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throwing shoes since '04
America, Fuck Yeah!
I'm not crazy!!!!
Why we didn't know what the Pixies' opener:
Giambi outed
The Revolution will be blogged
Please! Everyone send me spam here!!!
Bill James is in WEEI right now.
technology catches up with the wadsworth porch
Rich Ladew Is The Boy Who Called Wolf.........
Drink 'em up drink 'em up!
New Perfect Circle
Go Colonials!
Fire in Tamworth, NH!
Who's out, Who's in
12/18/04 at the 3: Save the date.
FCC please stop this...
mnemonic of choice
The WASP version of Uncle Tom
A brief slice of slang
Shooting at Dimebag Darrell show
New George Bush Movie
Minutemen trailer!
Anyone else glad that Mo. Dowd is back?
Washington Nationals
The Dizzle!
A Nice Quote About War
Should Pantera continue on without Dimebag?
Drunk Dialin' Live
Dean for DNC chair!
Beta Band appreciation post
ahh, safire
Do we need tort reform?
What type of lame scenester are you?
Pedro: Prima Gonna!!!
Bush campaign chairman indicted...
weis @ n.d.
Pedro and the shadow government:
29 No Longer
Its been way over a month......
Eggers! Python!
Slint at the Roxy 3/20
Game 5 ALCS DVD's...
I'm the asshole with the first Rideside 2004 List
bernie kerik's shadow nanny
a baseball analogy
Proud new owners of 90% of New England.....
Zippy the Pinhead
Fucking fuck.
Portsmouth Porn Store in Double-Shocker!
Hebrew Hammer
C4RT Show @ HonahLee party
Matt Clement!
New strong bad dedicated to Rich,Pam, and Terry
Your Super Bowl champion Wadsworth Scurvy.
Gear porn for C4RT
Taking Back Mondays: Patriots 57 - Miami 3 edition
Name that Baby 4!
Who's your indie rock boyfriend?
Dave Roberts traded....
Papa saw Santa Claus
Most Valuable Late Addition Poster
Millah or Eyechart?
Black Sabbath discs returned and Ozzy attempts to tackle intruders.
Obnoxious Year End List: The Reprise
From the imminent new issue of Chunklet...
December 27th is....
Making Monday Tuesday: End of 2004 Edition
The Defense?
Oh Captain My Captain
College Football
just found this website
just found this website
CPFLMATT 12/27-8
i've got 13 fingers
I don't even know
Random image generator
The Brushback
2005 is the year I ________________.
Yeah I Said It!
Nickelback appreciation post (no... seriously)
Making Mondays Tuesdays 1/3/05
NESN World Series rebroadcasts
Vulgar Display of Anselmo
In 2005 I'll...
Mondays with Tom
The Solstice might be over, but....
has been
Alphabetical music marathon
Your 2005 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees:
Fuck Chunklet!!!!
Big Ass Titties
Election reform?
Just in time for the holidays...
I really did run out of gas, but I am not african american.
The new(ish) noise
Netflix is a beautiful thing.
Fuck Carmen Sandiego-
For those of you in the US of Arrrgh!
Something to think about while Making Mondays Tuesday
Media is biased towards the right.
Ed: Fixup Link
HTML formatting guidelines
That didn't take long.
Hey Mike F
CPFLMATT 1/10/2005:
CPFLMATT 1/10/2005:
"ran out of gas today" post has reached a worldwide audience
Callin' ODB
When did Vince Neil turn into Jon Lovitz?
Someone lend me $10,000 USD Stat!
For Those With No Soul Who Like To Record Shop Part Deux.....
theduane is a decent bloke
Sick of Stale, 4 Month Old Dischord News?
my beer post
Kind of Funny
Playoff madness!
Tsunami Aerial Photos Before & After
Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis. They keeps it real!
UNH and Bikini Kill
Cat Brutality
It gets better...
You can't make this stuff up
New Teen Girl Squad
"The man, the myth..."
Soulless record shopping in Western Mass and RI / Worcester
Saying 'no' to arbitration
Get Yr. Burzum On!
From our esteemed pal Dave Stoops:
The nation weeps...
Meanwhile, back in Concord....
It's official:
FUCK Chunklet, Part II
"Total Kenobi (One Man's Journey: A Life)"
Therrrrre Goes Johnny.......
About 47. 47 energy.
CPFLMATT 1/24/05
Rich Garces kidnapped?
Is it proper to use 'fagan' as a verb? (ex. 'Dude, I was totally faganing Phillip Glass at the Berklee party.')
my linked content for the week
Peace out, Eyechart.
Orlando James Bagley (unofficial)
"A Kingdom He Likes"
Hardy Boys!
Another craigslist post:
Wu Mix Assistance
My New Favorite Band Name
I humbly offer this song...
Did Any Of You Stand In Line Today?
Gabba Gabba Hey
2005 Red Sox have a Powerful Ally
"Juice" Bagley
Now what
The Yawkey Way Camp Out, Feb 18th-19th
The President's Super Bowl pick
Zorn! Damon!
Today on Pitchfork....
about that video tape
more links for the linky
A tribute to the G-man
New England vs. Philadelphia
How I got a VD
Yo! Jon Howard raps.
Gracious Boomerang
Couple Campaign shows
so yeah, the return of paul reubens
time for a yellow mustang
Shooting at Paradise
High Five!
Literature of the Left
Let the Spike Lee Film Festival Begin
juice/wire II
I'm Nuts About The Nats
Dead Milkmen: Live!
for what it's worth
Bean Pot
Overheard in Boston
Personal Blog Entry
My book is finally out!
arguments seem mizzy civilized
I get all the crazies.
Some Kind Of Documentary
The new Chunklet....
Tax Time (earliest ever for me to fill out a 1040)
One year of posts this Sunday.
Don't panic!
What I've found this evening...
Jon Clark on Central American baseball.
John Stanier appreciation post
My Mom's Forwards
Another day, another brawl.
Crude Bombin to a record store near you....
Do the Sox need a bench coach?
Dodging multiple bullets
Dear Michael Jackson:
A Jazz Thing....
My C4RT diary
late night links
More Hitchhikers porn
Goddammit I Love The Onion
Can I brag about my sister a little?
A good cause for a telethon
Can we retire some words?
My Favorite Harvard Crimson "Police Log" Entry #1
Speaking of work
Bush's Social Security phase out
Chris Ware / Daniel Clowes Connection
My name is...
english scansion software that will get you laid
The Somerville "Gates"
Victoriaville Quebec festival
I Love Todd Trainer! (The Scariest Man In Rock other than the singer from Gay For Johnny Depp)
A Food Network Confession
2005 Looks Like a Good Year For Punk Documentaries
2005 Looks Like a Good Year For Punk Documentaries
R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson
Paris Hilton's cel phone
who is big league now?
ah, serendipity
So your girl likes paperback?
CPFLMATT 2/21/05
Bob's Your Uncle
Tufts Community Audit
pitchforkmedia today
The Problem With Highland
Fuck Chunklet Part 3
Krautboy Blog-- Women will get sterile just looking at you!
Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express
Fuck Chunklet Part 4
The Breakfast Club
Wither the middle class?
I'm in New Olreans
D. Ainge is a freakin' genius
So much celebrity news, so little time.
my friend and yours, jessamyn
Save the date: 3/2/05
Public Enemy
Query: 007
We was ROBBED!
Kids, don't rat out yr. jobs.
Putin knows something we don't?
Word of the week:
Depeche Mode appreciation post
French Tip nails
Canseco, get yr. shit together.
John Cleese on Star Wars
Zappa on Crossfire
Jessica Rath Allen, esq.
iPods for freedom
Ted McCarver at Yahoo Sports?
Mets - Nationals
My Mom's Forwards #2
Evidently, NFL shops disallowed ordering Randall's jersey
05/05/05 Observed
"Good Genes.com"
If not for K. Millar
The Official RS.N Paul Krugman Fan Club
a good time to hit the woods
Beyonce, meet Ian Mackaye in the Independent Room
Why Ortiz continues to be the man.
tappan library
Two thousand five!
Lungfish, tonight!
Duran Duran appreciation post:
Is pedestrian vigilantism cool?
Now I Know How Mike F feels when he gets a package that says 'Corwood' on it.
Which Desperate Houswife are You????
Rebel rebel.
Are You Sure We Captured the Unabomber (s)?
Beaufort Library
carteret county library
Star Wars Redux
Im bored
My letter to Bill Simmons....
Fuck Chunklet Part 6
Fuck Chunklet Part 7
Ninjas redux
North Carolina
cambridge, ma
Good SS Spoof
Since I was away...
"I love a team named after a fashion accessory"
Too much rock for one hand.
"Goth Upstairs Neighbors"
another bankrupt idea
it worked for martha
Completely sourceless and probably total bullshit but utterly compelling:
Horoscope 3-16-05
Necessary Evils
Whatt'll it be?
Fog of War II
Allston Rickets lineup 3/16/05
...any other evidence?
R.I.P. The Monster
Let the Birthday Begin
Let the Birthday Begin
I knew it!
Sold on eBay:
On getting a bite:
Slint Meetup Sun Mar 21st
Grime Primer for BQ
Sucks to be the Decemberists...
Summer of Love, Indeed
Those hot Harvard librarians
Rebuttal to Dawn saying that I'm perpetuating stereotypes...
'When I Took That Train'
Feast Whisperpants and Penis Tea Flush
Good sports
Rock Bitch
Geography Quiz
Yo Ten Diamonds-
Sox trade:
Yes, tgl!
John Coltrane must be smiling!
Holy (Shit) Saturday.
The Remy Report
Today's historic fact about 3 Wadsworth:
Total Kenobi Has a Posse
Steam Boy: Full of Hot Air
Post Inflation in the year 2021 (give or take a few)
plug out the pope
Sellin my car
April Fools
April Fools II
pope death watch 2005
on baseball
On Opening Day:
Uncle = in the house!
tgl has his own t-shirt
Liberation Theology
foodies unite!
'05 Prediction: Clement 20-8
Pavano! Clement! Rivera! 'Tek! Jeter! Foulke!
Sticky Fingers appreciation post!
Johnny Damon scandal!
Saul Bellow 1915-2005.
I am Frederick the Younger
Free Donnie Thursday
Is this a joke?
Duelling Movies and House offers...
House hurdle #2
House Hurdle 3
Pastrami Redux
Lynn, Massachusetts: it's Lores & Peoples
More Hunter S. Thompson stuff.
lrf is awesome
Google Satellite
Opening Day II: Electric Boogaloo
More movies!
Meet the Leibowitzes
Sunday in the Square
Jingoism: a video
crappy AM reception
My Reason for Doing What I Do
One of my faves
ring ceremony, er, foot in mouth ceremony
C4RT/Jandek: Nope.
man date
you crazy septics
O U P Coke?
Let's, hypothetically, talk about Campaign for Real-Time ringtones...
What's Your Cell Plan?
Dat Dizzee Rascal
Today is Sucking the Life Out of Me
First Fruits
Hizzla That Bizzla Ortizzle! Fo-Shizzle!
Fever Pitch
Treat your Mother right....
Six Degrees of Garrison
Potty Mouths
Unitarian Jihad
Patriots Day
Deadwood appreciation post
crazy-ass soccer fans
Show us the DNA!!!
The muscle car thread
PG phone home - rideside appreciation post
One Month Until...
Meg Ryan appreciation post!
Benedict XVI!
Wakefield gets extended!
I should submit my score cards...
New Pope = Hitler Youth.
Dude, 4/20.
Let's tell jokes!
Caffeine Horror
who should i vote for?
Shitting the bed
David Wells appreciation
I was looking for a job and then I found a job...
Baseball road trip!
No More Nomar?
Fuck Chunklet Part 9
Matt Clement appreesh
Public versus Private
LiveStrong,etc. bracelets
Black Metal Nation
found on craigslist
My favorite pro blogger:
D. Rascall Report
Should I sell Ovlov (my 1986 Volvo 240GL with possibly 300K miles)?
Spicy grill cookoff: the day after.
'Shape Of Punk To Come' has gone...
Alphabetical music marathon update:
Shout Outs
wow, that's dumb
Vincent Gallo sighting!!
Searching for Love is Tiresome
birthday girl
Seperated at birth?
Kevin Smith reviews 'Sith'
These Google Thingies
only one project left to complete
Jerry Brown Online!
I'm looking to get me one of these things...
The Frist Filibuster
A Zorn Primer
Another new planet!
Who Is the Coolest "Over Prolific" Artist?
CPFLMATT 5/2-3/05:
King Buzzo from the Melvins / Fantomas @ Comiskey Park
so, wait, the benefits are...
Baseball road trip: I
The new nickel
P Chippy's clipping service
No BroYo No-No
A note from my roommate:
I got a bite.
Letterpress and Sheepshearing Fest 5/22
Just so everyone knows
frame609 appreciation post.....
Maddie Was A Race Car Driver.....
fat lady singing
Never Mind The Odds, Its the Evens Part Deux
AMC in the news
That shit = COLD.
My favorite former McCain advisor and right of center religious pundit
really just the tip of my blog reading addiction
tooting my own horn
King Tut Revealed
I'll wash you up shark jumpers
Eckersley is totally the man.
Slummerville no more!
The cover of the new Lungfish album is sharp:
Hardcore sure is silly.
Bob Weston does Free Jazz
Musings on Rollins
Sox vs. Seattle
Yet more Ian Mackaye content....
The Only Thing I can think of that is worse than Vogon Poetry is....
ROTS: Better than 'Star Wars: a New Hope', equal to 'Empire' says the NYT
Ok this is the last stupid post before I go to bed....
geek help needed
RWBA cont'd (ie the most uplifting films of all time)
RWBA cont'd (ie the most uplifting films of all time)
Happy Birthday MyCroft Leisure
G Lib says that it's okay for Universities to close libraries.
New David Lynch Project
Oil Can!
While talking about overwrought... McSweeney's
For every step forward....
Star Wars 5/19
Kelsey Grammer's newest role:
Sad, but true...
What will be the annual "Great Woods" show this year?
The third stage...
Revenge Of The Sith = CRAP
Birthday Party: Maddie Nigs Style
Duck Boat Tours
Citizens! BE aWARE!
42 (!) Guests online right now!
RSN vs. RS.N
Gathering tomorrow
Politics in the Films Of George Lucas
Team America: World Police
Overheard at the Chippy-Libs
Overheard at the Cape House
Spring of Love before Summer of Love
I know where I'm sleeping this weekend
Can I embarass our resident cruciverbalist for a moment?
air play
Making Star Wars Tuesdays
Eisenhower = prophet.
Holy Ghost: 9Xcd Albert Ayler
My New Filing Technique Is Unstoppable
Strong Bad? Ha! STRONG MAN!
AL East shakeup
Can I brag about my sister, 2?
Voyager leaves solar system
Who needs a blog?
My Darth name is...
Ezekiel 25:17
G 45
A fun and edjukational way to waste 10 minutes of your life
Media bias debate focuses on NPR
Shellac active?
Hey Frame 609:
MC Paul Barman
File under: irony.
Money, meet Mouth.
The concert of the year!
ah, humor
Fourth place.
It's Friday, and this is FUNNY
Just too good...
Math and puzzle geeks
It's official -- Embree sucks.
500 Home Runs Or More
CPFLMATT 5/30/05
Darth Spud
Deep Throat?
P.P.P. Peter's Pic Post (We love Chippy)
Bad Taz posts
The trip across
Me and Maddie @ the Chatham Squire, Cape Cod 5/30/2005
Lobel Sighting
time travel cartoon
Twin Peaks
Taz sticking an Italian flag with the Fighting Irish guy in the center into the third eye of the pyramid.
This is Ridiculous.
Confessions by the water cooler part 2: I am the problem
You are all Dutch!!
strange night
The new issue of 'Vice'...
Odd, potentially scary RS.N tech idea
Amnesty puts money where mouth is
G53: Red Sox 6, Orioles 4
Edgar's Bunt with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th
Last minute, but hey...
London, day 1
British Museum and British Library
Vice, part II
Recent Posts, Active Posts, Home
from the unstoppable files of...
Fancy meeting you here.
Soccer thought
National League East
See you in the pit!
A.C. installation appreesh
Ten Most Harmful Books
10D appreciation post
The case against Coldplay
Smart Car?
Eight users and three guests.
Alternative energy
Name this baby #whotheheckknows
Germans, houseguests, and WW2
Critical Points From Last Monday And Then Tuesday 6/6/05:
G57: Cardinals 7, Red Sox 1
Vorpal Sword + 2 Appreciation posts
Lube and Fecal Matter
Pedro Martinez update:
The dark ages of pitching
G58: Cardinals 9, Red Sox 2
June 7th, 2001
National Jelly Filled Doughnut Day
Yes, BQ
And here's to you Mrs. Robinson
I like to score.
Ballot box stuffin'
Operation Ivy appresh
The Band Formerly Known as 'On a Friday' Apreesh
G59: Red Sox 4, Cardinals 0
Moog DVD
Who is the most punk Beatle?
A little tedious, but fun.
G61: Red Sox, Cubs
Better than a Spice Girls reunion:
My new line breaking technique is unstoppable
Flour Appresh
G62: Red Sox 8, Cubs 1
Michael Jackson verdict
Drunk Dialin'
Steven Brett Mark of Sky
CPFLMATT 6/13/05
The impending impeachment
"Crash" the movie 2004
Lungfish: 'Feral Hymns'
Heart of the City
Tracey Walter appresh
The Ride Mooch Manifesto
The Blind Blind Date Continues
Fuck Sunncomm
TGL-- Can you fix the Q listserv, please?
The Power of Words
Strike One: USA PATRIOT Act
How ya spell it?
Pavement: Slanted and Enchanted appreesh
9/11 performance art
What are people doing tonight?
Sox win projector
Bring back Kaps!
Volvo for Sale
At bat music...
Nice Seats
Howard Dean's not the only one sayingnot-so well thought out things in public....
Payton, get your head out of your ass
$200 Pig
completely sane.
G67: Red Sox, Pirates
Biden in '08?
Apartment available in the casa di Chipcagni
'Jandek On Corwood' Review
Happy 56th Birthday!
vs. Cleveland
Speaking Of Birthdays....
CPFLMATT 6/20/05
Summer Solstice and tgl appreesh
10D's baby
lrf = FtY = awesome
Oct 2....
