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Posted by edward on 2004-07-23 05:41:51 +0000

Before Sunset

Not so good Richard. Worse than Before Sunrise, less urgent, more romantic psycho babble, less philosophy, more depressing, and a couple times, downright boring. Ethan Hawke is more convincing as Jesse Wallace, the writer (Hawke has actually written a rumoredly decent novel), but somehow less sympathetic than before. Julie Delphy is more nerotic and perhaps less mature than she was 9 years ago. However, the relationship has not grown stale, as the mutual fascination with the other has grown in the past decade. When the two do not talk about their love for each other, but do talk about religion, cities, and sex, the film succeeds and flirts till the end. In fact, it seems we might need a third installment. Yes, you should see Before Sunrise before Before Sunset, but it's not necessary. It will perhaps be skipped over even at a Richard Linkletter film festival. (C+)

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