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it devolves into boys talking about sports and hardcore
Cleveland 22, NY 0
Rory_Stark sent me
Nice shuttlecock.
Beyond Sedna kid
Shit's getting hairy at the RNC!
Brake Work
Maybe its the RNC in Manhattan
What's your source?
Badminton smackola
Moving Day in ARS:
Erase one from the "win" column.
Varitek says to ARod:
Ramones Documentary.....
a simple question
Gillespie, "Afro"
Brendan and Ian on "The Weather Underground"
dumb speech
Bill Mueller and Doug Mientkiewicz: theme music.
Playoff tickets:
The official RS.N Red Sox magic number thread
People do bad things all the time
They're all out to get us.
Instruction = sports rock
Shay's at 5:05 tonight
Post 609?
Kapler and Nixon suspensions overturned.
Dear Kevin Brown:
'Carnal Knowledge'
Cinton's salad: tossed!
The Blowjob Movie AKA Brown Bunny.
The Sevigny / Gallo Blowjob Movie AKA Brown Bunny.
Pixies PRESALE!!!!!!
...and the beat goes on.
The End Of The Century
A line from Camp David
the Ramones Film
Message board penalties:
Sox drunk photo:
Letter from Carter
AP news: Cheney actually is the Devil
Two down.
Sportswriting precog:
Dear Trot Nixon:
Bubba Ho-Tep
If I dont have anything nice to say, I wont sayanythingatall
Least favorite words
'Jandek on Corwood'
BQ is a sellout
Why to vote for Kerry if you're concerned with fiscal policy
O. Cabrera
What's wrong here?
Punk is Dead
2004 - Game 1
****What the hell is this?
Minor threat Documentary
A rational voice in the wilderness.
The last six MFY games.
Ed this Bitch Up.
Party With Me Punker!
John Edwards demands the return of the 'oh snap!' button.
A Liberal Bias in Popular Culture
News agencies are biased to the right in reporting.
Posting Addiction
Sat. Nov. 13th Axis Boston
Watching the "other side"
The Shaughnessy Jinx.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Jandek But Were....
I wonder
Stevie Wonder redux
Making Bunny Tuesday.
While we were arguing over who slimed who.
'The End Of It All'
The Shape Of Jandek To Come
Sept. 14
Maddy Nigs Pix
fusco for the day
Union Ares
An experiment:
Bush cons
Bush pros
less villification
spin cuts both ways
Game 143
Favorite words:
Welcome Uncle!
Friday/Saturday vs. MFY
Kerry in WSJ Opinion today: "My Economic Policy"
Dear 'Politik' board,
R.I.P. Johnny Ramone
'The Curse Of The Bambino.'
Repost: Cy Young predictions by math!
This is My Jeff Bridges: The official RS.N thread
Language really IS a virus...
Gibby Haynes and HIS PROBLEM
Great stuff on the NYT "my favorite opinions" Op-E
Philanthropy and Teresa
Name that Baby #2!!!
Welcome TenDiamonds!
Mike Watt and the Secondmen
Maybe this isn't related to this forum.
Conservative Punk
Is this new?
I know it's been said before, but...
Nice switch!
This is waht it looks like when you don't log in.
Not logged in.
logged in.
Fun Bumper Stickers
Fun Bumper Stickers
cambridge cops ride beamers
Sept. 17th. Rain delay schmain delay
Dirty as they Wanna be
Mr. 3000
Weird Dj + Death Metal Drummer + Prog Guitarist = Weird/neat
Harrison Ford Doing Beer Commercials?
Anthrax is to Neurosis as D.R.I. is to ...?
2004 - Game 2
D. Mamet and W. Ferrell
Dirtier than we want them to be
BTW: When This Was In Print it was BELOW the fold......
Game 150
Neurosis takes over.
London Calling Redux
Desoto Records:
goddam birds!
Potential Electoral College Changes?
Still doesn't get it.
That Conservative Broadsheet....
Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it.
Upcoming Paradise shows
Netflix Update / Capsule Reviews
Welcome Rev A Rino!!!!!!
Can we get up in this piece?
Prjected probables for Sunday 9/26/04:
Cat Stevens in Bangor, ME.
New pillows and sheets appreciation post
'The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower'
Its funny because it's TRUE
Meritocracy or Socialism?
Cold Lampin'
Smack down!
The Tull - 'Aqua Lung'
My hard work pays off.
tonsorial autodidact
Kickin' it with Bob Newhart.
Austin: Will You Please Cut BQ's Face?
12th inning.
Tonight's pitching matchup.....
RIP Russ Meyer.
Dear edit of third draft/ fourth draft/whatever:
'Play'd: A Hip Hop Story.'
The real life Branca!
Sun 10/17/04 - Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom
Pleated vs. Plain Front
It's the Iraq War, stupid.
Image is everything.
Beer Canyon: Mad playa!
Get Fuzzy & baseball
The Mother of all Iraq War Threads
WSJ Excerpts
A sensitive war.
Game 152
More Insight from Heinz
New Tom Waits
Lie, Cheat and Steal the Election.
In his own words
This one is hilarious
Mr(s). 3000
Time for Comic relief courtesy of Richie, Ross, Bush, and Bl
Ted Rall is funny.
Columbia on objective journalism.
A Review
Manchester Badminton Club 1927
Like Doug Mirabelli, I'm very,
The Chicago Cubs hat....
Kobe Bryant transcripts.
ASCII Star Wars
Brooklyn Lager
Let's go Yankees/Indians!
More reckless speech.
The Dirtbombs
Surfin' the Pit.
Atlantic Monthly
Bush is the worst offender
Knit your own roleplating dice bag!
Phil Spector
Bush's Lost Year
You can't make this up.
The midget: the essentials.
Lets have a candy bar and cell phone free subway
Can A N***A Get A Job?
Disenfranchised Sleepers Unite!!!!!!
Yeah, Millar!
'The Stranger'
It's gonna be a road trip...
I need a garage.
Who will sweep?
Ask and ye shall receive.
Tuesday's purchases
Postseason Roster
It must be flooding.
Cheney's Flip-Flop: No War in Iraq
Other Tuesday New Releases
Bad news for Bush:
Hurricane Jeanne
Bill Simmons nails it again:
Knock on wood:
A reported from the WSJ chimes in
Tonight there will be no Debate
Vast Left wing conspiracy
ALCS ticket opportunity
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