Thanks for the Warning, Fuck Boy!
The Birds Aint So Tough Now
G69: Red Sox, Indians
For Simplification Purposes...
On the Outs
Speaking of civil liberties....
Dustin Pedroia
G71: Red Sox, Indians
Tact or Tactic?
Activist Judges
'We Jam Econo'
Now all we need is 2 and 3
Baseball knowledge will not help you pick up girls.
Bad Boy Scout!
Cancer progress
the best song of all time
Freedom Of Speech (Just Watch What You Say)
Off Night
The Finals
Fascinating Stuff
It's One O'Clock, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Muppets Go To Washington
.5 GB
Nike rips off Minor Threat!
Rideside Ref in the House
First place!
No, No, Nanette!
this service will go down
That's what I'm talkin' about
How Should I Go Out?
The Asshole lane
greatest thing to happen on the Swampscott Commuter Rail platform so far
Travis and East Boston, Part 1.
Trav, East Boston part 2
Moved lately?
Rain Rain Go Away
Alder Isaiah Breslau
Seven Seven
Just curious...
'We Jam Econo'
Rafael Palmeiro
Danny Way
Anybody seen Travis lately?
Beer garden Is Waiting For You...
Travis, Travis, Travis, is that all you people talk about??
Pastrami Reprise
The Goonies tomorrow night in Davis Sq
lets never forget what happens in places without cctv and the worlds media watching
G88-G91 versus MFY
Happy Bastille Day!
Crossworld Discussion on WBUR at noon 7/14/05
Sodom, Gomorrah and Boston
should i go see these gals tomorrow?
Travis is...
Suburban Home: check
Harry Potter showing at Charles Hotel 7//15
Red Sox vs. MFY @ H3W Sunday 7/17
I'm just a space cadet - she is the commander
MF DOOM + Dangermouse =
The AM security guard
yet another excursion proposal
G89: Red Sox 17, Yanquis 1
Even WGBH turns right
The public execution of Karl Rove
I always believe in a second chance for Redemption...
New cringe-worthy word...
sweet sweet puppets
Trade deadline rumors
Neighborhood Watch "Al"
Welcome Back, Kapler
G91: Yankees 5, Red Sox 3
Tuesday after the C4RT show
Godfather of ska dies.
'Raining Down Diamonds'
Knuckle redux
the problem with dunkin' donuts
Greater Lowell Area
ESPN Classic
Working From Home
I think it might look more like a KFC employee than a Muslim
Gainful Employment
Putnam scandal and my family
G93: Red Sox 5, Devil Rays 2
Working from home/Day game
E-Bo-- Bowling
John G.
I think I might take every other Thursday off from now on
Mashups Revisited
Home, Home in My Range
Sox vs. CWS, 7/21/05
frame609 is a freaking genius
tube bomb blog
Baseless conspiracy theory of the day:
Nashville JDating Scene
Party Central
More time!
Jandek Live USA!
The kids will have their say!
To the two or three of you who keep up with the grime scene:
Sleeping people stock photography post
Happy birthday Pamsterdam!
Top six posters in the shiz-ouse!
Is there a word for "death" that rhymes with "Jamboree"?
Even Though Bronson Arroyo may wet himself....
guess the popular expression
Guess Where Our Favorite White Castle Patrons Dont Want Us To Eat?
My new favorite book
Ainge's Secret Weapon
G100: Red Sox, Devil Rays (Clement gets dinged)
Two Bits
Sinkhole apreesh
Angel Dust appreesh
The End Of Radio
good British honesty
an easy one for you
this is more fun than a "onesome"
moving sale 7/31 at 3 Homer Sq
Back to the top
I think I have a problem
A quick reminder
Super cameras?
Those *&@%%!)# Grays
bye bye birdie
Everything I need to communicate has already been said by Mallard Fillmore.
Cave In Redux
Sufjan Stevens
C4RT and the Boyscouts
Draught Drought?
Its Official!
You know you're living in the 21st century...
St. Jon Papelbon: the Official RS.N fan page
It was fun Baltimore...
how do you feel today?
Palmiero = juice guy
The Natural History of the Chicken
Date Lance
Global Struggle Against Extremism
Lookout! Records teetering.
If/when Ortiz ever leaves the Red Sox....
genius Sub-Editor
still packin'
The t-shirt rladew gave me
Kaiju Big Battel (well, little battel)
Standard Gerber
My First Letter to the Editor
Stop emo haircuts!
Derek Lowe
MLB: Prediction
Tonight: Pamsterdam!
Total Kenobie in Print!
Dirty Jobs
Who has got the 4 and a half?
Day Game!
Chuch D interview in The Progressive
Fees or Taxes
Red Sox monthly trends
Another Radiohead/Hitchhiker's Fagan
My 2nd Favorite Roald Dahl story...
Police Baffled by Bush Poo-flags
Who's got FIOS?
Lynn Public Library
Bicycle repair
Fucking Beer Canyon
Mike Patton / Firecracker
Bush != Reagan^2
V For Vendetta
V For Vendetta
Double CD Ennio Morricone Retrospective On Ipecac (Septemberish?)
The current plan
Of course, I understand...
cited: homosocial
T minus 12 hours or so and counting
Hot Damn
The Benevento Russo Duo
G111: Red Sox vs. Rangers
No, I didn't swear.
Lets Be Enemies...
Shellac / Wilco / Tortoise / Chicago DVD
Whose got tickets to Fenway Aug. 21st?
every time
every time
Bullpen help!
Germans love Interpol.
Bought It
Mother Truckers!
New Cave In MP3
I support the Iraq Invasion because I have a small penis....
tags will overcome
The Brushback
Slip Slidin' Away
Yo rladew-
Records and 8-Tracks
Fine. I won't change anything!
'Pitch Perfect Black' artwork
Captain Bob and Paving Steve
Cell phone #1: a life
Word of the Day
August 12 2000 - August 12 2005 =The First 5 years
no shame
This week in Sox
Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists of all time:
Cool Tat or Bad Taz?
Movin' On Up...okay, Down South
Palmeiro = Juice Guy II
Things to watch out for in creating lists
Sick of the NFL yet?
TGL, do you want to car pool?
schilling is a pooooooooo-say
Mary-Kate and Ashley
CPFLMATT 8/15/05: Band name edition
Google appreciation post
6 F.U. appresh
Never trust robots
Sex Machine by James Brown
I hate the coffee at work
Extra Inning Grand Slam... and lose
Good Times
More state of Mass. tax bitching from rladew
There are currently 1 user and 101 guests online.
Attention: Rory Stark
rideside admin request
craig's list apreesh
Gary Numan/ Tubeway Army apreesh
The Evens Web Broadcast from Japan
R.I.P. Biscuit
The Official 2005 RS.N Magic Number Thread
Earth Crisis Face
May the gods bless the Onion
Direct Goverment (Mind) Control
You Are All Technological Cripples
First Day Jitters
wood furniture bugs
last night
Rolling Stones - Fenway
Overheard in Pamsterdam
East Boston, Recycling, and the Bottle Bill
Community Garden
How many Soldiers per gallon does your S.U.V. get?
The Brawnyman wants to do your wife
cdubrocker in the house!!!
On The Fence
My address book.....
Hey BQ>>>
Separated At Birth
Billy Weld
Good Chocolate
Boston globe / BPL Children's book festival Sat. Sep 17th 2005
First Visitors
the Plan (you know who you are)
China Brand(tm)
Apples and oranges
Everything Old is New Again
Hey Ho!
First Overnight
Cingular Wireless is Crooked
Jonathon Pryce / Terry Gilliam Film Festival
In case you were wondering...
Butch and Sundance, The Sting, and...
Truth Tour
Thank goodness frame609 isn't in New Orleans yet
My new second favorite AL team.
This One is for Pamsterdam
Which is Worse?
Another job offer
The most comfortable full length trousers are:
Paging Pamsterdam
Shaun of the Dead apreesh
Bringing the ocean to your desktop
What I Learned Today
School file
School file #2
The stupidest thing I've ever read.
Yesterday's purchases
Hot Action 8/31
The MBTA can shove it.
Youk eligible for postseason roster.
Hot Action: 9/2/05
Ozzie wasnt always a nerve diseased clown
Soylent Green...
Olerud vs. Millar
John Irving on 'The Daily Show'
Honor - Rock'n'Roll Librarian
Mayor Nagin weighs in:
"the Corporation"
Saturday Night Fenway
"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."
Paging Honor...
On my 31st Birthday...
Baseball fantasy league playoffs:
8/29 - Never Forget
the weather down south
OIL 101
Last chance: Fenway at 6:00 tonight...
Music For Librarians
Katrina 2
G137: Red Sox 3, Angels 2
What book are you? C'est moi, Lolita...
Work time is quiz time
Like that silly Pink Floyd thing wasn't bad enough.....
a soon-to-be death in the family
What's this?
G138: Red Sox 6, Angels 3
Game 1
Hey, Travis - wanna talk footie?
The Official RS.N Wildcard Debate
Fantasy Football team...
Cheney - he's flexible!
Red Looks green
Another one of those moments:
Ed Hochuli appreciation post (work safe)
It's funny cause its true
you've got Mail
More Shellac Poop
Coolest sports name of the week award
Only A Master Of Evil, Darth...
G 140
I wrote to the top!
The Best "google bomb" yet...
Not so bad
useful backcountry information
Negotiating Benes
Revere Beach lets out a holla for C4RT
Hurricane Ophelia
A Jew, A Mexican and an Indian walk into a bar...
cave In Live August 2005 archives - anyone have a dvd burner?
While sitting shiva...
September 11th remembered...
All Your Chips Are Belong To Us
Making Monday Tuesday
Whoa! I just realized...
CPFLMATT 9/12-3/05
Specter going to the mat over Roe v. Wade
Quartback rating formula
A Rosetta Stone for Modern Jazz (Pardon the RAWK classification)
Great except for....
New Hampshire: Drive Free or Die!
Factcheck email
Captive Audience
Today in the mail:
No, Im not done droning on about Shellac.
From Griffin
What's a Better Workplace First?
The Pledge of Allegiance
Ophelia (You Know Who You Are)
Potty break?
Tomato salad, then the duck.
It's a long haul across the street
Saw today at the Bellvue Mall
Fave Runt?
Truth and Consequences
network news freaks me out
WSJ Opinion Journal caught lying again
The Forever War
So... gossip columists are just as screwed up as they seem
fuhgeddaboutit (You Know Who You Are)
Sperated at birth?
September 16th = "The Pod" Day!
Knock on wood...
Road signs for the paranoid
Blow, Ken, Blow!
The Dutch big brother...
If you like Deerhoof, you'll like...
what is this, guys? No Post Day?
CPFLMATT 9/19-20 2005
getting fixed
Frame 706
Barbaro + Brainiac = Fuckin Bad Baseball
Finally a condom I can see myself wearing
Riot revisited
Nazism is an unfair label.
"I'm only surpised to hear he hadn't taken a shot sooner."
Even if you don't like showtunes...
G153: MFY vs. The Birds
New favorite recipe
Getting Baked
Luck Be a Lady(finger) Tonight
East Coast Beer Fest: Mon. Oct. 17th
Dives of East Boston #1
R Sox Academia
Streisand the Meterologist
It's a Twister!
GL: 7
Boon / Watt / Hurley vinyl appreesh
Bob Pollard on Baseball
Scorsese on Dylan
Finally, Justice!
CPFLMATT 9/26-7 2005
mass turnpike hacking
I (Heart) Pitchfork
G155: Red Sox, Blue Jays
Dave Douglas's 'Keystone' @ Regattabar
One more time, with emphasis.
The Hanging of Goodman
Love Those Deleted Scenes!
Viva K
The Red Sox will:
Oh! Sweet mystery of life
it ain't kosher
Come on Feel the Noise
Pays to be Nice
Look out G Lib
David Ortiz's statue will be:
It's 4:41pm on Friday
I Love David Lynch and all...
G160: Red Sox, The Other
Happy (Early) Halloween
Mustache Relief
More flies with Honey
Big Baby
Seen and Heard
Happy 6766
Alice Cooper?
iTunes apreesh
Is this the year that all my heroes die?
Western Masshole with horrible AM reception seeks...
2005 MLB playoff thread
Anyone use T-Mobile for their cell phone?
C4RT Monday Nite @ The Mid-East Recap
I'm not 23 and I don't have any X but this looks like fun...
A History of Violence
Fringes of the City
Maverick Station
Ebrietatis Encomium
Anyone see Rosemary's Baby?
Anyone see Rosemary's Baby?
P-fork does it again.
Sparse Dischord update 10.5.2005
Game on!
The Stoves are like riding a bike
Randy's got the nasty changeup.
Paul McCartney will be 64 next year
The Return Of Coppola (F.F. that is)
ALDS "B", G3
What IS that on the sleeve of my bathrobe?!
Getting Clipped
I like baseball as much as the next guy....
Go Sox!
It's a "Crash" alright,,,,
I Have Crossed the Line
Kut and Kurl in Pulaski
Take That Microphone Away, Please!
Mac or PC
Rock N' Roll Aint Noise Pollution
If yr in Boston w/ Nothing to do tonight...
How 'bout them Angels?
2005 ALCS: On Becoming an Angels fan.
Timely content, read it today...
today my name is...
Librarians - seen this?
Chippy-- Can you get this for me for Xmas?
I apologize for all my disparaging 'CRASH' remarks...
Too Lazy To Find The Last Instant Replay Thread
Terrorists Not Welcome
So far the best job I've found on Craigslist
Ralph's C4RT show 10/21
CREEPY!!!!!!!!! / 'Lost' apreesh
More grime nonsense
Another Case of Northeast Elitism
Neurosis Apreesh
It's Not funny... It's Not Fun
Hello Democracy...
Here Ya Go BQ...
If you're looking for vultures...
Fleischmann's Hooch
How many job titles are too many?
1st Workout in 3 Months
Come on, China!
Save the date:
My Papa's famous!
Here is a nice winter project for you BQ
Just wondering...
RS last ten five star albums
note to self:
Helmet On
Alex Trebek likes the Avant Skronk
Dear Macoun apple
Halloween parties?
Your 2005 World Series:
A Plague Upon My House
One million page views on eBay....
C4RT in Worcester, Kid!
Good Buy
A-Z: Finished!
Video of the year: 2005
cougars at large
Movie of the Year: 2005
Hot Stuff in a Cold Apt
We have a place, we have a date!
Corwood 0781
For all you collectors out there (Warning! Meaningless Shellac reference)
Fun for cat people...
Find of the day:
Excellent RUMOR
WS - Game 3
Best News for Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run
Lynn: My Life
Eating at Arby's....
Big Ups....
Chicago Tribune with the Scoop
Even I'm happy about this
Save the date
Reason 5 billion and three why I love the UN
Winterfest '05-'06
Beet It
Do Gorillas have cushioned seats?
Yet another list.
What should I wear on my Tuesday Night Blind Date?
Actually pretty neat
friday "fun"
To boldly go where no man has gone before.....
Happy Fitznukkah
Welcome Sababbas!
I wrote to the top! (follow up)
Me in Spin!
Happy Hallowe'en!
Theo steps down!
Closed session Democrats Should Read.....
A step backwards or forwards?
Oh Captain, My Captain
Trouser Press!
Department of Labor taken out to the shed
Theo speaks!
'Fecal Matter' demos
13 Month Calendar.
Today in Nashville it's 81 degrees outside
Here's a classy way to voice your differences with someone
Last night I...
Continuing Coverage
Scary Invasion of Privacy
What lies beneath...the Boston Public Library
Roots + Yoda = THX 1138
Clement thanks Theo
Capote and the Red States
a great business plan for music
P. Diddy and the FEC
A Fil Music Lover's Best Friend
I take it all back.
Yesterday's disaster
Bad Karma
Pats vs. Ponies
Anyone else shufflin' MP3's?
The Jandek Mystery continues
Get out of the van!
"The Take"
90 cups of coffee would do me in
Letter from Eastie Blog
One of my heros died
so a nun walks into a bar...
34 X 32
Best fabric/sewing craft
Merrimack, N.H.
The Knitting Machine
RS.N PageRank is a 3/10
Saying good-bye to "Crazy Tom Cruise"
Lower Than Nixon
New Hampshire, represent!
Caffe' Italia review
Do You Hear That Sucking Sound?
Jarhead appresh
Onion apreesh
Cracking the top 6!
9 users!!!
Another reason to hate A-Rod:
Animal Planet: The Wilds of East Boston
I didn't pay NPR to do this...
Bad Policy, not just Bad Intelligence
Ali G...comic or racist?
Path of Destruction
100 worst Album Covers of All Time
Stupid question about book footnotes
Real Change in the Mid. East
Don't look behind the curtain...
Don't look behind the curtain...
Don't look behind the curtain...
new steps, new steps, new steps
first message to rs.n public group
and another one
ah hah!
here's a crappy thought
I love it when Time Wisrd bum rushes rs.n
Chop Suey
Matsui = bling.
This will force a synchronization
Posting from mathworks.com
Phish covers
Is BizQuig3000 a sell-out for signing up for another month at this @#&(*!% temp job?
Mimi Smarty Pants vs. train Masturbator
Tornado, Tornahdo
Plan B
Which is Worse? (2)
Which is More Petty?
Phew! Back to Single Minded Political PBS views
Evidently, I'm Suicidal
Fiction: online!
Volcano Suns (Warning! Bob Weston related...)
Supreme Geekery
Man In Blue Tights
I think I might have made a couple of friends!
Disappearing Act
Walk the Line Apreesh
Best Dead Musician Bio-Pic
T - T -T -T TESLA!
ACLU takes the 'Denver Three' case
Charlie Pierce Fan Club
CPFLMATT 11/21/05
Stickin' it to me from the grave
Time to Tea Off
Carlton Ridenhour' s finest moment
Neu Bad Taz
3 members online!
Thank you mama ...
The Producers Apreesh
Hot Sox rumor 11/22:
It all happened so fast...
A Special Round of Thanks This Year Go Out to...
Best Thanksgiving Side Item
Playing it up
T Minus...
My Thanksgiving Wouldn't Be Complete Without
Wax on... wax Off
All-purpose offseason Red Sox rumor thread
The Gift I Want Most for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza 2005 Is...
"Light Years" Apreesh
This is sad
Nerd Series Apreesh
What the hell is the name of that page.....
