:30 at Fenway. Pre-game at 3 Wadsworth at 9 pm, if yr. down.

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-15 04:06:04 +0000
Analysis: -Stage is set for a convincing Spider-Man III, if you follow the plotline and the comic chronology. -Stan Lee's cameo was exactly the same as in the last film. -The shot of his costume in the trashcan echoed 'Spider-Man No More!" from Amazing #50. -Curt Connors and John Jameson: Lizard and Man-Wolf? -The subway shot totally ripped off the 'I Can Eat 50 Eggs' scene from 'Cool Hand Luke' (thanks, Bob Pingree.)

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-15 16:14:42 +0000
Bob Pingree retired this year from Concord High School.

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-15 17:07:53 +0000
I was thinkin' of writing him a letter. Ah well.

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