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i ride sideways
vs. steelers
And qouting myself
C4RT: Nov 12th Durham NH (WUNH Fundraising show)
No candy for you!
Rally on Tuesday?
A riotous town
my candidate lost because...
Reason 5,623,438 on why I Like Tom Wolfe:
The best thing that could happen with this election
Reason 5,623,438 on why I Like Gore Vidal:
Get out and Vote or P. Diddy Will KILL You
Roger Angell in this week's New Yorker:
A poll on voting.
why popularity matters
Who said it first?
do the right thing people
Record Turn Out
newest favorite blog
Revenge of the Sith......
Election Coverage
France Online!
Very superstitious...
Whatever happens...
If it keeps on this track, what will it mean?
Unending shit.
Ohio, we hardly knew yeah
Who's "forum topic" inflating?
Kerry Wins!
For Rent
Dow Jones Industrial Average
tee shirt ideas?
spin it for progressives
11/3/2004: rs.n's best day ever.
new Battles...
Youth Voter Turnout`
Shit man...
Speaking of the shadow government.....
A question:
What Now?
Perhaps if his name was "John F. Terry" things would be different?
Seeing a lot more red than blue here.....
Chin Up
We Won!
"They just don't get it"
Quigley / Voss 2008
Divide this, Buddy
gang members
no, really, it's a whole new ballgame
Watergate (just waiting)
that eye and the pyramid thing
It has already began
pointing device
So... when are all y'all going to shut up about the election?
Dumb Smart People
Car Talk
Here we go again
A bit of humor to lighten the board
I dont get it....
I'm gonna edit this post
The NFC sucks...
C4RT Worcester 10/30
Lincoln rolls in his grave...
Bjork's deal
A-B gets print time.
Purple America
Now Un-Tie Us!!!!!
December 3rd: Isis!
UV Protection
UV Protection
I saw "Saw"
Get Fuzzy
Pearls Before Swine
Arlo and Janis
The Fusco Brothers
The Boondocks
CPFLMATT 11/8/04:
...my next trick
The Angriest Dog In The World
Bow 'n Arrow @ P.A.'s Lounge 2004.11.09
Score one for "competence"
fuck the south
Librarians, a question
Jokes about Bush:
Cut The Shit
Who's goin to C4RT
Pixies - Lowel Show Dec 1st
New QOTSA!!!!!!!
Who likes saucy enchiladas?
BQ's Sunday night sign:
Yo Rich:
Sorry, Everybody
enticement for mjh
yeah, that's snow
Secular humanist liberals are shaking ...
Anyone nervous?
Yeah Right!
more C4RT photogs
Do You Wanna Get Yr Teeth Knocked The Fuck Out?
Hey Dawn, still sure Roe V Wade is safe?
Whats The Best Dirt Megirt song?
The Nazi comparisons continue
This is pretty 5 minutes ago but funny
Bye Bye colin......
try this on
This gives a whole new meaning to "Nest" egg
Whine-stat is a pooooo-say!
CPFLMATT 11/14-5
It can't happen here.
Fantasy football moment
Your 2004 AL MVP......
Hey Ya
C4RT: Pregame
Various bullshit shorts
Sourbob on the south
The future of our economy to come...
Attn C4RT: Q and Not U:
Buffy's Last Stand
First coffee of the day.....
Post Sox-related rumors here.
C4RT: Postgame
The Delay Rule
Im sure y'all will dig on this
Monday night madness
Tonight: Stella comedy show at Paradise
Moving Is Hell
Much ado about the NBA
Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.
More Pixies Bullshit
NHL Alternative
Taking back Mondays: '04 Gift Guide edition
Nirvana With The Lights Out
vs. Ravens
Bobby Kleiner rocks.
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Micky Mantle?
License plates
Bellhorn's strikeouts = MORE runs.
Pixies on Wednesday:
Our Supreme Court
Playoff push...
Pixies on Tuesday...
Franconia in the hizz-ouse.
a first review
even worse
Fox Trot
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