Leaving New Orleans Was Only Step One....
Jump The Shark
Lets go to Hong Kong
Just curious... (re: media bias)
Dear Dan Shaugnessey.....
It's Gettin' Hot in Here!
Brussels Sprouts Apreesh
Speaking of Conspiracies
Freaky Friendster Emails
C4RT on HDNet
Miles Davis AND the Sex Pistols
G13: Celtics vs. Magic
CPFLMATT 11/28/05
21st Century Schizoid Abe apreesh
Double or nothing...
You Know Someone Has a Crush on You When He/She...
Has anyone else noticed Glib's number of posts lately?
Mos Def
RIP Mr. Berenstain
You know you live in an urban area when...
Lady Soverign report
Hey Frame:
Pitch: off!
12/1: Broonz!
New criticism up!
The US Propaganda machine
Mythbusters Struck down By Zeus
Da Bears (w/o Thornton)
Late Nite Linky Link
Roxy, Dec 1st: Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae
Just In Case You Were Planning On Doing Something Productive At Work
Freedom On The March (Cont.)
It's still the economy, stupid.
75 Bands to Name!!!!
annika sorenstam update
Bush cares.
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a Celebrity Onboard This Afternoon...
What a weekend!
It's finally here!!!
The AFC East is...
New Fave Sticker
It's Raining Men
Coffee = medicine!
Dark Crystal Redux
My Hompage Used To Be...
Just what we need.
But can he still run after the catch?
Sick again
Peace out, John Olerud.
Something _infamous_ about today.
Kids these days
new dishwasher
bug me not
Teleportation apreesh
Like Doug Mirabelli... I'm Gone
Alpizar == Iraq
Worst President Ever?
Yo SYSOP....
Last three albums I 've listened to...
Signature == Cruft
Smoot retires!
R.I.P. Richard Pryor
Snow Crash
PSA - bug me not
World Cup '06
Press conference at 3:30.....
You Know The Place You Live in is for Sale When...
You've got plumbing problems when...
Statistics over Wins
Mmmm, coffee.
CPFLMATT 12/13/2004
Ambient Doom Metal apreesh
New cringe-worthy word...
Customer Service Nirvana
Null Protocol is a Poo-say!
What GW Bush is doing right
Yo Pamsterdam.....
Gettin' out there
lovin' it
Not sure how I feel about this...possibly not work friendly
i heart kittens!
That's PROFESSOR Frame609.
Christmas Gifts
Blah blah blah, I know.....
Constant Gardner
Boston vs Nashville drivers
This has got to be a conspiracy (Part XXXIV)
Peace out, Billy.
I asked for black, Romney, not regular!
Bird's eye views
My favorite songs, today
Urban Dead
Boys of Baraka
2006 will be the year of...
Ricky Schroeder Holiday Hell
Ice Skating
Just in time for the Holidays
Just in time for the Holidays
Are any of us at work actually doing any
Ayler at the Grammys
"The Boys Of Baraka" - "Brokeback Mountain" double feature
Good Timing
21-0 at the half
The Peyton Face!
Wikipedia vs. Britannica
Damon Yankees!
Best Purchase This Weekend...
JDate just got weirder
Middle Relief!
Don't drink the water.
The Jay Rockefeller memo
Save the Brattle!
Bought a Rug Yesterday, and I'm Not Talking Hairpiece
SNL Hip Hop
New Ken Vandermark Site Up and Running!
Impending Impeachment: Redux
A note on iTunes:
What? Other Non-Bush Administration Leaders Have Bypassed Traditional Surveillance Channels?
Bye Bye Terrestrial radio shows!
I'm not the only crank at work.
NY Transit Strike
Munich screening
D. Boon died 20 years ago today.
With this post, I crack three eggs
Can't Find The Original Post
That obnoxious year end Best of Post
Don Cheadle was on the Golden Girls
Wedensday Feb 15 2006 Middle East Upstairs
Timing, timing, timing.
Dear Creator of the 'WinFixer' virus / spyware program (TM)
Bad Taz: The Update
The Boxing Day After
Derek Bailey, R.I.P.
New Mass Grave Found in Iraq - 300,000 +
Wiki Humor
Time to make the Donuts (Off This Mortal Coil)
On doing laundry 12/28:
New Radiohead poop
OK... The Rootkit strategy didn't work...
Found On the Bloomfield Koffee King (TM) Burner @ Work This A.M. :
This is some kind of dull board week.
Wishes for Two - Thousand -and Six:
Two Thousand Six Is The Year I:
Why Can't Celebrities Behave When They're In Vehicles?
Image hosting
You're my boy, Blue!
road kill
The Lion, the Witch and the Waste of my Time
What's Wrong with Gmail Today
Here I Go!
Who's on First?
Orange Bowl
Dear Mogwai,
Reciepts in Medicine
Pullin' a Ladew (3125).
Ginzlers' New England Tour - Spring 2006
What's Manny's deal?
suggestions please
R.I.P. Lou Rawls - another 12/01 birthday twin
Living near the interstate
The First Post Jim O'Rourke Record
Jackie Clarke sighting
Reason Number 1,346,742 I love Howard Dean
hey bizquig...
Don Cab
Football and publishing credits:
Belle and Sebastian
Pats vs. Broncs
Ron Wood
Fluorescent green pigs
The Books
Back to the land of "The Shelf"
Peyton Face
Al Gore gets into it.
Fugazi is...
How to get started on a band
High School Crush
No new Outkast yet
Not exactly Yes, but...
infant nephew in hospital
Keezer does drugs.
Falafel or Vodka?
Wu-Tang Reunion Tour
David Ortiz
Great Scott!
On being a Yankee fan
Forecast For Saturday evening, February 4th 2006
tgl = famous!
Patron Saint for tgl, buzzorhowl and pchippy
Dearest Sysop,
B-Boys do it again
Sad day for our schools
CPFLMATT 1/23-4/06
Can we get a Coco Crisp thread up in this piece?
Strangest Thing on My DC Trip
Winter in Nashville
Let the free tagging commence!
essential reading for the modern outdoorsman
As If Wilson Pickett's passing wasn't bad enough...
Funniest political ad I've ever seen
Real estate?
Yes, it's good.
The Fucking E, Part 1
American Hardcore
The Onion drops the Craigs List fagen
The official announcement from Continuum Press...
Marte trading chip?
Even baseball is gay
Fucking E part 2
JOHN STANIER apreesh Part Deux
With Senator Kerry, it is Christmas every day
If its on band name alone...
Sox get Breslow!
Hollywood 2006
Craftsbury Public Library
"It was twenty years ago today...
Calling broomheads
Winner of the MBTA customer service award
C4RT side act?
Central Square VFW
Back to the Gym
Family History
Delta sale to Nashville
CCFMATT 31/1/06
Maybe the Dolls are all that and a bag of chips
Oscars 2006
The grass really is greener
Super Bowl XL.....
Liquor name hall of fame
So, I played poker last night...
Naomi Peterson and SST.
What's More Annoying
Springtime in Nashville
Safe Pup
ISIS Motherfuckers, ISIS!
The Grand ole Docket
One of G.W Bush's better moments...
For the beautiful people
The Glob covers my brother
Drawing for Yankees tix...
Mission of Burma subscription series
'White Trash' Pride
New York on the Sox:
Honda Civic Choir
Miracle Johan
Ween and Curious George:
Asylum Street Spankers Appreesh
Three Prophet Muhammeds Walk Into A Bar
Grime Time
Brokeback To The Future
My New 60s Rock Collection Is Unstoppable
What Is Your Birthday Coop Poster?
Portable music poll:
Good Luck Mr. Ayler
Dear Bono:
Fellow WUNH DJ and UNH wind Symphony member Melissa Quinley...
Sly Stone
C4RT collector geeks
Dietary Restrictions
So Glad She Opened Her Mouth
Do we care that hockey has a scandal?
Nipper signed to Sox
Diary of an Ipod owner
And The Emmy (Hopefully) goes To:
It Took More Than A Month To Figure Out Buzzorhowl's handle
2006 Winter Olympics - Turino
um (for ned)
Jandek live in Austin 8/28/05
For all of the terrorists out there with shit for brains:
Drunk eBaying
Finally, somebody's taking the War on Terror seriously.
Ad Jingles
Duck Duct Goose
Dear Scott Stapp
CPFLMATT 2/13-4/2006
New Order biopic
Best Love Song
Mother Of All Duck Hunting Posts
What a Weekend
Abu Ghraib: Redux
The real life Branca Branca!
Long Voyage to India
A Pleasant Reminder That Email Should Be Checked Often
Burrito Max Closed
A Word Or Two On Email Lists
Bon voyage
the C4RT has landed
Truth and media bias past and present
So Yeah...First Strike?
CPFLMATT 2/20-1/06
Food for Thought
Three Arabs Sail Into Port
What's More Annoying
The Outfield
A Jew and a spic
Hebert Candy Mansion
Fans of Pamsterdam:
Those Little Glasses / Star Trek Predictor
Pitchfork can eat a dick on this one
Gaba Gaba Hey
Boob Scotch
Can I borrow C4[RT]'s time machine for an evening
The Fagen fagen
Norah Jones the Potty Mouth
No Baby for You!
Chinese Eternity
It's Time for the occasional Intermittent Jandek post
CPFLMATT 2/27-8/06
Ian Mackaye Q and A Dates
Back that Thang Up
Get off the stage!
So happy I remembered the first rule of purchasing technology.
If only the T drivers could be this funny every day
The Rush Riots
C4[RT] Progress report
Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hopelessness
World Baseball Classic
I Guess Non Distinct Hairstyles Aren't in the Cards for 2006 Red Sox
Foreigner Appreesh
"We're serious about being effective."
Best Television on right now...
Oscar Sunday....
Raise Your Zombie High
Geeks in the news!
It's probably good that only a few people deal with grief in this manner
It Is too Late For Me son... I MUST Obey My Master
MLB 06 the Show for PS2
Happy Anniversary!
SNL '06
Hey tgl
Don Cheadle - MIA?
Kasimir S. Pulaski Day
R.I.P. Kirby Puckett.
League of Shadows
CPFLMATT 3/6-7/06
Real football fan
First Dance
Get Down, Get Down
For all you hookers
Baseball thoughts today
Fishscale Tour
Game 6?
cross-blogging with carlos
Holy Crap
Who is on "Drop it" canvassing duty outside the show?
Computer Partitions
Spring Training
Dear Dave Mustaine
Nothing says respect like parody
Eight users; ten visitors.
Computer Programmers' Joke
The Only Way to Make this Story Better
CPFLMATT 3/13-4/2006
Typewriters Wanted
Pull Up A Chair
so sad
I'll concede with the Right on this point.
Q outing club excursions
We Are The Champions
I wrote to the top! (follow up 2)
DFW in the NYT
Mcginest to Cleveland
R.I.P. Harold Hunter
GOP fundraisers
Community Garden
Att'n: PChippy
Don Cheadle for the Save Darfur Coalition
Philip Glass vs. Steve Reich
Spend Like a Republican
Run, Do Not Walk, to See Dave Chappelle's Block Party
Beer Canyon!
Me on 'ZBC
As 10D pointed out, it's just as geeky as D&D.
Peace out Vinatieri
And Now for the Cricket Report
Long Live The Fridge
My first crack at 1337
Insomnia is a wonderful thing
Beards are in
Sunday June 4th 2006
Stop what you're doing right now!
Irony abounds
The Empire Spikes Back
we're all adults here.
Choi to the world!
damned previous owners
Charlie Sheen: watchdog!
Wedding Flowers
2006 Expletive Greys:
SNL Natalie Portman hip-hop
RIP Buck Owens
No more whammies from Peter Tomarken
Wall of Voodoo Y'all
A Scanner Darkly
It's about time...
take the gloves off
Homeland Buffoonery
Blackstone Water Contaminated?
They've come a long way from "What makes an ocean wave wave?"
tout de suite
Yacht Rock!
A clean shaven face adds years to my life
Have customers make their own web commercials? Great idea!
off-site link to hoopty rides
Herald v. Scalia
What's got yer ear?
5000 English Soccer Fans...NIMBY
What Can Brown (University) Do For You?
Skid Row
Strother Martin Apreesh
the mode (a.k.a. post #1000)
98 guests online
IFC April 1st 2006
I know you're going to roll your eyes, but...
G1: Red Sox 7, Rangers 3
And the first sound unheard impulse CD buy of the year is...
W1: Gin Tasters, Chairs
Republican, fall on thy sword!
The Village apreesh
Ghostface- "Fishscale"
movin' on out
Redbones Apreesh
Corwood 784
My pledge for the new season:
Bronson Arroyo in 2006:
G3: Red Sox 2, Rangers 1
Overheard at "Lounge" on the VFW Parkway in Revere
Great article Forbes, but...
Baile Funk
lrf was awesome
coffee brewing
Worst Album Covers Redux
G4: Red Sox 14, Orioles 8
G5: Red Sox 2 - Orioles 1
The Tizzle
W2: Gin Tasters, Strikers
Road Trip?
CPFLMATT 4-10/11/06
G7: Red Sox 5, Blue Jays 3 - Home opener
Rumble (show two in a three show series)
RBI Baseball presents: Game 6 of the '86 Series.
Just another Pol.
Whoa! High-minded conversation on neoconservativism.
Mike Watt is Playing C4RT on his shows
Talk about random!
Derek Bailey Memorial @ The Stone, NYC May 2006
Streets / Lady Soverign
To Repeat: Head out of ass. See the C4[rt] tonight
The stars are aligned!
Which is scarier?
Which is more stressful?
i think we're all a little shocked...
G 11: Sox vs. Seattle
The Ballad of Terry's Z Car
Fun and no fun
So buzzorhowl...
I am NOT a tax professional
Wild Card!
G13: Red Sox 7, Mariners 6
CPFL(M)MATT 4/16-7/06
Pedro Martinez apreesh
Sonic Youth and Archives
F Minus
G14: Red Sox, Devil Rays
Iggy Pop / Mike Watt / Steve Albini et. al
Must be early dementia
Gimme an E!
Wild Turkey
Happy Birthday, Joan Miro!
Dude, 4/20.
Mystery Jets
Red Sox go FM
Last time: [:-) <--- 8=, see C4[RT] tonight
Number One in Acton
Ha ha...
a wire brush and a gallon of rustoleum go a long way
Better Travel Plan?
Photos from the Corwood Representative's Portland Oregon Show are Circulating on the Web
G19: Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 3
Real Estate
W3: Tasters 10, Angst 3
"If we start with sheep, then next it's the cows and horses."
The 2008 race is heating up
CPFLMATT 4/24-5/06
The Strokes
The joys of homebuying
Happt B-Day G (lib)/Hats off to P (chip)
Punk rock in the news, part II.
Conan O'Brien Alert
Which is a Bigger Time Waster?
Mega-changes at Newbury and Mass. Ave.
Run The Road redux
The end of Ballgate
It's Mine...It's All Mine!
C4RT at Symphony hall
Sox Tix
Welcome back, Dougie!
Colbert at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
On the streets of Mattapoisett
My highly select email forward of the day.
G26: Red Sox 7, Yankees 3
My Nephew's Mohawk
CPFLMATT 5/1-2/06
NWA (explicit content only)
Reivew-- The Streets
For that extra fresh feeling
My first archives joke (for tgl)
The new Tool...it's cool.
Huge Twin Peaks archive / guide
Peace Out Louis Rukeyser
NERAX 2006
would you believe?
So, you thought Null Protocol was done talking about Star Wars
It's all coming together
thanks, Travis!
You remember Flavor Flav from the rap group Public Enemy, right?
Montreal Jazz Fest 2006
Goss is gone
Rhymes with Marlboro
CPFLS(@)S 5/6-7/06
Bonds Watch
Funniest Comedy Show?
Magnetic schedules
Much better than the confrontation with the President.
CPFLM(@)T 5/8-9/06
Work-safe video parody
Watch the Gilmore Girls Tonight for Crazy Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon antics
TenDiamonds in hospice
Let's lighten things up and talk about conspiracy theory!
So, Dawn, do you wanna go?
Yo HtL --
Welcome Selendar!
It's funny because it's true.
First Night
This gives me the heebie jeebies
Memo to the guy next door
CPFLW(@)T (5/10/06)
Sumo Free Jazz
The only reason I read the Dig
Politics and music may not mix well...
Twice In A Lifetime.
rather ripped
Dungen at the MiddleEast
Bill T Miller
My Local Dog
Calling Wikipedia contributors
X-Men 3 preview
Jesus Lizard on YouTube
Happy Monday!
Flagging Poll Numbers? Invade Mexico!
Steve Almond resigns from BC
Gore on SNL
sysadmin for dummies
CPFLM(@)T 5/15-5/16
announcement (NOT hiking-related)
Many Happy Returns to B2K
All In
The new black
To The One True God Above Here Is My Prayer
A fairly issue-laden advertisement
Sparks aren't flying
I don't care what anyone says
This one's for Terry G.
CPFLW(@)T (5/17/06)
Punks Not Dead: The Movie
For Biz quig and all 'Among the Living' era Anthrax fans
Death Metal Primer 101
Busy Busy
Diagnose my (Subaru) car.
Listeners also bought Nick Lachey and Michael Buble?
Mad Sabermetrician Creates The Perfect Baseball Player's Statistics
Dischord's web site
Feel the hype, save the money
Booze news
Dan Higgs Live!
CIFLS(@)S 5/20-1/06
Good JDate or Oxymoron?
The last Black Flag lineup
Southern Records Podcast
Shoe repair
Roger Clemens rumor mill:
H-A-P-P-Y B-DAY for 10D
Dear Jake Peavy:
CPFLM(@)T 5/22-5/24
Miriam, sheep are really the way to go.
TranceJen's fish
Dating Etiquette
Measles Confirmed
my audacity skillz are poor
If you're not doing anything this weekend...
Big ups to my dad....
Concealed weapons
blue birds
Doesn't say anything about increased measles risk.
Overheard on the Purple Train
The H3W couch is mine!
And then...
Finally, bipartisanship.
How we got where we are with Iran
Ghostface interview
Francine face time.
Oh, Lordi!
Critical Points From Last Bachelor Weekend
CPFLM(@)T 5/29-30/06
Time for a toolbox
Critical Points from Last Bachelorette Weekend
Barbaro's survival prospects improved, producer says
A conversation about Death... wait, Light Comedy!
