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it devolves into boys talking about sports and hardcore
Posted by edward on 2004-07-26 18:09:41 +0000

"Football bores me"

When the best running back in the game ends his career (at 27) and questions the entire sport, you've got to start wondering. I know the NHL's in more trouble, but....

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-27 01:04:38 +0000
He just wants to smoke the weed without having to worry about peeing in a cup.

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-27 07:38:49 +0000
"He wants to meditate. Top NFL officials are going to fly and talk to him, if they can locate where he is in Asia."

Posted by tgl on 2004-07-27 15:04:23 +0000
...in Asia!

Posted by frame609 on 2004-07-30 04:01:52 +0000
Our boy failed a third drug test before he retired, come to find out.

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