Why can't we get players like that?
W8: Tasters 11, Sliders 2
Three arms!
Thom Yorke: The Eraser
C4RT Saturday
National Day of Slayer
Shuffle post:
Radiohead Tickets
Happy Shavuot!
Warning: New Home Depot scam!!!
seen, heard, and smelt in East Boston
seen, heard and smelled in East Boston 2
Who's an Oiler's fan?
William Shatner does 'Rocket Man'
O'Reilly sees the light.
Illegal Use Of Already Stolen Graphics
Crazy prog medleys are bound to occur!
"Stump the Schwab" appresh post
Radiohead Show
Fire in the Sky
Van Fuckin' Halen apreesh
G56: Red Sox, Yankees
Happy Six Six Six!
CPFLM(@)T 6/5-6/06
Groove Distribution
Putting on the foil
you will never guess who I had a beer with the other day
Dischord News might be 3+ months stale, but:
Bedtime reading
Nine Drawings.
Added to my daily list of boards, etc.
Someone Tell Sam Jackson he's my bro
State of the Art
The Arlen Specter Letter
Stripmine Mountain
Complete waste of time sponsored by a nasty multinational:
Gene Loves Jezebel apreesh
Saturday July 22nd
Stomping grounds
Best advert since the Honda ad???
Is It Just Me
Laser Floyd
US looks bad in the World Cup
Roethlisberger without a helmet
Peace Out Ligeti
CPFLM(@)T 6/12-3/06
Imminent Arrival
Farewell to Samantha photos
This day in health:
G62: Red Sox, Twins
True Story
True Picture
Here it is
LP !!!!
Immigration Smackdown in Allston
My new fave forum: electrical audio
MF DU Live @ Tin Palace, Durham NH 06/05/06
Last Day
Anachronistic Performance
Corwood 779
Happy June 16th!
Miriam in Eastie
Last night, I had a dream....
The Melvins are Still Sick
CBS gets the beat down
Welcome Back, Kapler!
guess where im going?
"We Jam Econo" on DVD
What Time is it in Trescott?
The psychosomatic effects of summerizing
R.I.P. Len Bias
CPFLM(@)T 6/19-20/06
W12: Tasters, Chairs
100 Best Music Videos
Summer Solstice
RS.N 2006 Trade Deadline Thread
The world's most popular noun:
3th Of July (Safer In The Shade)
BEER APREESH Harpoon 5:30 Club
For Mr. mister
Which Theory is Nuttier?
Hey BizQuig
My first forum
6/23: Shows!
Lorber-Goodman wedding
Mid-Year Resolution
Chocolate Swim
G 73 (approx - give or take a few...) - Phillies / Sox
The Residents' blank CD sale
CPFLM(@)T 6/26-7/06
Peace Out Sleater-Kinney
Part Animal, Part Machine
Which member of Sleater-Kinney was the hardest to work with?
an interesting read...
Summer Movie-Going Guide
US Excluded from Giant Fusion Reactor and Oil
Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey
Spider-Man III
At Long Last! A Dischord Update :)
I've got gas!
goddamn hungarian kezboard
Germany beats Italy 2-0, France beats Portugal 1-0, France beats Germany for the Cup 1-0.
The Wadsie Awards
CPFLM(@)T July 3th-4th 2006
Something for everyone and Someone for everyone
The Best Fireworks Ever ?
Rotten in Hell, Asshole
I havent been posting to RSN because
Midnight Vultures - Beck
Super Mario Bros in under 5 minutes
Super Zidane!
Wanna fight Zidane?
A third Zidane post
YES! The Prudes lost!
Stoves show, July 29, Abbey
CPFLM(@)T 7/10-1/06
how bought them red sox
Syd Barrett, RIP
Have A Nice Day
Sonic Youth Alert
Bonds being Indicted?
Thom Yorke watch
People die. I keep it low.
Panel Discussion with Red Sox Player(s)
Mr. Rogers = Badass.
Weezer R.I.P.
Return of the Dirty People
Check out my New Car
Peeping Tom / Gnarls Barkley
Corwood 0785
A hot dog in a bun.
07/16/06: Wilco live @ Florence, MA Look Park's Pines Theater
"Revere Beach Sand Sculptures saved my Life"
CPFLM(@)T 7/17-8/06
find me a job
For you cyclists out there...
Record review of the week
Ride the lightning!
Whatcha doing on Christmas Day?
New cringe-worthy word...
You know it's hot when...
Jackass: Number Two
Baseball note for 7/19/06:
Phoenix article...
Mid East
(Old )Helmet + Handsome + Jets To Brazil + Orange 9mm + =
Hillenbrand To The Giants
" In On The Kill Taker" apreesh
picked up pieces from july
C4RT Paradise Report 07/22/06
Shellac / Uzeda
CPFLM(@)T 7/24-5/06
Happy Birthday Pamsterdam!
10 D Will Be Proud
Geek heaven:
The latest craze:
Fishing is Fun
Fox Newscasting Trickery
i admit i'm biased
ozzfest tickets. no, really, i have 2 that i want to get rid of.
Good Glob stuff today
Eliza and Ned's Wedding
The Fifty Best Movie Endings
Slayer apreesh post
After the "explicit" lyrics only version of Straight Outta Compton
"Man, early 30s"
More measles!
C4(RT) @ WTCSR 7/31/06
I'm Not Joking
Anyone need a time sucker today?
Stephen King and John Irving Don't Wan't Harry to Die
State Of The (Red Sox) Nation
The Plan:
An Adult Voice
Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan WTF?
Horn sabotage!
I may feel somewhat unusual on Sunday
Mike Patton singing Bob Dylan?
Bosox podcasts
Zadie Smith apreesh
ESPN2: Brat Eating Competition
Johnny Marr update:
The Powers that Be at Fenway
What's the best outcome of traveling for 14 hours instead of 4?
CPFLM(@)T 8/7-8/06
10 years ago today...
SOV on Def Jam
Boston: July 2006
Taming of the Shrew-sbury
Anybody need a roommate?
Wah-Tut-Ca storm damage
First DinaV and now Kate Moss?
The metro also had listings about....
and finally....
OXES to OLD NAVY : Fuck You. Lets Be Enemies
bto update
Saturday August 19th 1:00 PM
Umm... What?
You guys totally rocked my face off!
CPFLM(@)T 8/14-5/06
G&P wedding
All of these things are just like the other.
Live blogging Dirty Pretty Things on Late Night w/ Letterman
Earth People, New York and California, Earth People, I Was Born On:
Leary In The Booth
Shrewsbury Cakes
JonBenet Ramsey
Good Sox Karma
Breakfast Inservice: How To Make Pancakes
And with one sentence Sen Allen destroys his political career.
Gnarls Barkley must always fly
north shore spirit, aug. 23
...one potential vote lost
Not-so-liveblogging Fat Boy Slim on Late Night w/ Letterman
Congratulations! A Project You Were Responsible for Killed Someone. You're fired, but please accept this extra $53,977
I Have Gotta Get Me One Of these Lego CD Throwers
Special K - Ravers are on to something
G199 Red Sox 4, Yankees 12 / G120 Red Sox 11, Yankees 14
Lynn White
Boston Massacre II
Rollins Band/X at Avalon 8/19/06
G123: Red Sox 1, Yankees 2
C4[RT]@Great Scott tomorrow night
W20: Tasters 12, Chewers 2
How to tell your DC blog is "in the know".
home taping is killing the record industry
CPFLM(@)T 8/21-2/06
DFW On Charlie Rose
Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it
Lost humor...
Corwood Photos
Fournier's Gangrene
Dodgeball vs. Pinkie
Maynard Ferguson
I Hate My Nameless Corporation Job
Att'n: The Edge
Beck - Blow by Blow
The hacks put forth a Chortle Inducing Indictment of Hollywood (Holy Wood?) Celebrity
Sea Change - The Caspian may Take the Wadsie's award for Coolest Sea
2006-7 Wadsworth Scurvy
Need Java
CPFLM(@)T 8/28-9/06
Aaron Neville in the eye of the Storm
Charles River skate park
Rollins wants you to see his eyes!
Wu Orleans
I'll Be There in Just a Minute, Honey!
Peanut Shells: Are They Litter?
Meaghan McLaughlin Purchased What Else Besides The Globe At The Gateway Newstand At The Galleria Mall Food Court?
What Is More Lame?
Day of polls, part III
G133: Red Sox 2, Angels 7
Reply to the post to which you are replying
Who's the biggest asshole?
jew jokes or not?
fagens or no fagens?
tsunami jokes no tsunami jokes
give up or keep on?
aids jokes or rape jokes
Arrgh! Yar!
All of These Polls
All of These Polls
All of These Polls
All of These Polls
MF DU needs to...
Toilet Dreams
Take This Job And Shove It
Bizquig's NFL Season predictions
Readers needed
Jandek At The Lab
Wallace on Federer
The Monks video
Banksy vs. Paris Hilton
CPLFM(@)T 9/4-5/06
Come to Nashville!
Dear Theo:
Dear Sports Illustrated:
Dear You:
Dear David(s) Yow and Sims:
wherein i post links i've found through the night
Friends and Neighbors~
Sex, Lies, and Craig's List
Kansas City
Andrew Curry Green Boathouse
Motherfuckers flew planes into our buildings
TV on the Radio on Letterman Tue Sept. 12th
Live Big Black from the year 2006
Sept 10th - Harvard Square
C4RT - BagelRadio.com
The latest reunion....
CPFLM(@)T 9/11-2/06
12 Monkees
florence swell at phillips beach
Wedding Music
NFL salaries....
The 2006 Massachusetts Ballot
It Took a Soap Opera to Help Me Realize That:
florence swell at phillips beach, day 2
charlie kaufman film festival
fire at rideside.net
Bike trips are awesome
While the board was down:
Highlights of the G & P Celebration
Juggalo 2.0
W24: Tasters 7, Rocks 4
chill person
CPFLM(@)T 9/18-9/06
Just curious...
RIP DawnBixtler
Congratulations to all 2006 MacArthur Grant Recipients
What a fool believes......and believes....and believes........
America, The Torturer
If ya'll want to help certain local rock acts...
Thats ConorClockwise
I can't wait to get on the road again so I can smoke some weed.
Arrr and Arrrr
Careful with what they Ask, Eugene
Just like a sit-com
Dear Freddy Garcia:
Myspace question:
Who's Not Honoring Me Now: Stephen Colbert's take on 2006's MacArthur Genius Grant Recipients
Voices That Care
Found tape forum
Nostalgic for Bubba
G3: Patriots 7, Broncos 17
Free Time
Neil Diamond on shuffle
Matmos is playing the MFA on 10/12/06
CPFLM(@)T 9/25-6/06
So you want to be on televison...
Probability question
thanks everyone!
Jackass: Number Two
The continuing polarization of America.
The Real Deal
Bill Clinton on FOX
Alright Already
Surfin' USA
Edward Prisby, alumni of CHS and UNH, makes the Globe front page.
Official Rice Krispies Treat Appreciation Post
For all you dreamers out there
Ornette Coleman on SNL
Keiji Haino 10/4/06
OMFG! Ornette Coleman with John Zorn AND Mike Patton!
This One's For Rory Stark
the last time i read this blog
CPFLM(@)T 10/2-3/06
Elective Surgery
Bon Voyage, Automatons
The Journal blames all gay men for Foley's continued exploits
Nobel versus unit of measure
I hearby declare this day Stone Wednesday.
2006 MLB Playoffs apreesh
W26: Kollets 8, Tasters 5
The Byrds
Best rider ever.
Scorsese, Freakin' Scorsese
Best Name for A New Band
Samiam: "Whatever's Got You Down"
On a completely different note:
What I learned in NYC last weekend.
R.I.P. Buck O' Neil
I'm UK, you're OK
Stevenson Library @ Bard College
Stoves show tonight
Annika Sorenstam
furniture face
Party Party Party
car trouble
What insect in my carport is cooler?
Damian's photo cartoons....
High Fidelity - The Musical
CPFLM(@)T 10/9-10/06
all your You Tube
New Dischord Listens / Album Artwork Seperated At Birth
TV on the RADIO
Album Of the Year apreesh
The next project.....
Im bored with my screen name - what should my new one be?
"Blog Podcast" on RSN?
It's 91, Son
At traffic court this morning...
I'm glad I lock my doors at night because...
Saturday Afternoon in Allston / Cambridge 10/14/06
Doses, doses, doses
The News Hour: GOP shills
say hello and wave goodbye
NPR: liberal shills
Mission Of Burma: This Is Not A Photograph DVD
Bono + Oprah + ipod =
Bleak House
For bizquig to Peruse Before / After C4RT's Return
For Honar the Librarian
Entire Complete SNL season(s?) to be released on DVD
Dear Wierd Al:
2007 Red Sox tickets
CPFLM(@)T 10/16-7/06
Chez Vous
"I freaked out very very badly. I freaked out on acid."
Should I?
London tonite
Buckner = Curse 2X!
Brian Eno
RSN typography
ABSYNTH best name for a synthesizer program
Anarchy In Medford!
Unibroue appreesh
If I bowled a Turkey and you were a guy on bowling with me, would you be...
Republicans trying to intimidate voters (2006 edition)
IF MF DU votes in 2006, he will never be able to see his wife or daughter again
Now that I've Offended Everyone On The Board....
Beer apreesssssssssh
I Heart Corey Rusk
So you know you want this....
Dan the Bagelman
I'm worn out today because...
The apology
Frank Black on Conan
Campaign on YouTube
My favorite thing this weekend was...
10/21/06: A Cruddy Cell Phone Photo Essay
Halloween weekend
I'm Feeling Lucky Sugar?
CPFLM(@)T 10/23-4/06
What would you do if a Boy Scout turned you in for file-sharing?
Respect! Afrika Bambaataa
the Vice Guide to Travel
I take it back, PChippy wins...
A couple unrelated thoughts
Tonight: Petra Haden And The Sellouts!
'Cracked' = Diet Vice.
Vincent Gallo!
How many slices of Bacon in a proper BLT?
Solar power almost reaching 24% efficency
My first ebay purchase
Come One, Come all
G2: Sharpshooters 4, Stars 1
The Phantom Pizza Gourmet
Dear Black Sabbath:
Garrison on Youtube
Star Fruit == Carom?
Today is exciting because...
Monster Movie
Drunk dialin is right: BITCH!
Margaret Cho is pretty funny.
Saturday, November 4th
Mastodon, Beck, and Lady Soverign
Best Costume Halloween 2007
Elvis weddings
CPFLM(@)H 10/30-1/06
Today I...
Maybe I should make Dilbert a "daily" again.
This one time in Terry's Z car.
Predictable, I know...
C4RT Listening Party
everyone is doing it
a great idea
Will it Suck?
It's a Hit
Speaking of Borat.....
David Freekin Lynch screening / Q and A in Beantown Dec 3rd Brattle
Borat: A Critical Discourse
Colts v Pats: Again with the offsides call
This weekend I...
The Wadsies
Biggest Midget in the Game!
Corwood 786: "Austin Sunday"
Election 2006
CPFLM(@)T 11/6-7/06
Naked Man Arrested for Concealed Weapon
Q Art?
The competition is fierce, but...
Royal Trux
Thanks for the Dow, SYSOP!
Courtney Love scares me...
Twin Peaks season 2 on DVD
Its Not Truly an American Election...
Rumsfeld resigns!
Praisegod Barebones
All-purpose book thread
Sorry, I can't Reunite with Black Sabbath right Now. I Have To Coach Christopher Walken.
Number one in New Delhi!
It makes me wish I was a meat eater
For my next Honda...
Protest in Chicago...
Not So Bad
The Evens in Boston!
Ridin' it here, boss!
Wednesday March 14th 2007 Middle East Downstairs
Mostly for jbcardinale
Photo op!
MLB Rookies Of The Year:
More open source Java
Whose New Year's Eve party will you be attending this year?
Gutter minded peeps unite
Fitter...Happier...More Productive...
$50 million to talk...
CPFLM(@)T 11/13-4/06
Now playing: "Cut Your Face," by June of 44.
Q at my pad
video clearinghouse
Wow,Trent Lott's back
Let's Fight
Bring the Combat Boots
David Rees
Further proof of the existence of....
Lots of people waving
Never forget.
X French T-Shirt
New Hampshire
So there's this rumor......
More Turntable Lab Porn
Tuesday night = Chris Velan at the Paradise Lounge
Political Song for Kelly Clarkson to Sing?
CPFLM(@)T 11/20-1/06
Robert Altman
Your AL MVP......
The Best Todd Trainer Pic Ever*
I'm Sorry...
My thoughts on the Israel-Lebanon War this summer led me to...
50 Crummiest places to live
On Thanksgiving I wil...
I create polls because...
A Thanksgiving Prayer
007- Casino Royal (2006)
What's your favorite animal?
Thanksgiving Weekend Saturday
Crazy NL trade...
G??: Patriots, Bears
Complete waste of time
Let's race cars.
Beware the Ides Of March!
The day after Thanksgiving I...
Why East Boston Is A Crummy Place To Live
And the nominees are...
remote blogging: CPFLM(@)T
CPFLM(@)T 11/27-8/06
Alder has a little sister.
Who Else but....
The Pick of Destiny
Mulatu Astage and the Ethiopian Jazz
For those who were at Glib's birthday party
2007 Red Sox Tix, Take 2
Happy Birthday
It's hard
I got in!
'No' on Drew
'Preacher' on HBO
Happy Birthday, Mike! We love you...
What's up with the love fest
new pynchon
Penis Post
This can't possibly be legal, can it?
The Wadsies
More Wadsies here:
Catchers Mitt?
The Immersion, part I : David Bowie
David Lynch Coffee
From the files of "unfinished crossword themes"
CPFLM(@)T 12/4-5/06
'More Fish' Dec. 12th 2006
That non-free Boston Tabloid
Manny Ramirez
I saw Lindsay on the 10pm News on Fox 25:
Haven't checked in to YTMND in a while.....
seen in the glob
More vinyl fetishism:
Pre-Evens tomorrow night:
Perry Bible Fellowship
surrender monkeys
Zune, baby, Zune
gift ideas
Christmas CD's
I can quit any time I want.
The long, dark teatime of the soul, Fantasy Sports edition
Buzz's Boyfriend
Rat Bastards
CPFLM(@)T 12/11-2/06
Callum Robbins needs your help.
Gabe the Babe
Makes me want to give Mallard Fillmore another chance.
Home improvement:
Hey, MF DU, baby...
Beaver Trilogy
According to WEEI.....
Welcome To Boston
What's your favorite Smiths song?
MF DOOM action figures
Peter Boyle, RIP
Doris Kearns Goodwin Alert
Doris Kearns Goodwin Alert
Best Records of 2006
Coming soon:
I'm never buying ground meat again
Caption this photo:
gimme back my money!
Ahmet Ertegun, R.I.P.
Ahmet Ertugen
Vinyl treasures
Coheed & Cambria appreesh post
American National Standards Institute
Farewell, My Friends
Plexifilm Caveat - Sun Ra's 'Space Is The Place':
How can Tommy be more neighborly?
Makin' Mondays Tuesdays: the final Wadsworth installment of 2006
First Annual RS.N Joke Thread
Another good SNL song....
CPFLM(@)T 12/18-9/06
"Double Nickels" release party
Ollie to "Jumped".
It will be used for a variety of purposes
Dick In A Box
Hey William The Silent:
Touch and Go Holiday Special : The Best of Gifts, the Worst of Gifts
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Orgasm for peace
Magic Hat Roxy Rolles
This is odd
For All Of You That Hate the "Shuffle" Playlists
Frank Zappa marathon on WZBC
April 6 2007
RIP D. Boon
Giant squid!
Yule Ritual
Serious D.C. Fagens on FoxSports......
More Pics from the Wadsies
Mele Kalikimaka* Motherfuckers
Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?
New Years
Corwood 0787: The Ruins Of Adventure
Ad Critic?
Seniors sing Sonic Youth
The universe, to scale.
An Evening With Jello Biafra: Spoken Word 02/26/2007
My Heart Belongs To Beefheart
Campaign for Real Time
Now that the Holidays Are Almost Over
Zito to the Giants
RIP Re:generation Records
High frequency ringtones
RIP Saddam???
Question for Eastie residents
Send me off like...
Back in the USSR!
Back in the USSR!
JB on GB(H)
late summer excursion
UNGH! Cred?
CPFLM(@)T 1/1-2/2007
Red Sox Win the 2007 World Series
New Ride.
Indiana Jones IV = Confirmed
They Voted
Prickly City
David Bowie David Bowie
Q at our place
Found in London
110th Congress underway
not spectacular, but interesting nonetheless...
away games
To the left of Hillary.
Shop for Cambridge
Hearts and Minds (1974)
Pats 37, Jets 16
Fantastic Four: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer 06/15/07
Soon To Be Collecting Dust In a Cleveland Museum
War on Terror Returns
Oh! Nevermind.
Back in Nashville
The Hanna-Barbera Death March Continues
Your 2007 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees:
This Hoopty post made me think of at least two rs.n members.
I feel like I'm being mocked...
The Progress Paradox
RIP Yvonne DeCarlo (Lily Munster)
Last Pint
Have You Seen McNaught?
"Children of Men"
The Defective Yeti
Condoleezza Rice doesn't have any children
More Tragedy in The Jazz World
New England 24, San Diego 21
Last week, Kyle quit the band
I expect better from Albini.
Good Intentions
CPFLM(@)T 1/15-6/06
Rush Hour
Cheadle Alert 06/08/07
Sonic Youth in 2007
Pre-Q cocktail
When You Need That Jesus Lizard Sound
Almost 5 years after the release of Twin Peaks season 1 DVD...
5 Minutes To Midnight
Guillermo del Toro
help with my birthday plans
Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow
Death Metal and Late Night Talk Shows: Jimmy Kimmel 01/21/07
It can get a tad choppy in the Great Lakes
Karaoke at the Sports Depot
Pitchfork weighs in
Peace out, Trot.
Things I lost in Israel
Patriots, Colts
First Strike @ Damian's 1/20/07
Overture Facile
24 Hour Party People
Bowie Immersion #2: "Space Oddity"
Burma pics from the Paradise
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Crispin...
The Past Week In TGL's Media
Focus Appreesh
CPFLM(@)T 1/22-3/07
That was a close one.
Super Bowl XLI
Good News For Democrats in 2008
I may have done this as well...
This week I...
Vandermark 5 in Somerville Ma 02/13/07 (TUE)
Another RIP - Brent Liles (Social Distortion & Agent Orange)
Disastrous love triangle?
Two down.
MLB 2007 - 2K sports
I can't help myself...
Dischord Records Gets a Facelift
"Notes On A Scandal"
J.D. Drew....
For all you desk jockeys
John Paul Jones must be strapped
Funny Paragraph from Children of Men by PD James
Slayer Feb 16 at Lupo's
Bowie Immersion #3: "Man Who Sold The World" (1970)
Iggy And The Stooges: "My Idea Of Fun"
RIP Father Drinan, former congressman
which Sci Fi writer are you?
Nog tonight?
Song of the year
RIP Barbaro
Meat Night 2007FEB18
Where in the world is BQ?
The First Best Record 0f 2007:
CPFLM(@)T 1/29-30/07
Ah, technology.
Everybody's ____________ Nowadays.
Zoom Zoom
4 Part Series on SJC starting tonight on WGBH
Sled Dogs, Ice Skating
The Lite-Brite attack of 2007
Isn't there anything else better to talk about...
Hail Groundhog Day
You know it's bad when...
I wonder if his spandex pants will fit the same now as they did then...
Pandora (Music Genome Project)
My guess: Bears 24 - Colts 20
238 / 1000
Rap Trio, Organ Lint, Teats, et al.
I Trusted You!
Bowie Immersion #4: "Hunky Dory" (1971)
New vs. Used / Outback vs. Legacy
Showering Styles - my household yet again challenges gender stereotypes
Astronaut in 'love kidnap plot'
Secondary Sins (for when 7 just aint enough)
Strayhorn documentary on PBS
Broadcasted Jandek show from Fall 2006's "Adventures In Modern Music" Festival from Empty Bottle in Chicago
Anyone want to go to my birthday party?
DFW In The New Yorker 02/05/2007
Bump Key
Sick Day
Lung Capacity
RSN concert Report:
MF DU Appreciation Post
I nearly wet myself. Again.
TJ Maxx
Jesus Camp
Ships names
Glenn Danza
Dick Bavetta appreciation post
Anna Nicole Smith RIP
Skulltoboggan needs your vote
Music Lesson from Dmitri Tymoczko
The Police at Fenway?
Beer Canyon
How often should one clean a bathtub?
Do you ever do drugs so you can have sex without crying?
Monday Notes:
Bowie Immersion #5: "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" (1972)
Happy birthday, Rideside!
Make your own!
Who Gives A Fuck About a Goddam Grammy?
I know this has been discussed before, re: viewing options
CPFLM(@)T 2/12-3/07
War with Iran
Create your own bumper stickers!
It's so much easier to read this shit...
top 5 albums of all time?
Goodbye, friends.
My response to pamsterdam's post about the top 5 albums
My response to G Lib's resignation
My response to the other response of that post over there that got responded to not in the post of the reply to the contrary pos
Thank you
Back to life, back to reality
I am so excited...
Time Out and Time Off
About About...
Pitchers and catchers report today
New Cologne
Rideside Fantasy Baseball League
Leather Canary
Running out of gas...
Hey C4[RT]
Converge February 11th @ Cambridge Elk's Lodge
Our next installment of 'Real Or Fake?'
Hey geeks!
Freddie Krueger To Leave Audioslave
Choice Words from Hank
Overheard @ The Slayer Show
MNFSQ (My New Favorite State Quarter)
The last days of Iggy and the Stooges
Bowie Immersion #6: "Aladdin Sane" (1973)
Quinn, Medicine Woman
Overheard @ The Hi-5 Show (02/19/2007) Bushnell Theater Hartford CT
an extended jaunt to the colonies
Barley appreesh post
CPFLM(@)T 2/19-20/07
Greg Ginn interview
For Meat Night People
Retorno de El Guapo!
The first song off 'Chinese Democracy'
Obama '08
Happy Birthday, Chuck & Dave!
New Battles
"Chef" Miriam
Lonely is the Night
My Mommy Is In Jail
George Takei on Tim Hardaway
hast tha got owt for nowt pet?
Saying Farewell to an Old Friend, I Hope
One can hope.
NOLA Photos
Isaac Hayes apreesh
Dillon = done.
Democrat Party
Who parties harder?
Oscars '07
Bowie Immersion #7: "Pin Ups" (1973)
Medieval Help Desk
Jeter baseball card
CPFLM(@)T 2/26-7/07
Cheney: Almost.
Would you believe 2%?
16 mm. projector
David Lynch The Painter
Another Turntable Lab Heads Up - Mulatu Astatke 10"!!!
Good Luck, Jerry Trupiano!!
State Laureate
A Dooey Pile?
Schoolhouse Rock Trivia
C4(RT) at The Model 2/28/07
Two in a row!
Adding to the Grants...
Campaign For Real Time?
I'm playing in NYC tomorrow but no-one from here will know
Flag Cab
Svenonious vs. MacKaye
New Favorite Combo
peace we out
For those interested in this sort of thing...
Chocolate Krispy Kreme Donut
Funniest headline of the day
We All Love Ennio Morricone
Hannaford & The Heartstoppers @ 7 Farrington 3/3/07
Will it be...
Bowie Immersion #8: "Diamond Dogs" (1974)
Immersion Poll: Should the next record be.....
Worst sportscast ever.
booked it, packed it, fucked off
Do the "Huh? Say What?" Thing
For the three of you who care
The firing of judges
White Out
Just when you thought it couldn't get any geekier....
Robb Corddry's The Winner
Notes on a Scandal
The ______________ immersion thread...
Power Outage
hey theduane
Why we aren't winning in Iraq.
Just when I thought I was out...
Herky Jerky Dancer
Who would you rather see as President?
I thought this was for something else
Feature Pimpin'
When eating hoodsies you:
BTO-- slumming with the local news station
Hey Pamsterdam
Citizen Kane: Lookout
Potent sperm.
Excellent Italian Greyhound
A moment of silence, please
RIP Brad Delp
Bowie Immersion #9: "David Live" (1974)
more dogs
Rideside NCAA Bracketology
"If this government wants to listen in on my phone conversations, go for it!"
RIP Richard Jeni
Apartment available in the casa di Chipcagni
Now that the Music Specific Retail Stores Are All But Dead...
Cecil Taylor and (RIP) - John Zorn's Masada
CPFLM(@)T 3/12-3/07
The fifty greatest local TV commercials
Mushroom Cloud
Fantasy baseball: How many teams?
What should my poster at the Justin Timberlake concert read?
Twin Donuts vs Dunkies
Subar-me? Subaru!
Floss and lightbulbs
Ultimate Breaks and Beats
Can't Wait for the new EL-P
Judy Giuliani
View From The Cube
Cancer of the psuedonym.
Bowie Immersion #10: "Young Americans" (1975)
Vote Sanjaya
Highlights of Birthday Weekend
For all you Freaks and Geeks fans...
Jean Rinker
New Slint?
geek help needed
Eat More Cake
What is your personality?
CPFLM(@)T 3/19-20/07
Missing wallet
Termites? Not in MY house!
No way!
Couch surfing is a sport, right?
I Hate Huckabees
Speaking of politics...
Fantasy baseball: Autodraft
My new favorite tool
NE Mini Golf Tour 2007
Little Shop of Horrors
Papelbon: Closer
Israel v England
Kill 'Em All
Anyone need a roommate? This guy might be for you
Bowie Immersion #11: "Station To Station" (1976)
This Friday, WZBC....
Wild Life
Oh Shit!
Does the sputtering in my lawn mower mean...
For Ten Diamonds
Down In Front!
Hey Riotous Nutjob
If You Still Aren't Convinced that Stevland Morris Is Awesome
Respect Beer
Bus 442 -- 11:33pm from Wonderland, Revere, MA
The name thread
The what-it-does thread
Follow the Bouncing Ball
Rumble picks
Further Evidence Of Bono's Lack Of Focus In creating Good Music
From Miriam
This is way better not knowing who posted what.
I saw Jon Lovitz
About that "ironic scent..."
First Strike
Chocolate Jesus
OK - Now I'm Angry With the Patriot Act
Hey Riotous Nutjob
Been to USPS.com recently
The Gossip
How TiSP Works
Zeke cuts some rug!
Bowie Immersion #12: "Low" (1977)
All-purpose 2007 MLB thread
Bad Taz
Elmer Bumpus
Schilling Hoax
W1: Lynn Gin Tasters
DJ Albini
G1 2007
CPFLM(@)T 4/2-3/07
Jack Rebney
Snorting Dad
Blonde Redhead
Calvin pissing stickers
Smoking Pole
Define A Thon
The line on Dice-K:
My favorite Red Sox 2002-present
Current conditions: AL East
K-Rod cheats?
I heard this song on the Adult Alternative station at work
I know this will probably end up annoying some people, but:
This is Chicago, Not Boston
April fools day joke
Best thing about my Spring '07 visit to Boston?
The Stooges
Bowie Immersion #13: "Heroes" (1977)
Check out the Business Section of The Boston Globe Today
An M.I.T. polymath uses genetic engineering to make a better car battery out of viruses..
For 10D
The American police state
Bowling for G's birthday
Opening day at Fenway
CPFLM(@)T 4/9-10/07
Q tonight
Ring Of Fire
Geddy Lee: Even geekier.
I Heart Paul Weller
RIP Kurt
What will the web bring us next?
Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation
Upgrade? Downgrade?
I See Dead People
Rollins 'round the world
W2: Lynn Gin Tasters
RIP - Don Ho
CTP: You need to see this
The Castle of Q
So I was reading Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
Bowie Immersion #14 : Lodger (1979)
Don't Make Edward Norton Angry
quick work-related gripe
the Guy Piccotto apreesh post
Come to my place for free sailing this weekend
This July I'm...
CPFL(M)M(@)T 4/16-7/07
Comics: Online!
Congratulations Ornette Coleman
Job Titles You Could Put in the "Occupation" Field of Your Tax Return to Exact Some Small Measure of Revenge...
Long but fascinating article
The daily newspapers of Metro Boston on April 17th 2007.
Here kitty...
Talk about bad timing:
"The Situation didn't get really out of hand until he dry-humped Kashmir"
Jandek @ ICA 6/8/07
Adventures in Yard Work
the one thing about Virginia Tech that I find personally affecting
MF DU's new WMUA radio show. Should I:
Who got Kid 606, Merzbow, and Aphex Twin in My NIN?
Combover: The Movie
Dear Mark Buehrle:
Setting the movement back...
Going Green
British Journalists Boycott Israel
Liver holiday!
G 14: Sox/Jays
C4(RT) @ Hennessey's 4.19.07
Damn! We totally missed it
Dont Make Bill Simmons Angry
The New Arctic Monkeys...
cache versus cachet
G15: Red Sox 7, Yankees 6
I apologize in advance...
Ramirez + Drew + Lowell + Varitek = AMAZING!!
Bowie Immersion #15: Scary Monsters (1980)
Simmons spotting
Dark House 35 mm developing?
Later... Jools Holland
G18: Red Sox 7, Jays 3
David Halberstam 1934-2007
CPFLM(@)T 4/22-3/07
Shocking Harvard Square development
Hey Ten Diamonds: I Need to go out and get myself
______ Gonna Dance! Crew
Stooges are on Jimmy Kimmel tonight - ABC
OMFG - Chicago July 2007
Melisma: Spring 2007
Mindless fun for all
(the)Melvins - 'The Talking Horse' from (a) Senile Animal, Ipecac 2006
Fake Sock
Live Free or Die!
G21: Red Sox 5, Orioles 2 (so far)
Inman Street Records
Blue Line
Hey G lib
I know I shouldn't, but -
Mike and the Mad Dog
Sickest retro jersey EVER.
How we spent the last two days
What I learned from French Radio
Cheadle: Riveting!
Brady to... Moss?
Bowie Immersion #16: Let's Dance (1983)
Dear Tom Tulowitzki:
This weekend I...
Janis Joplin / Silver Lining Apreesh
Marlon Brando Biography on TCM tonight and tomorrow
PB and J Peter Bjorn and John at the Paradise this Saturday!
The Hustler Apreesh
Car horns redux
CPFLM(@)T 4/30-5/1/07
"A sweater, a guitar and the lyrics to 'Teen Spirit' — that's what my daughter gets. And the rest we'll just fucking sell."
Mass Bike Week
Punk Love photo exhibit
I guess we're all going down
My C4RT name
Frosted Flakes
First ___________ of the year:
EL-P Concert Review
Venus Volcanic Eruptions from the 'New Horizons' NASA Probe
four minutes and eighteen seconds of pure pleasure
Really only of interest to me.
Make Minneapolis Beautiful
Tort Reform?
John Stanier, the busy man
Bowie Immersion Insight - Tony Visconti interview
Worst Lyric Ever?
Dear Roger Clemens:
Fucking Champs @ Great Scott 6/3/07
Bowie Immersion #17: Tonight (1984)
W??: Lynn Gin Tasters
Chopper Needs Your Help !!
'Spider-Man 3'
Paging: Big geeks who dig Japanese spazzcore
Welcome back David YoWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Is that Freedom River?
CPFLM(@)T 5/7-8/07
Excursion reminder
Joe Castiglione Fact Of The Game
End Of Radio - Show #1 Sunday May 6th 3:00 - 6:30 am
You Tubin'
Dear Rush Limbaugh:
Dear Ryan Howard
Nice sports article
RIP : Post Paid
I'll probably earn rebuke and censure for this, but:
Visualization is way cool
This Day in 1903
It's official
Julio Lugo Sez:
Bowie Immersion #18 : Never Let Me Down (1987)
Wicked Pissah Mega Kegah!!
DeeJay Hubris:
Best pitcher in baseball.
Space Talk from Dimension Eugene (Mirman, w/ David Cross)
CPFLM(@)T 5/14-5/07
now what?
"We made brownies and I think we're dead."
RIP Jerry Falwell
that's awesome
2007-05-15: Lynn Gin Tasters
Dear Bostonians
Illustrious Admiral Akbar Mohammed the III
Of Montreal - The Past is a Grotesque Animal
Position #9
Frodo Baggins Wants To Be Your Dog.
playing with millionaires
Cycling soap opera
Rudee! Rudee!
NBA Conference Finals 2007 (more millionaires, ssgt.dh please ignore)
N. Korean Roller Coaster
Dude, WTF?
What I Did This Weekend: Part II Sunday 05/20/07
The Bowie Immersion.....
What I Did This Weekend: Part I Saturday 05/19/2007
Wachusett Blueberry Beer
CPFLM(@)T 5/21-22/07
I can haz music video
Spock Likes to Takes pictures of
Rideside Haiku
Baseball Fans - Eyes Only ARod is a
Bowie Immersion #19: Tin Machine (1989)
Summer Tour/Readings
Has Anyone Noticed...
Once I've replied, you are denied!
This is One of the Reasons Why I Often Prefer Bullshit, Music and Baseball to Politics
RIP: Shizzatellite
Anyone for Roller Derby?
Cape Cod Wi-fi - Sucka!
In another league:
Sir Paul's newest
Nation of Ulysses demos
Spirited Start
Now you can jam out with the Ewoks
CPFLM(@)T 5/28-9/07
Bowie Immersion #20: Tim Machine II (1991)
Yoooooooooooooouuuu k
On Beauty
Curtain Society, Samveen, The Luxury, Walter The Orage Ocean - Sat in Worcester
Not my fantasy
Tortoise @ the MFA
Marked Absent
Baseball at its finest
I'm new here...
Last FM
Bowie Immersion #21: Black Tie White Noise (1993)
2007-06-04: Lynn Gin Tasters
Who was it I was discussing this with? I forget.
TGL for the "about" page
Wilco + VW = Dude, WTF
emo vegan kid gets overpowered by gang of jolly meat-eaters!
This Band Is Not From England, and I Give a Fuck
G55: We're tied at four, can you believe it?
Should I...
Backyard movies @ Tommy's
Misheard lyrics: Yellow Ledbetter
CPFLM(@)T 6/4-5/07
Medical Etiquette
A reason to have cable/satellite television
Something sinister is afoot:
to i-pod or not to i-pod
How do you spell relief?
Missiles? You're kidding, right?
Blue Penguin
June from Chicago: 96.9 FM
Mini Golf
Calling Botanists
Kids, don't do drugs.
End of Radio - Show #2 Saturday June 2nd 7:00-9:00pm
G 59
G60: Red Sox 10, Diamondbacks 3
Jandek @ ICA - Boston, 8 June 2007, "The House of Despair"
Bowie Immersion #22: Outside (1995)
New Immersion propsal...
Paris Hilton is Zoolander
On Wednesday night, August 8...
Dear The Liars:
CPFLM(@)T 6/11-2/07
Summer outings
Dear Justin Verlander:
Promotional Items
A short history of Frito Pie
Get Grandpa's FBI File
I AM SMOKING WEED AT 2:10 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first Shia LaBeouf post
Perry Bible Fellowship
Happy Bloomsday!
Blue Velvet Best Movie Ever.?!
Bowie Immersion #23: Earthling (1997)
Sydney Pollack Apreesh
Eels and Derrida
This pretty much sums up how I envision BQ and his offspring.
CPFLM(@)T 6/18-9/07
Has anybody noticed...
7" Comeback
c4rt.com - huh?
RIP - Daniel Sinker's Punk Planet
Independent candidates in '08
Humble Farmer cancled
The Route 1 Olympics
joys of life
Double Digits
New AFI 100 List
Epoisses, Pitchfork Posterboy
Oops, Missed It
Somnambulistical Hijinks
Coxen on Last Comic Standing
Great Nels Cline Profile
Doobie Brothers / Lynyrd Skynard Tweeter CTR 06/22/07
Anniversary Dance-a-thon
Anyone Subscribe To 'The New Republic'?
Congratulations, Mahatma Chani on your Spocktastic Appearance in the Glob
RIP Rod Beck
Roller Derby!
The Future is Unwritten
THE END OF AN ERA?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Tortoise, July 5th, 6:30 PM, MFA
Hello from the Mid East
CPFLM(@)T 6/25-6/07
Belted Sweater - Don Caballero - "For Respect"
David Yow, anyone?
The fourth branch of government
The Cure!
Best Movie Review I Have Read In a While
Bowie Immersion #24: hours (1999)
Blitzen Trapper
Ha ha
Lunch today?
Damn My cube Mate
Everyone here has seen this right?
Danny, your kidding...
Dear Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio:
Dear Ron Francis, Mark Messier, Al MacInnis and Scott Stevens
Daytime TV?
thirth of july + hot beach action
Chizelle @ Razzy's June 30th 9PM
Vegetarianism Will Kill You
The Amen Break
Dear Aubrey Huff
End Of Radio - Show #4 Saturday June 30 2007 7:00-9:00Pm
Dear Alex Cora
Moving Day 2007
Bowie Immersion # 25: Heathen (2002)
With Apologies To Roger Ebert
Term Life Insurance
Announcing the newest member...
Universal Joins Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and The Beatles
CPFLM(@)T Twoth/Thirth '07
Spam on rideside.net:8008, WTF?
Garrison Shirt Woes
Dog food
The Bronx Is Burning
July is...
Monday night I will...
Swimming in piss
End Of Radio - Show #5 Saturday July 07 2007 7:00-9:00Pm
Congratulations Sochi, Russia...
Bowie Immersion #26: Reality (2003)
A first podcast using offsite media.
A Fable by William Faulkner
Rescue Dawn
Endless summer of putt-putt
Metallica Terror alert
Got a question for Albini?
CPFLM(@)T 7/9-10/07
Anyone fancy going bowling tonight?
This Shush is Ironic
Home owners insurance
Sailing Schedule
Show me your tits.
R.I.P. Mr. Butch
Heist Movies
End Of Radio - Show #6 Saturday July 14 2007 7:00-9:00Pm
Drag to change route
The new immersion....
Sausagefest '07
G92: Red Sox 4, Royals 0
CPFLM(@)T 7/16-7/07
New Campaign stuff
BTO in Wistah this friday
Rideside not working?
Josh Beckett
End Of Radio - Show #7 Saturday July 21 2007 7:00-9:00Pm
What's grosser to find in your garage?
Obama, Osama, Chelsea's Momma
CPFLM(@)T 7/23-4/07
C4(RT) @ WTCSR 7/23/07
For people who like concerts on the cheap
Critical points....
pamsterdam visiting new pamshire in august, a couple of days in boston too
Sexiest Actor This Week?
The Aliens
Slint touring Spiderland?
Karaoke tonight
Bowie Immersion: Supplemental
Book deal
No, Lila, NO!
07/26/07 (No. 0726)
C4[RT] at the Middle East tonight
Watchmen Cast
Another Aging Republican Actor for President
Sign Up Sheet
C4[RT]: the RZA Sessions?
New Hampshire Pride
Kayak the Charles
End Of Radio - Show #8 Saturday July 28th 2007 7:00-9:00 Pm
Art is up
RETURN OF NACHO KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Punks not dead
Home ownership
Twin Peaks @ Comic Con
Okajima to Gagne to Papelbon
Negativland ticket up for grabs
Nietzsche Family Circus
Heard it on NPR
Posting from 02155
Cambridge Public Library - Main Branch (Provisional)
Oct 29th Monday 2007
Walken roasts a chicken.
"The Simpsons"
Buckaroo Bansai
Stevie Wonder Boston Bank Of America Pavillion Thursday September 20th 2007
Slayer/Marilyn Manson @ the Centrum Saturday night
Sailing tonight anyone?
Jake Brown at the X Games yesterday.
Eli Herbert has arrived
Abigail Warchild
311 Postgame @ Great Woods
PJ Harvey Immersion #1 -- "Dry" (1992)
End Of Radio - Show #9 Saturday August 4th 2007 7:00-9:00 Pm
Pluggers vs TDIET
Birth CD 2007-08-03 00:40 Playlist
CPFLM(@)T 8/6-7/07
Suicide signup
Boston Organics
Radical Movie Night at Lucy Parsons
fantasy football
For the Mulatu fans
Stevie Wonder on 'Sesame Street,' 1973
Tommy's Wedding and Honeymoon Pix
And people say lefties have no sense of humor...
Atari 2600 Labels
cloud club
PJ Harvey Immersion #2 -- "Rid Of Me" (1993)
Rideside.net Flickr account
In gratitude...
Big Lebowski - F*cking Short Version
Get Well, Nels Cline
CPFLM(@)T 8/12-3/07
Damn ipod doesn't work
Wednesdays suck ass
Tim Wakefield
Before BATTLES, there was:
G120: Red Sox 5, Devil Rays 6
Hey The Duane: Here's a New Token For You!
Serious question
Dirty Projectors - "Rise Above"
The Original Bomb-Dropper: RIP
Dear Jose Offerman
Hey Epoisses
Peace out, Wily Mo.
Phil Rizzuto: Selected verse
Viva Carducci!
(Game 124) With Games Like These...
Without looking it up - Who leads the Red Sox in RBIs?
Without looking it up - Who leads the Red Sox in RBIs?
David Lynch on NPR
CPLFM(@)T 8/19-20/07
Go see this movie.
The End Of Radio Fall 2007 Thursdays WMUA 91.1 fm 8:00 to 10:00 PM
M.I.A. - Kala
Wither PJ Harvey Immersion #3?
Dreamgirls is the WORST movie ever created
PJ Harvey Immersion #3 -- "Four Track Demos" (1993)
Revenant fiction
Christian Bale on Super Hero Collectives:
Personal best -- thanks, Hip Tanaka!
Superman !!!
Trescott of the Mind
G131: Red Sox, White Sox
Miss South Carolina on U.S. Education
PJ Harvey Immersion #4 -- "To Bring You My Love" (1995)
End Of Radio - Show #10 Saturday August 25th 2007 7:00-9:00 Pm
Domino Theory
I Want To Go See The Kerouac 'On The Road' Scrolls in Lowell with MF DU
The 11th Hour
Matsui (heart)s porn
Yacht Rock
G131: Yankees, Tigers
CPFLM(@)T 8/27-8/07
I would like to thank....
Miles, Nasir, and Carlos
Total Lunary Eclipse
R.I.P. Hilly Kristal
ATTN RSN'ers with kids: Bonaroo for the Juicebox Set 09/15/07 Copley Square
Rounder Records Welcomes...
G134: Red Sox 0, Yankees 5
Breakfast 8/31/07
The 2007 Magic Number Thread
Dear Clay Buchholz:
You Are All 'On The Road'
He Made It Out Alright...(With a Bullet In His Back!)
PJ Harvey Immersion #5 -- "Dance Hall At Louse Point" (John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey, 1996)
Fugazi Peel Sessions, etc.
International Male catalog
CPFLM(@)T 9/3-4/07
MC's NFL predictions
Concord High School students stickin' it to McCain
Moose River trip: we're back!
free movie
Yo! The Tizzle Raps.
End Of Radio - Show #11 Saturday September 1st 2007 7:00-9:00 Pm
Spots still open...
Popcorn Lung
Libertarian on Republicans
Week 1 Suicide picks
Coming Soon: May 2008
Double Nickels All The Time
Rodney Harrison is a Cheater
Rugby World Cup 2007
09/08/07 (No. 0908)
Room available near Davis Square from 1 October...
And thaaaaaaaat's my liiiiife...
Pavarotti Apreesh
2007 RIOT thread
100th Show
Music sucks
anyone want a free yacht?
CPFLM(@)T 9/10-1/07
PJ Harvey Immersion #6 -- "Is This Desire?" (1998)
Happy 5768!
Raymond V. Castano 1912-2007
Honda CX500
What? No Joe Zawinul appresh posts?
Week 2 Suicide picks
Just say no to Quechup.
Ortiz Watch:
Rideside Family BBQ
Bauhaus: "She's In Parties" (1983)
Not Coming Soon: May 2008
Moose River Pictures
Chrome Immersion #1 -- "Alien Soundtracks" (1978)
Plugger generator
England pictures
Should I legally change my name to "Dqwell Quigley"?
End Of Radio featuring Epoisses Podcast Parts 1-4
PJ Harvey Immersion #7 -- "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea" (2000)
End Of Radio featuring Epoisses Podcast Part 2
End Of Radio featuring Epoisses Podcast Part 3
advise me, im broken
What It Means To Be A UNH Undergrad, Fall 2007
Apologies to those who have seen/voted for this already
CPFLM(@)T 9/17-8/07
steal stuff from work, get drunk for free!!
from czeck buěščáíéýšíéčá=
End Of Radio featuring Epoisses Podcast Part 4
Thank you Gagne...
News Around Allston
A Very Business Successful Tycoon
Garrison, yes, Campaign For Real Time, no.
Yo rs.n archivists:
Week 3 picks
If I Did It
Best book I've read recently...
Adjust yr. time travel coordinates
A Summer Evening With Stevie Wonder
Baby, that's NASTY!
Good morning, rideside!
10/25/07 at Ralph's:
PJ Harvery Immersion #8 -- "Uh Huh Her" (2004)
Just like WZLX I'm giving 107% because it's Zeptember. Soon it will be Rocktober
MFY / Birds
An Eternity of Silence
Nights on the Neck
ISIS: Boston Redux Sat / Sun Nov 3rd and 4th Middle East downstairs
Pop culture T-shirts
Dear Daryl Hall...
Chrome Immersion #2 -- "Half Machine Lip Moves" (1979)
Meg White Sex Tape
Making Monday Tuesday (virtual)
268 HP Honda Accord versus...
Break Fast With Alder
Multiply By One
Corwood 789 (x4 cd)
Miles Davis - The Complete On The Corner Sessions
G157: Red Sox, Athletics
CPFLT(@)W 9 25/6-07
Fuck CMJ
NFL Week 4 picks
Now I Wanna Screen Some Film
All Your Abutment Are Belong To Us
Push mower
End Of Radio - Show #13 Thursday September 27th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
G160: Red Sox, Twins
clay a no no for the playoffs
The most boring thing about today is...
Eastern Promises
Radiohead: "In Rainbows"
Maddie et. al Kickin' It Free Prose Style
PJ Harvey Immersion #9 -- "Peel Sessions 1991-2004" (2006)
In Game 163, I like the:
Batch #11: ESB
70 minutes into town
RS.N 2007 Fantasy Baseball standings
Home Inspection = Photo of the Month
I know I shouldn't laugh...
Quad A
This is much more fun than writing job application letters
CPLFM(@)T 10/1-2/07
Wellfleet Oyster Festival
Week 5 picks
Yankees at Cleveland ALDS-B, G1
Well let's hope the full length is better
End Of Radio - Show #14 Thursday October 4th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
30 Frickin' Years
my new favourite band
Roadtrip with my back out
Manny = walk off
for those who may have missed it or came late my housemate steve was kind enough to film this 10/1 c4rt great scott
10/6/07 (No. 1006)
PJ Harvey Immersion #10 -- "White Chalk" (2007)
The Donnas Rule
CPLFM(@)T 10/8-9/07
The independent brewer is the backbone of this country
Rev. Horton Heat in Nashville
Cowboys and Indians
Q tonight
The real reason I listen to French public radio...
A little shindig that a "friend" of mine is having
dont hassle the...
2007 ALCS
End Of Radio - Show #15 Hubris edition Thursday October 11th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
four candles
Sat night - Carter Notch AMC hut
Will get laughed
Amsterdam in the news:
33 1/3: 'Let's Talk About Love'
33 1/3: 'Let's Talk About Love'
33 1/3: 'Let's Talk About Love'
33 1/3: 'Let's Talk About Love'
Immersion schedule:
Bye Bye Rhode Island
CPFLM(@)T 10/15-16/07
The rest of the series goes like this:
And you thought same-sex unions were progressive.....
Reagan's Not Dead
Spooning is two bodies curling around each other ... a horizontal hug
Withnail & I
A Tax on Your House!
Father's Day 2014
Spoon: "The Underdog"
Bad news re: Lance from J Church
Rodrigo y Gabriella
300: a film
I would like to dedicate this video to 10diamonds
Wild Thing not on the mound we are safe
End Of Radio - Show #16 Thursday October 18th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
Gone Baby Gone
G 172: Dice-K vs. Westbrook
A Cubicle Vocation Might Yet Not Be The World's Worst Vocation
2007 World Series
CPLFM(@)T 10/22-3/07
The Hebrew Hammer - Not JB the J
Krausen envy
gang members (discussion)
Dress-ing Up
End Of Radio - Show #17 Halloween Edition Thursday October 25th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
Kids - enquiring minds want to know...
The skunk under my front porch:
Terrorist will not negotiate with the Yankees
2007 Boston Red Sox MLB Champs Thread
Pavement Immersion #1: "Westing By Musket And Sextant"
Batch #12: Hard Cider
Jam Master Jay - murdered 5 years ago - still no answers
Best Halloween Costumes Seen in 2007
End Of Radio - Show #18 WMUA Fundraiser Edition Thursday November 1st 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
CPFLM(@)T 10/29-30/07
Chad in the news...
Free Rice
Halloween '07
Robert Goulet, RIP
Dead Alive on the Big Screen
I Heart You, Mary Jane
Who really controls time?
Epoisses Rapping at Ralph's about the Minutemen
While on hold with the oil company this morning...
Dear Parking enforcement attendant,
Slash shreds!
Today's Weather...
Bob Mould
Congrats to the Bronze Greek...
"Our Country"
Your junior high crush?
Pavement Immersion #2: "Slanted And Enchanted" (1992)
CPFLM(@)T 11/5-6/07
2007-8 Hot Stove Thread
Thanks for everything Organic Furniture
Youk gets the Glove
Batch #1 -- IPA
Where's the 2007-8 Celtics thread?
anybody near worcester tonight...
What do you call it when....
End Of Radio - Show #19 Thursday November 8th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
WTF is 'Extensive Vamping'?
RIP Norman Mailer
Pavement Immersion #3 -- "Watery, Domestic" (1992)
Dear Dustin Pedroia:
Fucked Up
CPFLM(@)T 11/12-3/07
Grizzly Man
The roar of the fuhrer
Saturday Hot Action
Who'd be down for a Talk Talk immersion?
To the lady who works the cafe on the 2nd floor of Tower:
This Day in Jazz
1st December 2007: White, Black and Grey
Fifty cent 1GB flash drives
Would you say it is more important to vote...
Powell's! (may contain C4RT/Ed Hochuli/Carducci content)
End Of Radio - Show #20 Thursday November 15th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
Cloning Monkees
For Fans Of 'Homicide: Life On The Street', 'The Corner', 'Oz' and 'The Wire'
Pavement Immersion #4 -- "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" (1994)
Bil Keane Reads Douglas Adams
David Lynch == Hitler
Wither Boyd Rice...
Honda Civic
CPFLM(@)T 11/19-20/07
If I had a car...
Dig crossword 11.21.07
What Ever Happened to The Avalanches?
Batch #13: Stout
Robert Lowell's grave/big in Germany
Pavement Immersion #5 -- "Wowee Zowee" (1995)
will work for food
The most amazing thing about learning to shoot a .22 Ruger on Saturday
nice one chaps
Today's playlist
2008 HoF thread
Lead singer of Quiet Riot dead
CPFLM(@)T 11/26-7/07
Salad Days
My gall bladder's cold
I do enjoy Stephen King
Ween @ Calvin Theater Northampton MA 11/27/2007
You're never too old to rock out...
End Of Radio - Show #21 Thursday November 29th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
To the 12 year old boy in front of me at Starbucks...
Interstella 5555
Impending Nuptials
Another reason for cartoons
Pavement Immersion #6 -- "Brighten The Corners" (1997)
"I heard the whistle, I stopped."
Chrome Immersion #3 -- "3rd From The Sun" (1982)
CPFLM(@)T 12/3-4/07
Ahhh, the interweb
Photo development / thrift store news
two free tickets to see Frank McCourt this Thursday night at 6pm
Anybody down for the Fiery Furnaces at G,S this Monday?
Dirty Projectors @ Middle East Up 12/5/07
Gustatorial Wisdom
End Of Radio - Show #22 Thursday December 6th 2007 8:00 - 10:00pm
Poker night
The Tigers from Detroit
im a vegetarian not a spammer
America Tortures
islands in the stream (hong kong)
Paprika = good anime
You Tubin'-Do Not Deny the DAN
Dear Eric Gagne:
Pavement Immersion #7 -- "Terror Twilight" (1999)
TWFPS 12/8/07
probably my favorite anything ever.
If my name were Frank I'd have a hot dog stand called, "Frank's For the Memories".
hey sysadmin
CPFLM(@)T 12/10-11/07
Save the date: 12/17/07
BTO with Walter Stickert
Daily Double (cheeseburger, that is).
Oil-less Turkey Fryer
Happy Birthday MF DU!
Merry Christmas from The Mitchells
Liars/No Age Feb 8 2008
attention all audiophiles (specifically vinylists)
New Years Eve
For a Friday Afternoon, fr: The Sports Guy Mailbag
End of Radio - MF DU Birthday edition Show# 23 Thursday December 13th 2007 8:00-10:00pm
Bobb Trimble = Worcester's Own 80's Psych Guru
RIP Dan Fogelberg
The holidays make me feel...
Batman: The Dark Knight
Pitchfork's top 100 tracks of the year....
CPFLM(@)T 12/17-8/07
I (heart) Huckabee
Best line of email I've ever gotten in my life
Happy fifty.....
Top Ten ____________, 2007
End of Radio - Show# 24 Thursday December 20th 2007 8:00-10:00pm
TGL = Pete Rose
Another reason to love Milwaukee:
mums the word
Public Service Announcement
Choose Your Candidate
RIP - Oscar Peterson
The board is quiet this week, and I have to work. Happy Holidays.
New Years Eve
RIP Benazir Bhutto
End of Radio - Show# 25 (Joel R / Dan M in studio)Thursday December 27th 2007 8:00-10:00pm
Lifehacker appreciation post
For all lovers of the pursuit of football (american) perfection.
Palm Skin Productions Immersion #1 -- "Spock With A Beard" (1994)
Delilah Ocean
CPFLM(@)T 12/31/2007-01/01/2008
To all people of courage and fortitude...
2008 Resolutions I've begun
2008 Iowa Caucus Thread
UMASS Women's Volleyball "End" The End of Radio for 01/03/2008
I Am Legend's Other Famous Star
p*ssing myself laughing - i heart uncle jay
Batch #14: ESB
Pissed Jeans @ MidEast Upstairs, April 12th
Eau Claire Like This
No nod for Rice
new hobby anyone?
Last minute tix to the reading of Howard Zinn's "People's History of America"
Movie wrap up for 2007
For all the RSN Boy Scouts
2008 NH Primary
Bush's visit to the Middle East will...
i'm scared
Stop This Incessant Blathering
Google search tricks
Better than the Sheryl Crow version
ok, really just You Tubin' but this is pretty funny
Windows Home Server Propaganda
Scandinavian opera weirdness
Best Of Rideside
Fade to Black (Monk Time)
2008 AFC Divisional Playoff "A"
I lost $12.58.
back in the magazine saddle again
Links Today 2008-01-12
Warning: Fagen Content Ahead
R.E.M. Immersion #1: 'Chronic Town' (1982)
Is This French House?
Marc Ambinder is not Charlie Rose
Eric in the Evening Appreesh
CPFLM(@)T 1/14-5/08
The Origins Of No Wave
Fantasy Baseball
Official Asia Thread
Superbowl 42 = Pat vs. Packers
Next (Making) Monday (Tuesday):
best use of the internet, ever
if not for you...
End of Radio - Show# 26 Thursday January 10th 2007 8:00-10:00pm
End of Radio - Show# 27 Thursday January 17th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
AFC Division Championship
Hitler the Cowboy's Fan
Renovations at The Model
Cover of WGBH Magazine Feb '08
R.E.M. Immersion #2 -- "Murmur" (1983)
CPFLM(@)T 1/21-2/08
Heath Ledger RIP
Links Today 2008-01-22
This is a personal message for MF DU.
RIP Brad Renfro
Links Today 2008-01-23
The 40 Worst Rob Liefield Drawings
Nuke Rideside!
Chelsea on Fire
See also: Fagen.
The Vader Sessions
Anyone own a belt sander?
Maddie's MLK Day @ Museum Of Science
End of Radio - Show# 28 Thursday January 24th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
We all chipped in and got you this for your wedding.
Official RS.N Lurker Thread.....
R.E.M. Immersion #3 -- "Reckoning" (1984)
Official Super Bowl thread
CPFLM(@)T 1/28-9/08
(Making) Next Monday (Tuesday) @ O'Brien's:
Get Well Card for David Yow
'Runnin With The Devil' w/ Minimal Distractions
03/29/08 - Boredoms @ the Paradise
New adventures in canned food
CTP, eat yer heart out!
I have to agree with the Herald on this one
He's not dead yet...
RIP Jeremy Beadle (of interest to our British friends)
Balls and all
My Videos are Finally Up!
SuperBowl 42 in Somerville
Internet Radio
"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
Dock Ellis Thread
Art tonight and all month at the CCAE
'Lost' Season 4 Thread
Casey at the bat!
R.E.M. Immersion #4 -- "Fables of the Reconstruction" (1985)
Super Bowl XLIII halftime show thread
tonight @o'briens
CPFLM(@)T 2/4-5/08
Pearls vs Slylock
Open Ballots
Good-Bye Body
Acho and the Bunnymen
Cleveland Check In
Black Sabbath: "Master of Reality"
Expected baby in CO
BTO Show, March 7.
RIP Sheldon Brown
2 Skinnee J's Immersion #1 -- "SuperMercado!" (1998)
For tgl
Tech question
For CC
For dyedon8
For 10D
For Pamsterdam
For Chippy
For Virtue
Player -- "Baby Come Back" (1977)
R.E.M. Immersion #5 --"Lifes Rich Pageant" (1986)
Playtime for Pamsterdam
McCain '08
CPFLM(@)T 2/11-12/08
Batch #15: ESB
The newest in new....
For Pamsterdam (The Reprise)
For those keeping track
New York Dolls Sat., at the Paradise
European and American Professional Sourdough Recipes
Dizzee Rascall / El-P Middle East May 11th 2008
For Rory: Mike Birbiglia on Comedy Central
metal machine music
CPFLM(@)T 2/18-9/08
R.E.M. Immersion #6 -- "Document" (1987)
Foo Fighters Drum Solo Last Night
Science Fair Experiments
BIPPP: French Synthwave 79-85
You Tubin': Tonight a Beatboxer Saved My Life.
Cross-Pollenization Creative Music Festival III
Rap: A pictoral
Thursday 2/28:
my s!@t don't work
mea culpa
Travis [hearts] Ed
R.E.M. Immersion #7 -- "Green" (1988)
worst week yet of '08
MMT tonight:
The Ghost of Tony Gold
CPFLM(@)T 2/25-6/08
Nels Cline on Saturday Night Live 03/01/08
You love Europe!
You love the U.S.
February 29th
2008 WBCN Rumble Thread
Lee "Scratch" Perry Apreesh Post
R.E.M. Immersion #8 -- "Out Of Time" (1991)
Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I - IV
Of Neighborhood Exploration and Ticks
Has it really been FIVE YEARS?
Fantasy Baseball OK? ok.
Funniest MySpace Friend Request
CPFLM(@)T 3/3-4/08
'Process of Elimination'
Gary Gygax RIP
"the woman who works two jobs without health care"
Klosterman + McLaughlin
Moses was a stoner
The Long Tail
On Broadway
Ugly American
This one's for pchippy
Reflections on a year in the colonies - a party
The Puzzler
Official Belated Kasimir S. Pulaski Day
Fun fact for MF DU and dyedon8
Roy Scheider RIP
Another arcane-to-the-Northeast Shellac tour
End of Radio - Show# 30 Thursday February 14th 2007 8:00-9:00pm (Partial UMASS Basketball Premption)
End of Radio - Show# 31 Thursday February 28th 2007 9:00-10:00pm (UMASS Basketball Premption for week of 2/21/08 )
dupe posts drool
End of Radio - Show# 32 Thursday March 6th 2007 8:00-10:00pm
NYTimes.com: Geek Love
R.E.M. Immersion #9 -- "Automatic For The People" (1992)
Bledsoe post-NFL content
CPFLM(@)T 3/10-1/08
Your 2008 Expletive Greys:
4/28/78: A recap
Yeah, so that happened.
Costume Ideas
History of my neighborhood
03/25/08 Japan
Olympics 2008: Ideally this would be a poll question...
2008 World Cup
Do The Test
Night Ranger
Empty Gesture
I Agree With Dick Cheney
R.E.M. Immersion #10 -- "Monster" (1994)
Second Annual rs.n NCAA Bracketology
Gilbert O'Sullivan Happy St. Patrick's Day
CPFLM(@)T 3/17-8/08
Lover or Fighter?
RIP Arthur C. Clarke
Read The Bulletin!
Celtics Magic Number
Stuff White People Like
Weibels wobble, but they don't fall down
Posing for The Man
Peter Ahern video
R.E.M. Immersion #11 -- "New Adventures In Hi Fi" (1996)
Chunklet wins again
RIP Neil Aspinall
Rival Daily Comic
CPFLM(@)T 3/24-5/07
Game #1
G2: Boston, Oakland
Straight outta Hillywood
Because the board is quiet.
The Onion
cEVIN kASH apreesh
Keef = possibly the best interview subject ever
R.E.M. Immersion #12 -- "Up" (1998)
CPFLM(@)AFD 3/31-4/1/08
Speaking of the F4TR
Bye Bob
BTO plays Lolita's Lovefest, April 12
"The Safety Factory Is... It's Unsafe"
Construction debris
Why The Internet Is Great
Dear Father Christmas Trouser Press...
friends looking for housing on the red line
The Kinks
Should I Trade?
hey conorclockwise
maiden voyage
Okay, You Can Have My Rifle Now!
R.E.M. Immersion #13 -- "Reveal" (2001)
...do you have iced tea?
CPFLM(@)T 4/7-8/07
Did Anyone See This
Too bad they're not the wingnuts
I don't mean to depress you, but...
Oh how far we've come...
Speaking of Toronto...
I don't mean to opress you, but...
Food to avoid
Black Flag: The HAIR.
Photo in a show
Bruins vs. Canadiens on Tue.
Nu school hip hop
Batch #16: ESB
Car Trouble
CPFLM(@)T 4/14-5/08
The future of the music industry is in dated t-shirts
Happy Tax Day
Who brought the cool kid?
R.E.M. Immersion #14 -- "Around The Sun" (2004)
Sprinkle Brigade
Elevator to Hell
Yes? Yes?
G16: Red Sox, Yankees
The Roots do The Colbert Report
Serious music question for school....
All-Purpose NBA Finals thread
How much art can you take?
"My Beautiful Mommy"
Happy Passover 2008
Neil Hamburger
Baseball milestones
yo momma
Brush yr. shoulders off.
R.E.M. Immersion #15 -- "Accelerate" (2008)
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth II
RIP, John Marzano
R.I.P. Ozzie Cadena
Cartograms are fun
Dire Tune
Free Sailing
CPFLMM(@)T 4/21-2/08
This one's for pamsterdam
Not Candlepin
What you're overhearing in your cubicle right now
G22: Red Sox, Angels
SRO @ Fenway
Hot August Night
Savor the irony
R.I.P. Don Gillis
Stop motion piano and drums
Hey guys... I have a completely original political idea!
This is a public service announcement!
Seeking Modern Media Assistance/Advice
What were you listening to 15 years ago?
Midnight Movie @ H3W 5/3-4/08
Home Improvement
New Nephew
15-year-olds, dude
Les Savy Fav appreesh
CPFM(@)T 4/28-9/08
Cellar Door
Red Sox batting stances
Top 5 greatest fictional movie characters
Left coast concerts
Another sign of the apocalypse
Dude in the year 2012 the poles are going to shift here's how you can survive!
Road Rage
Brazil v Venezuela, NE Revolution v. Dallas Double Header June 6
Iron Man
McEnroe at Agganis
Garbage Island
Robert Smith's Schedule
CPFLM(@)T 5/5-6/08
Yankees suck!
John Cage on "What's my Line?"
Silver Apples
A series of tubes.
Don't make a peep!
C4 to your door this Saturday and next Friday
The "I Hate Julio Lugo Thread"
Right around the corner
Reissue Alert
Community Garden, 1 year post massacre.
Dear Greg Maddux:
"Great tits cope well with warming"
Video Games Circa 1978
Bob Barr: Libertarian juggernaut
Kudos to the Globe
Say it ain't so!
Replacements Immersion #1 -- "Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash" (1981)
CPFLM(@)T 5/12-13/08
The Cure @ Agganis Arena 5/12/08
Birthday party
Whoa - Restaurant review Day
Sparkling Water and Beer
The kids will have their say!
RIP Robert Rauschenberg
My kind of Rocket Man
Cast Iron Plant
Tampa Bay??!?!??!?
Happy Birthday, MC!!
would you like some skinny APC jeans?
RIP Robert Mondavi
Not-so-dark secrets of BQ
You made me question my presuppositions.
Replacements Immersion #2 -- "Stink" (1982)
Finish her off with SEX MOVES!
No Hits
ID - Review
CPFLM(@)T 5/19-20/08
Teddy Kennedy has brain cancer
socially inappropriate humor rears its rather fine-looking head
You know your houseguest is English when...
big bear
All-purpose best athlete-turned-actor debate thread
I am sitting next to someone in a cafe who is playing video games and talking on the phone
Replacements Immersion #3 -- "Hootenany" (1983)
CPFLM(@)T 5/26-27/08
Rainstorm ahoy!
All-purpose Stanley Cup finals thread...
White Glove Gallery
Uncontacted tribe photgraphed
Black Lips
Steinski appreciation post.
East Machias River Trip 2008
Replacements Immersion #4 -- "Let It Be" (1984)
Hey Pamsterdam!
From the NYTimes (dead tree version)
Bo Diddley, R.I.P.
Poetic Justice?
CPFLM(@)T 6/2-3/08
Comedy R.I.Ps
Name the cows
2008 AL East Standings
MF DU's dream job
No New York
Hey James Shields:
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday June 5th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
for the football fans
Who wishes they could go to NYC this weekend
Introducing North Shore Music Theatre's 2008 recipient for Best Music Direction
Replacements Immersion #5 -- "The Shit Hits The Fans" (1985)
Holy shit! The Mummies reunite!
Batch #17: IPA
Harpoon Fest
well it made me giggle
Dear Ken Griffey Jr......
CPFLM(@)T 6/9-10/08
I want candy!
RIP Grecian Yearning
can I just say...
Video editing software
small plates
No fucking way.
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday June 12th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
The next chapter in the Clemens performance enhancement saga:
Replacements Immersion #6 -- "Tim" (1985)
0614 (2008)
blast-faxin', n boxin'
CPFLB(@)T 6/16-7/08 (MN:9*)
The Queers Tonight in Nashville
Two Wizards brawl at Middlesex Lounge
Upcoming shows at the Mideast, etc.
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday June 19th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Sun Ra Apreesh Post
RIP George Carlin
Replacements Immersion #7 -- "Pleased To Meet Me" (1987)
CPFLM(@)T 6/23-4/08
travel advice needed
'Groundhog Day'
ok, hired!
Times New Viking roll call
Rock out Goteborg
f*cking majestic
As long as the weather ain't crazy
All-Purpose Euro2008 Thread
Replacements Immersion #8 -- "Don't Tell A Soul" (1989)
hands up who's proud to be from New Hampshire!
CPLFM(@)T 6/30-7/1/08 (MN: 7)
"I Got Construction Boots"
One record per year...
Thirth of July Weekend, Montreal: 7/3-6/08
Replacements Immersion #9 -- "All Shook Down" (1990)
Monday July 7th is Ringo Starr's birthday - everybody get drunk!
The Real Inspector Hound
CPFLM(@)T 7/7-8/08 (MN:6)
Ween thoughts?
Admit it, you're as bored as I am
Sox thievery
wasp advice
From the archives.....
Aesop Rock does Killer Cereal
My new home
Breakfast Brawl
The wit and wisdom of Ozzie Guillen
Banksy = outed.
Fugazi Peel Sessions: 1988
To the Dude playing the bagpipes on Central Street...
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday July 10th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
CPFLBD(@)T 7/14-5/08 (MN: 5)
Campari Appreesh
"Group of the Millennium" to appear on the Colbert Report
Google yourself...you might get lucky.
15 Innings???
Calling CTP: I need a ride to a wedding.
CPFLM(@)T 7/21-2/08 (MN:4)
drummers = top athletes
Waiter Rant
Radiohead tickets for sale
Ticket Refund
"The Wire" with a laugh track
Red Sox standing room tix: Monday
Pitchfork Music Festival
Back Porch Conversation about Kiki's - 2 years ago
"Anything special on those pancakes?"
Happy Birthday Pamsterdam
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday July 24th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Who wants to see Wire On Wed Oct 8th Middle East?
If you are completely out of your mind....
CPFLS(@)S - 26/7 july 2008
Rush is not a Rock Band
Jandek Immersion #1 -- "Ready For The House" (1978)
As You Like it
Utilize This Solution
CPFLM(@)T 7/28-9/08 (MN:3)
@ pamsterdam:
George Michael @ The Garden 7/27/08
Cops v. bikes in NYC
All the world's a stage...
DJ'ing @ River Gods 8/14/08
Looking for drummer
peregrination ftw.
Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap.
What are they called?
bye Manny
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday July 31st 2008 8:00-10:00pm
You Tubin'
Happy Birthday, Eli
The Onion Wins Again
Nick Drake Immersion #1 -- "Five Leaves Left" (1969)
CPFLM(@) T 8/4-5/08 (MN: 2)
Who is Clark Rockefeller?
Wait, do I feel pity for McCain?
Guided By Voices "Bee Thousand" (1994)
calling pchippy
Favre. What's the deal?
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday August 7th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
CPFLT(@)W - 5/6 august 2008
RTPotD: 1 - boston through philadelphia
RTPotD: 2 - philadelphia through milton, DE
RTPotD: 3 - milton, DE through asheville, NC
Nick Drake Immersion #2 -- "Bryter Layter" (1970)
2008 Olympics
amateur photographer needed so me and todd can get our website up
CPFLM(@)T 8/11-2/08 (MN:1[!])
public service announcement (possibly nsfw)
Cleveland give Sox the Byrd
Bert and Ernie speak the truth
Pies, Pigs and Perversion
Last night at work.....
RTPotD: 4 & 5 - asheville, NC
RTPotD: 6 - asheville, NC through chicago, IL
RTPotD: 7 - chicago, IL through minneapolis, MN
Anatomical Gifts
Front page on Boston.com!
Saxon: "Just Let Me Rock"
Bacon flowchart
Nick Drake Immersion #3 -- "Pink Moon" (1972)
CPFL(T)M(@)T 8/18-9/08
RTPotD: 8, 9, &10 - minneapolis, MN
RTPotD: 11 - minneapolis, MN to deadwood, SD
RTPotD: 12 - deadwood and surrounds, SD
long, but mostly worth it (NSFW)
show this saturday
For Mahatma and G Lib
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday August 21 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Congratulations Democrats
If you are in Boston on Monday 8/25 - we are rocking.
Obama the antichrist?
Back to Beantown
Boycott Expedia, please
All-Purpose 2008 NFL Season Thread
I'm DJing tonight at the Model
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday August 28 2008 8:00-10:00pm
For Mahatma, jbcardinale and DyedOn:
Labor Day 2008 Red Sox DL List
McCain's Miers
Congrats MC!
Samuel: (Almost) Discography
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday September 04 2008 8:00-10:00pm
McCain's Walter Reed
Pixies - Debaser
What is this -- some Earth fruit?
Large Hadron Collider might create Dr. Who like results
Dear BORIS , the Bug and Trent Reznor:
GZA, Mission of Burma at Newbury Comics
Q this week
9/26, BTO! Tyler DerryBerry (of Ho-ag) and his Gameboy project! 80 Border St. Cultural Exchange
My Bum Knee
TS Hanna
Wuss Rock
Red Sox anyone?
Annual housekeeping thread
Happy Friday Y'All
"no one puts Papelbon in the corner"
Sam Rivers tonight at the ICA
Pop County Website Launch!
RIP David Foster Wallace
Send 'em in!
Richard Wright - Pink Floyd - RIP
Missing Polls
Wait a sec while I get my batting gloves...
Socialism Now!
Keeping Mondays Mondays
On Elitism
I Need December Plane Tickets To England
Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
Happy Birthday Respectless
Nomination: Cover Song Of The Year
If ya aint got nuttin' planned for dis evening
MNF roll call
A little something for both sides of the aisle
vegetarian restaurants
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday September 18 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Bush has Balls
RIP Yankee Stadium.
The Big Burrito radio spot
Talking Heads Immersion #1: "Talking Heads '77" (1977)
A cry for help!
No gas for the greedy
Big Burrito #1: 9/22/08
The Way We Were: Boston in the 70s
My first post from my iPod
Repost: 'Vowel Movement'
260 Clash bootlegs
"God or Julie" @ TT the Bears tonight Sept. 24th
Dear (insert title here)......
Here's One for C4[RT]
Kimbo Slice Interview
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday September 25 2008 8:00-10:00pm
anger management (NSFW)
Critical Points From the First Presidential Debate
The Gits (2008)
RIP Paul Newman
Cometbus #51
Talking Heads Immersion #2 -- "More Songs About Buildings And Food" (1978)
Hear Ye Obama Supporters
Big Burrito #2: 9/29/08
Protecting the public interest in any economic "bailout"
file sharing
MLB 2008 Playoffs Thread
dyedon8 and i are apparently safe; anyone else?
Dear Science apreesh
Renewed Mind
Bob Pollard/Boston Spaceships Apreesh
"The craziest guy at a Fugazi concert."
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday October 02 2008 8:00-10:00pm
in defense of hippies
2008 Dungeon Rock Day
Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals
Batch #18: IPA
and england is dreaming
Talking Heads Immersion #3 -- "Fear of Music" (1979)
Big Burrito #3: 10/6/08
'That One' for President
zomg, Hugh Hefner dumped my favorite of his 3 girlfriends!
2008 Statewide Ballot Questions
End of Radio - Thursday, 2008-10-09, 20:00:00-22:00:00
WBUR 3-4 today!!!
Tutorial, please
Asobi Seksu & Others on Sat. at T.T.'s
Pome-based zymurgy
Where's "Remain In Light"?
Talking Heads Immersion #4 -- "Remain In Light" (1980)
Key Points from the Last Presidential Debate (Aught Eight)
End of Radio - Thursday, 2008-10-16, 20:00:00-22:00:00
Hey, TGL
Bill T Miller Immersion #1 -- "OBE Call Now!" (1990)
Talking Heads Immersion #5 -- "The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads" (1982)
Official MLB 2008 World Series thread
In Color 1997
I'm DJing at The Model on Wednesday night.
Big Burrito #4: 10/20/08
Reminds me of...
Pipeline tonight!
RIP Rudy Ray Moore
Flaming Lips - Everybody wants to live forever
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday October 23 2008 8:00-10:00pm
America's Hardest Drinking Cities
Big Burrito #5: 10/27/08
Dead tree editions (emphasis "dead")
Talking Heads Immersion #6 -- "Speaking In Tongues" (1983)
Craig Ferguson's Punk Week
Seen on the Common
RIP Gerard Damiano, director of Deep Throat
View from my studio, October 28th 5:13pm
Official 2008/09 NBA Thread
Official 2008 US Elections Thread
RUN-DMC -- Vinyl Alert
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday October 30 2008 8:00-10:00pm
RIP Frank Navetta
B-Side Lounge Closing Tonight - November 2, 2008!
Talking Heads Immersion #7 -- "Stop Making Sense" (1984)
Big Burrito #6: 11/3/08
Boston ASAP!
Election FAQ
Cambridge, MA - 5th Nov. 2008
What's next for GOP?
Dear Barack Obama:
I'm performing a few Boston shows in November if you're interested.
Put the Fire Back
Da Globe.
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday November 6th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Batch #19: Hard Cider
Leave It
Talking Heads Immersion #8 -- "Little Creatures" (1985)
Batch #20: Belgian Tripel
Big Burrito #7: 11/10/08
Farewell, Shreve Crump & Low Building
olbermann goes off on prop 8
So I dropped my phone in the bilge of my boat
R.I.P. Mitch Mitchell
Let's Go Masstodons!
Tuesday Nite Jazz-Noise-Drone Freakout
Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder: "Ebony and Ivory"
Thorns of Life
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday November 13th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
Kidnap that Fool
we like to party - we like, we like to party - MMT-style, yo
Beatles to release 'lost' song (Carnival of Light)?
Tequila is a girl's best friend
What's This Technorati
Big Burrito #8 -- 11/17/07
Scrappy Kid Wins 2008 AL MVP
Andy Kaufman: "I Trusted You"
The Show That I'm Doing Tonight at Mass Art
Out of Town News closing down
The end of the Coco Crisp Era
What about the squirrels?
Deerhoof, Deerhunter, The Dears. What's up with all these band names.
PAMN - Monday, November 24th
Big Burrito #9: 11/24/08
here's my fame, where's my fortune
CPFLPAMN - 17 nov. 2008
From my buddy Sal, re: toll hikes
Is it too late to throw out some congratulations here?
The Dirtbombs -- "Ultraglide in Black" (2001)
Black Friday
PAMN - Monday, December 1st
Nice Tomatoes!
Life List
Big Burrito #9.5: 12/1/08
Talking Heads Immersion #9 -- True Stories (1986) -AND - #10 --Naked (1988)
Never trust a skinny chef.
6 or 7 Popes
CPFLPAMN - December 1st, 2008
How many beers would you guesstimate you've consumed?
Starring Ben Kingsley as......
alphabet soup
MFDU, if yer not already aware of it...
Reams of reggae ransacked
Joan Jett excitement!
Thanks for the Memories Greg Maddox
Who the hell let Giuliani loose on MY city, damn it?!
dirty pants and men in lipgloss, or: I love SNL
Big Burrito #10 : 12/8/08
All me, all the time
seven levels of christmas
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday December 4th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
more adolescent humor - NSFW
We Are All Scientists
RIP Bettie Page
9 working days left
Big Burrito #11: 12/15/08
PAMN - Monday, December 15th
see you in 09
Jello Biafra's open letter to Barack Obama
a very boston new years
Muppet? or 18th-century New Englander?
Rock Over London; Rock On, Chicago!
David Lee Roth 'Runnin With The Devil' Soundboard
Hitler's friends won't want to come to his birthday party if there's NO CAKE!
2008 music wrap-up
Pitchfork's Top Fifty Tracks of 2008
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday December 18th 2008 8:00-10:00pm
All in the timing
More blogs!
i would totally fuck her!
For the Boxing day Rugby club fancy dress party, i am going as...
We're rocking out next Friday 1/2/09 if you are interested...
RIP Freddie Hubbard
Making 2008 2009
What I learned in 2008
phone = gone. (please send contact info)
The 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs
First Day of the Season
Holy Fuck
RIP Ron Asheton
Uncle Jay sings the news
For Duncan and whatever Epoises is calling himself nowadays
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Hey, I think I know this guy.
WZBC Top 17
Corby's Comedy Corner - week 1
Big Burrito #12: 1/12/09
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday January 8th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Dear Jim Rice:
HST Motivational Posters
Dear 'The Edge':
This made me chuckle
Inflatable street art
1st week at work, Waltham
Obama article circa his Columbia years.
Doc Dart
RIP Ricardo Montalban
Moby Dick is Dead
High and Outside
Thurston & Mats
David Lynch In Israel
Gaza - a personal story
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday January 15th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
The 2009 Inauguration
Introducing the Wunder Boner
Which liar deserves jail time more: The Rocket or Gonzo?
64 Bit Technology
"The Shelf", redux
Big Burrito #13: 1/19/09
Hockey anyone?
Historians, rejoice!
With Apologies to Conor Clockwise, It's the Lost Season 5 thread.
on karaoke
Filthy Habits
Spilled coffee on my keyboard
BTO on Chronicle - 01/27
The Living End
What Do Women Want? - warnings: possibly NSFW, most assuredly academic
Big Burrito #14: 1/26/09
Bad Brains Documentary
Black Crack +1
R.I.P. John Updike
playing records tomorrow at the model
RIP John Updike
New Mastodon
CCC - week 2
Varitek's Offer
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday January 29th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
The Living End #1 --1/30/09
2009 river trip
We're playing with the dude from The F.U.'s on Saturday
Big Burrito #15: 2/2/09
Day The Snow Came - Britain Stopped
Neon and Harleys and Golf Clubhouse Mansions, Oh My!
RIP Lux Interior
The Living End #2: 2/6/09
Graffiti n' stuff
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday February 5th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Punk photography
Doody Humor
Photographer needed
Big Burrito #16: 2/9/09
Necco please!
Straight outta New Jersey!
Interesting Zine article
Miriam's back on Rideside!
Circle 7 Radio
Put The Bone In
in bondage to masturbation? (audio potentially NSFW)
New England Boat Show
Laughed so hard I almost peed my pants
Throbbing Gristle NYC
Mullholland Drive Explained
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday February 12th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Mmm, bacon.
Big Burrito #17: 2/16/09
PDay Y2009
Feb 2009 John Zorn Interview on WNYC
How long will it take YOU to earn Teixiera's annual salary.
I'm doing spoken word and Kevin from 7 Seconds (and others) are playing acoustic - AWESOME!
RIP Touch and Go Records
Friendly Toast 2.0
CCC - week whatever
The Living End #3: 2/20/09
This is what the internet is for!! (when your bored with pr0n)
Big Burrito #18: 2/23/09
Chart stolen straight from Yglesias
NYU Food Liberation Front
Playing Records tomorrow at The Model
He's a very good speaker.
Faith No More reuniting
The Road
Richard Jenkins
T'interweb is boring
Batch #21: Mild Ale
The Living End #4 -- 2/27/09
Mind Blinderz fill in (End of Radio - Show# ____?)Friday February 27th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Inauguration party (cute baby content)
We're playing a Breast Cancer benefit on Sunday (ALL AGES)
Mickey Rourke Acceptence Speech
French techno meets 80's science fiction
Gimme Your Badge And Your Gun #2: 3/5/09
New ISIS 05.05.2009
Watchman Carpooling
Music for you chill cats....
that time of year again...
This is completely amazing
Fat Duck - they'll never bounce back from this, will they?
Charles Bronson (maybe NSFW)
new DM video
Grocery Shopping, Man-Style
The Watchmen - our view from Spaceship Virtue
Baseball, rideside style!
Hey Duncan!
Sean C. Lawrence 1979-2009 RIP
Movie trilogy thread
MassArt takes home the Green... er, Gold!
New Gig!
A partial list of items retrieved from my grandmother's house
BTO spring shows
Now That Miriam is back on the board in full force, do we:
the end of winter
Death ... For the Whole World to See
Rideside Bracketology 2009
Big Burrito #19 -- 3/16/09
I Can Quit Anytime I Want, Redux
The Grady Awards
Waiting for Detroit to hit.
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday March 19th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
The Living End #5 -- 3/20/09
Right Barrack at Ya
my brother could kick Obama's ass in candlepin
This house is clean
"Duncan, you need to self-promote more."
Like punk, but a car. And Lost.
Big Burrito #20 -- 3/23/09
2009 Rumble picks
sometimes I love the world
Rideside Fantasy Baseball draft...
Me and MTV - for G
End of Radio - Show# ____? Thursday March 26th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
(Kim Thayil + Matt Cameron + Ben Shepherd - Chris Cornell) + Tad Doyle = TADgarden
W0: Rideside Baseball Inc. Draft Results
For Sale: Nice Home in Lynn
Anybody need a roommate?
I like ale. Do you like ale?
Your 2009 Expletive Greys:
Mike Watt And The Missingmen @ TT's 5/6
Big Burrito #21 -- 3/30/09
Maurice Sendak goes big screen
Dear Bill Simmons:
Digitizing TV shows?
Mathworker Honeypot
William Spencer
End of Radio - Show# 78 Thursday April 2nd 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Y2009 MLB
Dear Matt Clement:
Songs about trees
Big Burrito #22 -- 4/6/09
For ConorClockwise
Thought So
Harold and Kumar Gobama
W1: Tasters vs. La Vitrioleuse
End of Radio - Show# 79 Thursday April 9th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Join Or Die.
Why is this night unlike other nights?
The Living End #6 -- 4/10/09
Saturday afternoon Copley drinks
House of Blues interactions
Big Burrito #23 -- 4/13/09
Job chaos!
the gong show
Those Fabulous 60's
End of Radio - Show# 80 Thursday April 16th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
I Love Beards
All-Purpose 2009 NBA Finals thread
The Living End #7
Dear C4[RT]: Can I borrow your time travel equipment on 6/04/09?
RIP J.G. Ballard
wbcn rumble finals
I have a lot of new records! Come hear some of them on Wednesday!
G13: Orioles at Red Sox
Big Burrito #24 -- 4/20/09
Nasal Sex!
love to hate on hipsters?
RIP April 18th
Fugazi: In On The Kill Taker (Steve Albini Demos)
Earth Day 2009:
End of Radio - Show# 81 Thursday April 16th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Pay the Piper
Dear Kason Gabbard:
John Peels 50 all time favourite songs
The Living End #8: 4/24/09
50 Years of Dance Music
Speaking of dancing shoes...
RIP, Bea Arthur
The Big Burrito #25 -- 4/27/09
Rip It Up and Start Again with Hank
Buraka Som Sistema
Dangersparkle Pop LynchHorse
There is no medicine for regret
snoutbreak '09
Got to give it up (for CC)
End of Radio - Show# 82 Thursday April 30th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Souter Out
Art Show Tonight (May 1)
Sunday sunrise
Sluttering (May 4th) at the Model.
Neutral Milk Hotel saves Hull Carousel
Kurt Vile?
RIP Jack Kemp
RIP Dom DeLuise
I (Plane) New York
End of Radio - Show# 83 Thursday May 7th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Crop Report
Free Qui for an email address
the place to dig the rock that burns
Iggy le crooner
Why we love the ACLU
Big Burrito #26 -- 5/11/09
Movers/shakers needed
low cunning
"a small number of individuals"
Invite to a bachelor party I cannot attend
End of Radio - Show# 84 Thursday May 14th 2009 8:00-10:00pm
Another 10th floor sunrise
Insane Clown Posse: 'Homies'
The Pride of Newmarket
Jaw Dropping
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